22 Epic Gifts For Morning People

22 Epic Gifts For Morning People

For some unexplainable reason, there are early risers out there who love getting up at the crack of dawn and starting their day hours before the sun rises. I know, weird right? If one of these strange humans has a birthday coming up, or you just feel like spoiling them, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will make their morning routine more enjoyable, productive and relaxing. Here are our best gifts for morning people that they are sure to love.

  1. Dressing Gown
  2. When you wake up before the sun, the first thing you’re reaching for is your robe. Whether they’re getting a head start on their workday, or just watching the early news, they’ll feel like they’re still in bed with this super soft robe.

  3. Smartwatch
  4. Some crazy people out there actually wake up super early to EXERCISE. If you are gifting said crazy person, a smart watch is going to take their morning exercise routine a whole new level and let them track their fitness progress.

  5. Waffle Maker
  6. Early rises get a lot of extra time for breakfast, which is the only reason I would ever consider waking up before sunrise! Set them up for a yummy breakfast with this waffle maker, then go over and have some!

  7. Sun Wall Art
  8. This cute print will make getting up early that little brighter. It’s a digital print too, so you or the recipient can find a frame for it that suits their decor.

  9. Bluetooth Speaker and Clock
  10. This cool alarm clock is unique with its wooden bottom and sleek design. They can listen to music via Bluetooth, charge their phone with the USB charging port, and set the timer to wake them up nice and early.

  11. Coffee Machine
  12. Coffee is an essential part of waking up. Brewing a fresh cup each morning is every early risers dream. This machine is easy to use, just add water and a coffee pod!

  13. Yoga Mat
  14. Waking up early and starting the day with a yoga session is great for the mind and body, and a great yoga mat is going to make all the difference!

  15. Breakfast Jar
  16. Overnight oats are super yummy and healthy, and this jar makes it easier to perfect them. The lid doubles as a measuring cup and there’s a little slot on the side to keep the spoon!

  17. Gratitude Journal
  18. Starting the day with gratitude and setting intention can prep you for solid day of kicking butt. This journal from Kikki K has fun exercises, prompts and inspiring quotes to get each day started.

  19. Zodiac Candles
  20. Waking up nice and early usually means having a structured morning routine, and having something yummy to smell whist completing the routine is going to make it that much more enjoyable!

  21. Tea Gift Basket
  22. Not all early risers love coffee (cannot relate), so if they are more of a tea person, this gift basket is going to be very well received. It includes a bunch of yummy blends plus a teapot and cup!

  23. Morning Person Tee
  24. Wear your earlier riser weirdness with pride in this cute tee. Why hide the fact that you love getting up before the birds? This is a quick and easy gift for early risers that they’ll love!

  25. Flannel Shorts
  26. These super comfy pj shorts are technically for guys, but girls could totally rock these too! Made with super soft flannel, they’ll be nice and cosy all morning long.

  27. At Home Meditation
  28. Another totally zen way to start the day – meditation! These at home lessons are designed for beginners, and will bring peace, balance and tranquility into their lives.

  29. Sunrise Bangle
  30. This cute bangle will be a constant reminder of the most magical part of the day, the sunrise! It will bring a smile to their face each time they look down at it.

  31. Handmade Razor Blade Sharpener
  32. If trimming the beard is part of his morning routine, he’ll be needing to keep his razor nice and sharp. This block extends razor life by up to 7 times, so it saves always having to replace the blades!

  33. Cool And Comfy Ugg Slippers
  34. Ugg slippers are the comfiest slippers out there, and they last a long time too! These cool scuffs will keep their feet toasty warm on those cold early mornings and are available in a variety of colors.

  35. Skin Care
  36. Before they doze off, make sure their skin is prepped and ready for their early morning wake up call. They’ll wake up with freshly hydrated and glowing skin!

  37. Cool Mugs
  38. Every early riser needs some cool kitchenware! These mugs are super quirky are unique, and will make their morning beverage of choice that much more enjoyable.

  39. Fun Bath Mat
  40. Adding little touches of personality to your space can make all the difference when waking up early, plus they’ll love the plushness of this baby under their feet as they use the bathroom!

  41. Breakfast Bowls
  42. Sitting down to a yummy breakfast as the sunrises – there’s nothing better (I assume)! For those who do it everyday, they’ll love having some cool new bowls to eat their cereal or oats from. These come in a set of four.

  43. Man Can Spa Gift
  44. For all the guys out there who love to spend their early mornings manscaping. This kit has everything they need to set themselves up for a day of looking fine!

    So that’s our list of gifts for early risers! We may not be able to relate to their life choices or understand why anyone would CHOOSE to wake up before the sun, but nevertheless, they deserve some awesome gifts! We’re sure these goodies will help their morning routine and keep them slaying all day. If you are still looking for gifts, check out our popular post on gift ideas for the 5 senses.