35 Inspiring Retirement Gift Ideas For Women

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Finding great retirement gifts for women can be tricky, there are only so many “Happy Retirement” mugs one can endure, so you want to gift them something they are going to really enjoy and find useful. Retirement is a huge milestone in any woman’s life, from your coworker to your mom to your best friend, it’s something that only happens once (usually), and it deserves to be celebrated. We have done the research for you and have put together a list of the best retirement gift ideas for women that she will absolutely love!

  1. Wine Experience
  2. Now that she’s not up at the crack of dawn each morning for work, she can enjoy a day out at a winery with friends, on a yacht for champagne sunset tour or a wine and painting class!

  3. Spa Packages
  4. It’s time for her to switch off and unwind, so gift her a nice relaxing day where she can get her pamper on! Massages, facials, mani’s and pedi’s – she’s going to be a new woman!

  5. Personalized Platter
  6. You really can’t go wrong with something that is both useful and sentimental when it comes to a retirement gift. The beautiful platter is personalized with text of your choice, and can even be signed using ceramic pens! Each platter is made by hand, so no two are the same which makes this retirement gift extra special. A great retirement gift for a female coworker.

  7. Bucket List Experience
  8. According to our research, women love experience gifts, and bucket list items are about to be ticked off at a rapid rate. Tinggly offers the absolute best experiences around the globe, with bucket list items in over 100 countries. Whether she’s wine tasting close to home, or sailing somewhere in Europe, she is about to tick something epic off her list! The gift also has no expiry date and can be refunded at any time, making it a worry-free gift.

  9. Gardening Subscription Box
  10. With her career winding down, a key to happiness is staying active with hobbies. Gardening is something that can seem daunting, but these subscription boxes come just once a month full or gardening goodies that will keep her engaged and loving it! The boxes contain plants, gardening tips, and everything else she needs to start her own garden.

  11. Mini Getaway
  12. There’s no denying the fact that once retired, it’s time to holiday! Book her a little trip away at a location around the country, be it in the middle of nowhere or on the beach somewhere.

  13. Baking Subscription Box
  14. Imagine every month getting a little present of ingredients to bake into delicious deserts. Sign me up! Baking is a great activity to keep her busy in retirement and if you are lucky, maybe she will even let you eat some of her creations.

  15. Online Experience
  16. To keep her busy why not gift her an online experience, there’s virtual cooking classes, online sports and activity programs and even online stargazing!

  17. Multi Use Travel Bag
  18. For the retiree who is about to pack her bags and jet-off around the globe (jealous!). This toiletry bag is next level, and will keep her super organized from cruise ship to fancy hotel. The inside features multiple leak-proof pockets and compartments, plus a hook, so she can hang it up for easy access.

  19. Cocktail Making Subscription
  20. Each month she’ll get everything she needs to create delicious cocktails at home, a great hobby to pick up now that she’s retired!

  21. Coffee And A Classic Literary Subscription Box
  22. She will have a lot of time on her hands now, so what better time to start reading some classic novels with the ultimate literary subscription box. Not only does a classic novel get gifted to her every month, but it also comes with a coffee, tee, or hot chocolate – whatever is her favorite!

  23. Thank You For Your Part In My Journey
  24. Sometimes, someone comes along who plays a fundamental part in your journey, and you want to gift them something that shows just how much they mean to you. This beauty is based on a quote from the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi: “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you, thank you for your part in my journey.”

  25. Self Care Subscription
  26. Every retiree needs self care! This best selling subscription box contains everything she needs to take care of herself during her new found downtime!

  27. Herbal Warming Slippers
  28. With retirement comes a lot of slipper wear, or so we imagine. The removable insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds, and can be heated in the microwave for an extra level of calm and comfort. Her feet will definitely feel the love!

  29. Good Days Start With Gratitude
  30. A great retirement gift is one you know they will use. This weekly guide helps cultivate an attitude of gratitude. It focuses on being thankful for what we have, the big things in life, as well as the simple joys. Each weekly spread contains an inspirational quote and space to write 3 things you are thankful for each day.

  31. Fitbit
  32. If staying active is right up there in her retirement plan, she will love tracking her progress on a Fitbit. With functions that track heart rate, sleeping patterns and daily activity, her well being will be one of her top priorities.

  33. Experience Gift Box
  34. Gifting experiences is always a winner. Tinggly offers a huge range of amazing experiences, from extreme activities (for the more rebellious retiree) to cosy and deluxe glamping. Available in various locations, all she has to do is pick the where, when and what!

  35. Salvaged Wood Cookbook & Tablet Stand
  36. If your retiree loves to cook, this stunning cookbook stand is a perfect gift. Each design is completely unique, using rich mango wood and bright, antiqued brass accents. Set a tablet or cookbook on the rustic stand, which adjusts to any desired angle, and has a convenient space for charging cords.

  37. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set
  38. You best believe the first thing she does upon her retirement is sit down to a stiff drink. The hand blown dispenser features an etched globe design and antique ship in the bottle. The set is fitted onto a classic mahogany stained tray that will look great in her home.

  39. Geode Puzzle
  40. These incredibly intricate, and incredibly stunning puzzles will keep her mind active and her hands busy for weeks. Made from birch plywood and designed to mimic the look of real geode crystals, she will be challenged while putting it together but will love the finished result.

  41. Cappuccino Maker
  42. Now that she doesn’t have the office coffee machine making her favourite morning drink, you’ll have to get her one for home! The super easy to use machine takes coffee pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder. Mmmm coffee. Mmmm not having to get up and go to work!

  43. Kindle
  44. She’ll have millions of books at her fingertips with this compact and lightweight e-reader. The Kindle has features that allow you to highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words, and adjust text size. Perfect for travelling, or even just reading her favourite romance novel in bed.

  45. Fire Pit
  46. This is a great retirement gift if you know that the retiree plans on spending a lot more time at home with her family and friends. The small size makes it perfect for all yards, or even for a small patio. She will love sitting around the fire and enjoying her new life!

  47. Inappropriate Dish Towel
  48. We all have that one crazy Aunt who swears like a sailor and loves to have a laugh. A great retirement gift for such an Aunt or a friend would be something involving foul humour. These dish towels are both useful and have swear words on them, so they are perfect!

  49. Wine Soap
  50. Happy hour can be any time of day with these scented soaps. Notes from popular red and white wine varieties are mixed with complementary scents and oils—such as citrus for “chardonnay” and berries, plums, and apples for “pinot noir” to create soap that she will want to bathe in every day!

  51. Woven Throw Blanket
  52. The cozy waffle blanket features a honeycomb weave with an inviting texture, and will look great in any room in the house. Being so lightweight means it can also be taken travelling or camping to keep her warm and snug. Available in a range of modern colours.

  53. Book and Tea Lover Kit
  54. Everyone loves a good gift set, and one with super cute and useful contents is even better! Each box receives a book, a variety of teas and some additional gifts like candles, socks, treats, aromatherapy items, crystals, mugs, or stationery. Perfect gift for any retiring woman!

  55. Soy Candle Making Kit
  56. If she’s looking for a new hobby to keep her occupied after retirement, why not get her into making her own yummy candles! This kit includes everything she’ll need to make deliciously scented soy candles and makes up to 24 candles.

  57. Floral Vase
  58. Retirement is sure to bring on a flurry of flowers. Give her somewhere cute to display them with one of these handcrafted vases. Available in white or pink, she can add a touch of colour and style to any room of the house.

  59. Literary Mugs
  60. If the retiree is a teacher, author or just a book lover in general, she is sure to appreciate sipping her favourite drink out of one of these mugs. Each mug features a portrait of the timeless literary genius, plus some of their most famous words.

  61. Organic Muscle Rub
  62. She can unwind and relax knowing that tomorrow she gets to sleep in! Help her relax even further with a soothing rub. It takes the hot-and-cold sensation of menthol and gives it a boost by infusing it with an array of natural oils that work well together to negotiate some calm for her hardworking body!

  63. National Park Art Set
  64. Any art or geography lover will be super impressed with these gorgeous prints. Available in sets of three, she can choose from a list of her favourite national parks, including Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite. These unique pieces of art will add a colourful touch to any room.

  65. Memory Foam Travel Pillow
  66. If the retiree is set to travel, she will need a great travel pillow. This memory foam travel pillow is versatile and convertible, and can be used to support your head, back, shoulder, or spine during a nap on a plane, or while reading a book on a sun bed!

  67. Cotton Robe
  68. One of life’s simple pleasures is slipping into a deliciously comfy bathrobe either when you’ve just woken up, or when you’re about to go to bed. This robe is lightweight, made of 100% cotton and available in different colours and patterns. The perfect retirement gift!

  69. Bath Pillow
  70. As if bathing in a tub isn’t already amazing, add a pillow and see how much better it gets! The bath pillow is padded to keep her neck from getting sore, and has seven suction cups to ensure no slipping and sliding while she’s trying to read her book or sip her wine!

    These retirement gifts for women are the perfect way to congratulate her and help her transition into the next part of her life. If you are still looking for more gift ideas, check out our ultimate list of gift ideas for women in their 60s.