The Ultimate List of Gifts for Women in Their 60’s

gifts for women in their 60's

60 is the new 40! These days, women in their 60’s are out here living their absolute best lives, so your gift should reflect where she is at on her journey and not send any “anti-aging” messages. According to our original research, women in their 60s like receiving clothing and accessory gifts the most, closely followed by experience gifts. With this in mind, we’ve included once in a lifetime experiences, practical gifts, clothes, gadgets, the whole lot! With this epic list, the hardest part will be trying to choose just one thing for her to enjoy. Here is our list of the best gifts for women in their 60’s.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 60 Year Old Women

  1. A Mini Holiday
  2. Let’s start the list off with a bang! She’s turning 60, so spoil her with a holiday! Fulfill her dream of holidaying on a tropical island, or in the middle of the mountains. Wherever in the world she wants to go, Tinggly will have it covered.

  3. Book Subscription
  4. This awesome subscription for book lovers includes one book per delivery plus themed candles, drinks, self care products and even a music playlist!

  5. Self Care Subscription Box
  6. At 60 years old she is going to love this self care subscription gift. Every box is curated by therapists to decrease stress and increase happiness, consisting of activities and self-care goodies that she is sure to appreciate.

  7. Tile Pro
  8. She’ll want to know how she ever lived without these brilliant gadgets! Perfect for those who are always misplacing their bag, keys, wallet and even phone, simply attach the Tile to whetever it is she needs to keep track of, and call it when it’s missing!

  9. All Natural Gift Basket
  10. Add a touch more sweetness to her special day with this beautiful gift basket filled with organic honey products! There are yummy jars of honey, soap, lotions and more, all made with honey!

  11. Piece Of Art Made By Artificial Intelligence
  12. Each of the paintings on AI Art House is 100% dreamt up by AI. The AI ‘brain’ has learned from looking at lots of different pieces of art to create its own unique works. How cool is that?!

  13. Personalized Utensil Apron
  14. Customize her apron to make her next baking session a little more special. With her name printed on the front, and with pockets for added convenience, this is a great gift for women who love to cook.

  15. Loose Tea Leaf Subscription Box
  16. For all the tea lovers out there, what more could you want! Each month she will receive unique teas that explore the different varieties of loose leaf tea, delivered to her door!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 61 Year Old Women

  17. Flying Experience
  18. If she loves taking it to the extreme and getting her heart rate up then this is going to be perfect for her, she can choose from a bunch of exciting flying experiences!

  19. Unique New Wall Art
  20. Adding a stand out piece of wall art is an easy way to transform any room without making too many changes. This beautiful piece would add character and charm to any room.

  21. Granite Chilling Stones
  22. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to fill up the ice cube tray, or having your favorite drink watered down by ice cubes. These upcycled granite chilling stones solve both of those problems. Keep them in the freezer to cool any drink, any time.

  23. Wine Soap
  24. Soap so scrumptious she’ll want to lick it! Each bar is made with merlot wine and topped with dried roses, the perfect addtion to her bathroom.

  25. Roman Numerals Ring
  26. Elegantly memorialize a special date, such as an anniversary or birthday in Roman numerals with the Custom Cut Out Ring that she will love!

  27. Owl Glasses Holder
  28. The pain of taking off your glasses and then not being able to see where you’ve put them is something that can be avoided! This cute glasses holder will keep her specs safe and in the same place each time!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 62 Year Old Women

  29. Video Doorbell
  30. Her safety will never be compromized with this video doorbell. She will get notifications to her cell when anyone presses her doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery pack or can be connected to doorbell wires for constant power.

  31. Water Experience
  32. Now, she might be into extreme sports like jetskiing or paragliding, or she might just want to sit on a yacht and drink champagne with her friends. Either way, Virgin Experiences water experiences have something for her!

  33. Just Ripe Fruit Bowl
  34. A simple solution to keeping her fruitbowl fresh! Ready-to-eat fruit goes on top of the maple tray, while not-quite-ready goes in the vented glass bowl, so smart!

  35. Coffee Subscription
  36. If coffee is her weapon of choice, she is going to love this subscription full of caffeinated goodness! It’s filled freshly roasted coffee from a new roaster each month.

  37. Wax Melt Subscription Box
  38. Wax melts are basically candles without the wick. They release their fragrance slowly when heated. This subscription box contains 6 half-ounce wax melt cubes of various themed fragrances, perfect for keeping her home smelling fresh and yummy!

  39. Pressed Floral Bookmark
  40. Simple gifts don’t have to be boring! These pressed flower bookmarks will keep her page and look cute at the same time!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 63 Year Old Women

  41. Bracelet with Custom Charms
  42. This simple bracelet will hold sentimental value with the engraved pendants. Have them customized to reflect her loved ones initials for a special birthday gift.

  43. Wearable Acupressure
  44. This little device clips onto the LI4 acupressure point, which is one of the most powerful points on your body and has been used for thousands of years to provide natural relief of headaches and tension. Simple but life changing!

  45. Golfing Experience
  46. Golf isn’t just for the guys! If the lady in your life is a golfing fan, she will love one of the unforgettable experiences Virgin Experiences offer, from teeing off with a pro, to playing on some of the most iconic courses in the country!

  47. Custom Pendant
  48. These cute pendants can be customized to reflect her special name for her grandkids, be it Grandma, Nan, Oma or something completely unique.

  49. Peace and Pages Subscription Box
  50. Each month she will receive a book in a genre of her choice plus other unique items that provide peace and relaxation. Perfect for unwinding at home.

  51. Customized New York Times Puzzle
  52. Have her favorite or most memorable moment throughout history commemorated into a front page puzzle. Perfect for all the history buffs out there.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 64 Year Old Women

  53. Helicopter Ride
  54. She will never forget this one! Choose from a range of locations around the country (or even outside of it) and see it from above!

  55. Indoor Compost Bin
  56. Designed to sit neatly on countertops, you would never know that this was home to all her food scraps! Keeps mess and odours contained, with a removable lid for easy access and easy cleaning.

  57. Spa Day
  58. Being pampered on her birthday will go down a treat! Virgin Experiences offer a range of different options to leave her feeling like the queen she is!

  59. Gardeners Tool Seat
  60. This seat combines the features of a folding chair with a tool bag and is a handy work station. It’s made of lightweight steel and water-resistant nylon so super durable.

  61. Minimalist Vases
  62. Having somewhere nice to display her flowers will make her home feel a little more homey. These ceramic vases will suit any decor given their minimalistic look.

  63. Puffer Jacket
  64. There’s nothing like a deliciously warm jacket on a freezing cold day. She’ll be kept warm and dry even in the coldest of environments with a jacket that will last her years.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 65 Year Old Women

  65. White Noise Machine
  66. Getting a good nights sleep isn’t always easy, but this white noise will mean she’s relaxed and peacefully sleeping within minutes, every night!

  67. Online Experiences
  68. Just because she’s in her 60’s doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy an online experience! From virtual stargazing to wellness activities, there’s something for everyone!

  69. Scenic Cruise Experience
  70. An experience like no other to celebrate her 65th birthday! Virgin Experiences offers a range of exciting site seeing boat tours, from whale watching to brunches on yachts, she will love it all!

  71. Plant Subscription
  72. She’ll fall in love with a new houseplant variety every month with easy to assemble and care for living decor for her home and garden!

  73. Unique Pasta Bowl
  74. Pasta deserves its own special serving bowl! These super cool handmade ceramic serving bowls are the perfect gift for those who are a little quirky – and love pasta!

  75. Reclining Outdoor Chairs
  76. Whether she’s sitting with her grandkids on the porch, or having a cup of tea with her hubby out in the garden, these outdoor chairs recline – and have cup holders! Great for camping or beach trips too.

  77. Linen Throw Blanket
  78. Perfect for the end of her bed or for keeping her warm on the sofa during her afternoon movie, you can’t beat a beautiful quality linen blanket.

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  79. The Plant Club Subscription Box
  80. Each month she will receive a carefully curated box with a new house plant and a cute pot to display her new addition proudly in her indoor jungle!

  81. Theater Tickets
  82. Women love sharing memorable experiences with their loved ones. Zero Markup offer tickets to the countries most in demand sports games, concerts and theater shows. Treat her to a night out at the theater, tag along with her for a night you’ll both enjoy!

  83. Roll-Up Massager
  84. This is a great one to eliminate all those aches and pains! The cleaver design allows the massage cushion to deliver a soothing massage, and when it rolls up it passes as a regular cushion!

  85. Personalized Decanter Set
  86. The finishing touch to her home bar or glassware collection, this set comes with a beautifully engraved decanter, matching stemless wine glasses, bottle openers and bottle stoppers.

  87. Personalized Jewelry Pouch
  88. No doubt over the years she has built up quite the collection of jewelry. This little pouch is ideal for traveling, or for those pieces that she wants to keep tucked away.

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  89. Foot Massage Roller
  90. How nice would it be to have a foot massage whenever you wanted! This little roller can be taken all around the house with her, so she can get that stress relief any time, any where!

  91. Cooking Experience
  92. Any cooking enthusiast will greatly appreciate learning essential techniques and how to cook delicious meals at home be it with her family or her own private lesson.

  93. White Gold Diamond Leaf Necklace
  94. This is a great piece if you’re looking to really spoil her. Whether you’re shopping for your wife, sister, mom or best friend, this is a necklace she is sure to cherish.

  95. Unique Lamp
  96. Gone are the days where lamps were just a light bulb on a stand! This unique lamp is designed so when you lift the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light.

  97. Food and Wine Experience
  98. Dining out with her closest friends and family on her birthday is something she is certain to love! Virgin Experiences food and drink experiences are unique and memorable!

  99. Family Tree Chime
  100. A beautiful play on the concept of a family tree, it features handmade ceramic leaf chimes, each stamped with the names of her loved ones. A unique and sentimental addition to her garden.

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  101. Photo Printer
  102. Whether it’s photos of her dog, her grandkids, her beloved garden or her car, this photo printer makes it easy to print out her most cherished memories.

  103. Aromatherapy Slippers
  104. These slippers can be heated in the microwave to be used as heatpacks for her feet, or kept in the freezer for a cold compress. Both options will help relieve sore muscles, joints, arthritis and stress.

  105. Adult Craft Subscription Box
  106. Who said crating was just for kids!? This subscription box includes all the tools, materials, accessories and instructions she will need to complete her DIY projects.

  107. Cooling Weighted Blanket
  108. Getting a great sleep will be easy with this therapeutic weighted blanket. It features a revolutionary cooling fabric that helps wick away moisture, leaving her feeling rejuvenated when she wakes up!

  109. Self Warming Mug
  110. Gone are the days of a cold cup of tea. The charging coaster can be controlled from her smart device, where she can choose the perfect temperature for her favorite drink. It will stay warm for hours!

  111. Juicer
  112. There isn’t a fruit or vegetable out there that can’t be juiced! Maybe she’s on the celery juice bandwagon, or she’s got a bunch of beautiful fruit trees in her yard, either way this will be a hit!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 69 Year Old Women

  113. Getaway Experience
  114. The getaways offered by Virgin Experiences will give her an experience she will never forget. Choose from a range of getaways to suit her interests, there’s everything from camping in national parks to adventures in Alaska!

  115. Goddess Provisions Subscription Box
  116. Help her unleash her inner goddess with this monthly subscription box, curated to nurture the goddes within, and help grow her spiritual practice. Each delivery will have her feeling strong and powerful!

  117. Salvaged Wood Cookbook Stand
  118. Her favorite cookbooks and recepies will be easy to follow, propped up on a unique stand. Each stand is made with reclaimed wood, meaning no two are the same.

  119. Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
  120. I know what you’re thinking. What is a 69 year old going to do with a bluetooth speaker!? How about blast their favorite tunes through the house and have a great old time doing so!

  121. Pen and Journal Set
  122. A really good pen is so underrated! This set comes with a sleek journal and a pen that has beautiful finishes, accented with a rose-gold center band.

  123. Gold Earrings
  124. These stunning 14k gold earrings will be her new go-to for daily wear. The unique design adds a little something extra to any style!

    So there’s our epic list of the best gifts for women in their 60’s! The wide range of goodies we’ve found for her means you have a lot to work with, so hopefully there is something she will love right here! The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and hold sentimental value to the lucky recipient, so choose carefully!