27 Of The Best 50th Birthday Gifts For Your Sister

50th Birthday Gifts for Sisters

Your beloved sister is turning 50! With such a milestone comes the task of finding her a gift that appropriately reflects your love for her and promises to be something she will never forget. This list will provide you with just that! We’ve put together the BEST gifts the internet has to offer, to make sure your title of favorite sister is never in question. From unforgettable experiences to household goodies, there will be something on here your sister will love. Here are the best 50th birthday gifts for your sister.

  1. Self Care Subscription Box
  2. This monthly delivered subscription box is curated by therapists to decrease stress and increase happiness. Each box contains one activity to promote happiness, plus up to eight self care wellness goodies.

  3. Chunky Blanket
  4. This might be one of the coziest blankets money can buy.. seriously look at this thing! It also just so happens to match almost any home decor, and makes a great gift for a woman turning 50.

  5. Goddess Provisions Gift Subscription Box
  6. If your sister is a spiritual goddess, this subscription box is the perfect gift for her 50th birthday. Each box contains up to 7 products that are vegan, cruelty-free and natural, including crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools.

  7. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  8. This is the perfect gift if you want something extremely unique. Every painting on AI Art House is fully dreamt up by an AI trained by showing it images of real art on the worlds most powerful supercomputers. AI Art House only sells each painting 1 time, meaning she will be the only person in the world with that piece of art. Try and find a more unique gift than that… I’ll wait!

  9. Cocktail Gift Basket
  10. What better way to spend her 50th than surrounded by her loved ones drinking cocktails! When the party is over, she can create her own margaritas!

  11. Winery Experience
  12. If there’s one thing we start to appreciate as we get older, it’s a good glass (or bottle) of wine. Choose an experience like wine tasting with master sommeliers or a champagne brunch cruise.

  13. Sentimental Necklace
  14. A beautiful sentimental necklace to mark your sisters special day and your unbreakable bond. The 22K gold-plated brass cut out of two trees standing firmly together is perfectly paired with a promise given by a true friend.

  15. Leather Bag
  16. Leather bags never go out of fashion, and they are built to last! This beauty will be great for everyday use to and from work, or saved for special occasions.

  17. Life and Culture Experience
  18. In-home cooking lessons, pottery classes, even murder mystery dinner shows – whatever she wants to do on her 50th birthday is totally up to her! Cloud9 Living offers such a large range of experiences, there might be too many to choose from!

  19. A Warm Coat
  20. A great coat is one of those wardrobe essentials that you rarely need to replace. If it’s time hers got an update, this super warm, quick-drying and sweat-wicking coat will last her years!

  21. Yoga Mat Holder
  22. Carrying her yoga mat to and from class will be super easy with this cute and easy to use leather carrier. Also great to carry picnic blankets, beach towels or even camping gear! If you’re looking for more gifts for yoga lovers, check out our list!

  23. Spa Day
  24. Virgin Experiences Spa Day packages include everything from Sweedish massages to makeup classes. No doubt she will love spending her special day being pampered!

  25. Bedside Smartphone Vase
  26. These cool little phonestands also double as a vase, so she can keep fresh flowers next to her bed and have a neat place to prop up and charge her phone.

  27. Collapsable Trunk Organizer
  28. Ever jumped in her car and not have a place to rest your feet? Well, this trunk organizer will have her car kept nice and tidy. It’s collapsable, so won’t take up space when not in use. Perfect for all the odds and ends she keeps in the car, plus her groceries!

  29. Gardening Subscription
  30. This subscription contains everything she needs to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects, including live plants and a variety of indoor and outdoor plants.

  31. Customized Pet Portrait
  32. A custom pet portrait is the perfect addtion to her house, whether it be for her cheeky new pup or in memory of her favorite good boy. This is something she is sure to love!

  33. Bucket List Experience
  34. There is something that she’s always wanted to do. Be it a helicopter ride over glaciers in Norway, or a rice paddy walk in Bali, book yourself a ticket along with her on one of Tinggly’s bucket list experiences!

  35. Fossil Smart Watch
  36. The Fossil smartwatches are powered by Google and are compatible with iPhones or Andriods. With all the features of the modern smartwatch and the sophistication of the iconic Fossil brand.

  37. Gold Lotus Earrings
  38. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and holds power because it can offer hope and strength to people struggling in their daily lives. A beautiful sentimental gift for your sisters 50th birthday.

  39. Peace and Pages Subscription
  40. This awesome subscription contains intriguing books and handpicked products sourced only from small businesses around the US, perfect for book lovers!

  41. Unique Vase
  42. A unique addition to any table setting, this cute vessel resembles a rainbow and features a textured earthy finish. Perfect for anywhere in her home as added decor or to keep her fresh flowers.

  43. Bathroom Wine Holder
  44. Yes, I said bathroom wine holder! Taking a relaxing bath will become a lot more relaxing with somewhere to hold her favorite glass of wine. Simply suction onto the wall and soak away!

  45. Retro Backgammon Set
  46. Backgammon is one of the oldest games out there. Whether she wants to battle it out on games night, or display the retro set amongst her collection, any lover of the original is sure to love this.

  47. Linen Quilt
  48. She’ll never want to get out of bed once she gets this lush quilt! Made from natrual linen, it will keep her nice and snuggly warm during winter and cool during those summer nights.

  49. Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set
  50. Finished with a rustic speckled looks, these charming bowls are oven and microwave safe and can be used for meal prep and or serving up glorious meals.

  51. 3 Day Getaway
  52. This is your chance to go on an unforgettable mini-vacation with your sister. Book yourself a ticket and tag along to one of the hundreds of locations Tinggly has to offer. From Bali to Belgium, Mexico or Madrid, she will never forget this one!

  53. A Beautiful Rug
  54. Rugs can go a long way in completely changing the look and feel of a room. West Elm have the most stunning rugs to suit any style home, whether it be for the entry way or the bathroom! This beauty is available in a range of sizes to suit most rooms.

    There you have our best picks for your sisters 50th birthday! We hope no matter which gift you go for, she has an unforgettable day with those she loves. The amazing gift from you is an added bonus! Still looking for gifts for your sister? Check out gifts for sisters who have everything!