21 Calming Yoga Gifts For The Yogini In Your Life

21 Calming Yoga Gifts For The Yogi Or Yogini In Your Life

Whether you are gifting a yoga mom, a yoga friend, or a yoga beginner, these yoga gifts will calm the mind and help them on their journey of health and self discovery. From books and clothes, to unique yoga items, everything they need to be totally zen is on this list. Here are our best gift ideas for any yogi or yogini in your life.

  1. Stretch Straps
  2. Perfect for stretching before and after a yoga session, and made from durable and long lasting nylon, the straps offer optimal resistance and won’t rip or fray with use.

  3. Yoga Crop Top
  4. One of the best things about working out is getting to buy cute clothes to work out in. This crop is made from moisture-wicking material that stays dry during low and medium intensity workouts, so it’s perfect for yoga.

  5. Moon Phase Yoga Block
  6. Yoga blocks are great for supporting you during any yoga pose, and are also useful for other kinds of at-home workouts. The lightweight block provides stability to ensure proper alignment.

  7. Yoga Mat Bag
  8. Travelling to and from yoga class requires a cool bag for your mat, drink bottle and shoes. Made with durable fabric, these bags won’t wear with daily use.

  9. Yoga Mat
  10. This is a really obvious one, but a great yoga mat is going to come in very handy, and it’s worth investing in a quality one if it’s going to be used often! With incredible grip, great comfort, and made with sustainable materials, this is the perfect yoga mat.

  11. Yoga Dice
  12. These dice are designed to inspire varying yoga poses, and with thousands of possible combinations, the new yogi will be able to perfect all the moves!

  13. Linen Towels
  14. Yoga can be a sweaty exercise, if you’re doing it right! These towels are an awesome gift for yoga beginners and would be suitable for men or women who are just starting out.

  15. Sound Bowl
  16. A tradition in Buddhism, sound bowls are used in meditation and yoga and are played to signify the beginning and the completion of meditation cycles. A unique gift for yoga beginners!

  17. A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care
  18. This guide provides readers with rituals they can use to feel more grounded, along with breath work, meditation, and aromatherapy practices. Suitable for those just starting out, or those who’ve been doing yoga for years.

  19. A Quality Pair Of Leggings
  20. Naturally, a great pair of leggings is going be an essential part of any yoga class. Moisture wicking fabric treatment keeps you cool and dry, and the garment stretches and moves with all your different poses. If they are eco-friendly, get them the leggings from our list of eco-friendly gifts for bonus points.

  21. Acupressure Mat and Pillow
  22. Painful, but amazing! Designed to naturally reduce muscle tension, back pain, and headaches, by simply laying on the mat for 10-30 minutes per day. Ideal for winding down after a yoga session.

  23. Yoga Sandals
  24. Great for those who love doing yoga outdoors, these sandals are designed with an actual yoga mat as the footbed and are super flexible and lightweight.

  25. Online Meditation
  26. Meditation and yoga go hand in hand. At home meditation lessons make a great gift for yoga beginners to be able to immerse themselves in the full experience, and unlock the secrets to inner peace and tranquility.

  27. Fragrance Warmer
  28. Keep your yoga space smelling fresh and calming. Designed to warm wax melts in the dish, or by placing a jar candle directly on the warming plate, it also makes a nice little piece of decor!

  29. Serenity Stone Pillows
  30. A cute little addition to any yoga space, these stone pillows don’t just look great, they are useful for yoga props, and the bigger cushion can be used to sit on!

  31. Zen Journal
  32. A fun and quirky gift for yoga beginners, or anyone who needs a little more zen in their life. Filled with funny and profanity laden prompts to keep the positivity alive and well for anyone who needs it.

  33. Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray
  34. Made with eucalyptus & tea tree essential oils that provide relaxing and therapeutic properties, this spray cleans your yoga mat and will keep you calm throughout your workout.

  35. Cute Yoga Water Bottle
  36. Yoga is thirsty work, so a drink bottle is a practical gift for any yoga lover. Vacuum insulation keeps drinks cool for hours, and these ones come with two lid options.

  37. Yoga Pose Art Work
  38. A unique piece of artwork that would make a great addition to the home of any yoga lover. They could even add it to their workout space for a little motivation during their tree pose.

  39. Wooden Beaded Bracelet
  40. A simple little gift for yoga lovers, male or female. Made of natural wooden beads, it would look great stacked with other jewellery, for that real yogi look!

  41. Inhale Exhale Tee
  42. We couldn’t finish this list without at least one ‘inhale exhale’ item! This tee is just the right amount of yogi, and could be worn when actually practicing yoga, or just on the weekend with some jeans!

    There you have our best finds for yoga gifts for yoginis and yogis alike! These gifts will encourage them to stick out their new found passion, and may even inspire you to take up yoga as well!