27 Best Birthday Gifts For A 70-Year-Old Woman

26 Special Gifts For A 70-Year-Old-Woman

She’s most likely going to tell you that she doesn’t want anything for her birthday, or that she has everything she needs. Well, here’s a tip. No one is going to say no to a gift, so get her something and make it amazing! We have all kinds of goodies on this list, from gifts for the young at heart, gifts to keep her inspired and gifts for nana’s who love to spend time with their families. Here are our most special birthday gifts for a 70-year-old woman. Enjoy!

  1. Mini Vacation
  2. The ultimate gift! Women LOVE experience gifts, and after 70 years on this earth, she deserves a little getaway! Tinggly offers 3 day getaways at over 100 different cities, so leave the choice to her and make her birthday something special!

  3. Sentimental Necklace
  4. This would be a super special gift for grandma or mom to show her how much she means to you. It could even be for your favorite teacher or a mentor who is turning 70!

  5. Square Stitch Quilt
  6. A beautiful quilt is such an awesome gift, they last a lifetime and are such a stylish (and warm) addition to the bedroom. These ones come in white, grey and blush.

  7. Culinary Tour
  8. Who doesn’t love food? Great American Days offer a bunch of different and yummy days out that she can enjoy with her loved ones, and they have a great mix of sweet and savoury tours too.

  9. MasterClass Subscription
  10. When you get into your 70s, it’s important to keep learning new things. MasterClass is the best way to do that, as they give you a number of options of online classes taught by some of the biggest names and masters of their crafts. Gift them a yearly subscription so they can stay busy and learn whatever they like!

  11. Custom Mom Necklace
  12. A special gift for mom’s 70th birthday, she will love this sentimental and personal necklace. Made from either silver or bronze, and hand stamped on the front, there’s also a cute garden pattern carved into the back.

  13. The Book of Myself
  14. She can create her own autobiography, and then gift it back to the family to read over and learn all about their loved one. With 201 memory-evoking prompts on family, friends, and the journey she’s taken through all of life’s stages.

  15. Experience With A Friend
  16. Treat her to a day out doing something she has always wanted to do. Tinggly offer over 600 experiences in over 100 destinations, either locally or internationally.

  17. Photo Frames for Family Photos
  18. Pair these frames with her favourite family photos for a super sentimental gift for her 70th birthday. Something she can hang in her home that will always bring a smile to her face.

  19. Day Spa Experience Gift
  20. A good massage can do wonders for the body, mind and soul! She will love spending her birthday getting pampered. Choose from a range of locations.

  21. Family Cook Book
  22. Family recipes handed down from generation to generation are special and deserve their own cook book. This book contains template pages with space for over 80 recipes, an introduction with useful cooking guides, tips, tables and more.

  23. Cookbook Stand
  24. Now that she has her special cook book, she needs somewhere to keep it propped up and away from messy ingredients. The stands are made of a blend of reclaimed mango wood and antiqued brass accents, so each design is completely unique.

  25. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  26. Liven up her living space with a beautiful indoor plant. It will do wonders for her health and wellbeing, not to mention look amazing amongst her home.

  27. Coffee and Chocolate Gift Basket
  28. For those with a sweet tooth and a love of coffee, this basket contains some of the yummiest treats that she can enjoy for days after her birthday.

  29. A Year of Positive Thinking
  30. Growing older doesn’t mean she should lose sight of all the positives that life has to offer. She’ll transform her mindset to create positive life changes―one thought, one day, and one year at a time.

  31. Chocolate Soap
  32. Soaking in chocolate, what could be better? These handmade soaps are infused with cocoa powder and rich blends of essential oils which will leave her skin soft and delicious.

  33. Yarn Bowl
  34. Lovers of all things knitting and crocheting will find this gift super useful. Her yarn will never tangle again and will save her a bunch of detangling time.

  35. Muscle and Joint Rub
  36. Getting older comes with some unavoidable aches and pains, and this rub soothes tight overworked muscles as well as aching joints. It’s made from cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and a mix of other yummy essential oils.

  37. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow
  38. Pop this beauty in the microwave for a few minutes, and the barley and lavender filling will create a long lasting warmth that will feel relaxing and calming after a long day.

  39. Mother and Daughter Letter Book
  40. A special gift from a daughter to her mom, the idea is to exchange the cards that are included in the book, and once answered tuck them back into the little pockets, to create an heirloom for generations to come.

  41. Soy Candles
  42. Her house will be smelling fresh and yummy for weeks. These soy candles are long burning and have a fresh basil scent with a hint of mint, followed by light earthy tones.

  43. Minimalist Vases
  44. These handmade vases are super unique, and each is slightly different from the other. She’ll need somewhere nice to keep all the flowers she’s likely to get for her birthday!

  45. Herbal Warming Slippers
  46. There’s a reason these slippers are Amazon’s Choice! Filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower, the insoles are removable, so she can pop them in the microwave and her feet will be toasty warm and relaxed.

  47. Kindle
  48. Does she love to read and have a book collection to put a library to shame? If so, a Kindle is perfect for her. She will have access to millions of books that she can download and read at her leisure.

  49. Cotton Robe
  50. A snuggly robe is a great way to spoil her on her 70th birthday. It’s lightweight, so she can wear it year round, and it’s floor length for the ultimate level of comfort.

  51. Wine of The Month Subscription
  52. A monthly wine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Choose from a wide range of wines, whether she loves a Merlot or a glass of bubbles, she will love being able to enjoy a glass (or three) after her big day!

  53. Foot Spa
  54. After 70 years on earth, her feet deserve some pampering! She can enjoy a relaxing foot massager at home, whenever she feels like it with this soothing foot massager.

    That wraps up our list of the best gifts for her 70th birthday! No matter the recipient, whether she’s your mom, your grandma, your aunt or your best friend, make sure whatever you get for her is given with love and thoughtfulness. If she is young at heart, check out our list of gifts for 50 year old women, they are equally cool! Don’t listen to her when she says she doesn’t want anything! Also don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already to never give a bad gift again!