23 Best Gifts For Expecting Dads

Gifts For Expecting Dads

So he’s going to be a dad, YAY! What an exciting (and daunting!) time. There are plenty of gifts out there for expecting mom’s, but what about dads? Whether you are buying for your brother, your best friend, or your coworker, we’ve put together a list of the coolest gifts for expecting dads to make their upcoming job of raising a newborn baby a little easier.

  1. Rad Dad Subscription Box
  2. This best seller is just what he needs to get into the groove of fatherhood. Each month he’ll get a Dad Kit filled with fun and useful products welcoming him to fatherhood.

  3. Coffee Subscription
  4. Guess what? Newborns cry, a LOT. Dad might be reaching for coffee twice as often as he was before. Keep his coffee supply well stocked with a subscription of yummy coffee pods that fit any machine!

  5. New Dad Kit
  6. A funny gag gift for the expecting dad, set up him for what’s to come with this hilarious kit. The kit includes ear plugs, matchsticks to keep his eyes open, a peg for his nose and a card to write all the answers to the questions he will be asked over and over.

  7. Rocking Chair for Nursery
  8. Dad’s get up in the night to help bubs back to sleep too, so having a nice comfy place to sit at all times of the night will be essential to new dad life.

  9. Worlds Best Dad Keyring
  10. A special and sentimental gift that any new dad will cherish. The keyring will be a constant reminder of his little bundle of joy while he’s at work, out golfing or away on business.

  11. Work and Play Diaper Backpack
  12. For dad and baby days out, this backpack is perfect for all the essentials and will keep dad organized and stress free. The diaper bag has separate pockets for bottles, baby clothes, diapers, towels, snacks and anything else he might need.

  13. Smartphone Photo Printer
  14. It’s impossible for parents to not take thousands of photos a week of their precious little babes. This gift for expecting dads is going to allow him to print off his favourite snaps at any time.

  15. Beer Subscription
  16. We don’t suggest drinking on the job, but there’s nothing wrong with cracking open a cold one once the little angel is in bed. This monthly subscription delivers 12 bottles of unique brews to his doorstep!

  17. Electric Bottle Steralizer
  18. Dad can help out with bottle duty by making sure there are always clean bottles at the ready. This nifty machine kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria without using chemicals, and sterilizes in just 6 minutes.

  19. Baby Burrito Blanket
  20. What dad doesn’t want to warp up their little baby in a blanket that looks like a burrito!? This adorable blanket will give mom and dad a giggle every time, and keep baby cosy and snug.

  21. Wifi Baby Monitor
  22. Keep an eye on bubs from anywhere, anytime with the ease of an app! With quick & easy set up, dad can stream HD video with ultra clear night vision from anywhere.

  23. White Noise Sound Machine
  24. Baby (and parents) can drift off to sleep peacefully every night with the help of this sound machine. It plays six soothing sounds, including white noise, and natural calming sounds like rain and waves.

  25. Baby Carrier
  26. Baby carriers are ideal for days out with the baby.

  27. Personalized Comic Book
  28. This super unique gift will make any new dad feel like the superhero that he is! The custom comic book incorporates his baby’s name and the Mega Dad of your choice into a story that they can enjoy together for years to come.

  29. Dinosaur Baby Blanket
  30. He may be a dad now, but that doesn’t mean he has to grow out of his love for dinosaurs! If he wants to pass on his love for dino’s to his little babe, this cute blanket is a great gift!

  31. Wine Club Membership
  32. Dad’s all over the world love wine, especially unique bottles of wine coming from smaller wineries that simply taste better. Gift the expecting dad a wine club membership from the California wine club to take his wine game to the next level.

  33. Dad Joke Book
  34. Telling awful jokes is a quintessential part of becoming a dad, and this book of exceptionally bad dad jokes is the perfect way to get him started. His kids will be rolling their eyes at him for years to come!

  35. Periodic Table Building Blocks
  36. Is dad a science geek? Maybe he’s a chemistry teacher or a doctor. If so he will love being able to play with his little one with these fun (and educational) building blocks that have the periodic table on them!

  37. Sweatpants
  38. I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with mom’s and dad’s (especially new mom’s and dad’s) spending days upon days in their sweats. Comfort is essential when dealing with a tiny human, so he will appreciate these!

  39. Memory Foam Slippers
  40. Like I said, comfort is paramount when it comes to new dad life! These slippers have a memory foam insole and will keep his feel warm and comfy during the late night shift!

  41. Dad’s Playbook
  42. This book is a collection of more than 100 inspiring quotes from the greatest coaches of all time, and features a bunch of photos of coaches in action, paired with their quotes, all to help the new dad keep their head in the game.

  43. Sriracha Baby
  44. For all the hot sauce loving dad’s out there, this onesie and little hat will make a funny gift for the expecting dad. What baby wouldn’t look adorable in this!

  45. How to Traumatize Your Child
  46. We had to chuck a gag gift in here too! This tongue in cheek book teaches you how to give your children the lifelong gifts of mental and emotional damage. Not to be taken seriously!

    There you have our top picks for gifts for expecting dads. Such a life changing moment in his life deserves to be celebrated, and any of these gifts are sure to either come in handy, or bring a smile to his face during this new and exciting time. If you are simply on the lookout for amazing gifts that he is sure to love, check our ultimate list of gifts for men in their 30’s – you won’t be disappointed!