30 Educational And Sporty Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

30 Educational And Sporty Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

10 year old boys are full of wonder and energy, and finding cool gifts for them is always fun. Gifts that are entertaining and challenging, to keep them learning and engaged while they play and continue to develop. To help you out on your gifting journey, we’ve put together the ultimate list of educational and sporty gifts for 10 year old boys. Whether he is a soccer fan, a basketball fan, or a curious mind craving a diy gift, you are sure to find something he will love.

  1. Pitching Machine
  2. If you have a young baseball star on your hands, gift him this pitching machine so he can practice his swing over and over. The set consists of a pitching machine, a baseball bat, a tennis racket and 6 balls, so he can practice the different techniques required to become an expert in different sports.

  3. Football Target Game
  4. If his sport of choice involves footballs over baseballs, he will love being able to practice his spiral in his own backyard. The easy to assemble frame and the lightweight design means this game can be taken away on camping trips, to his friends house or even to the beach.

  5. Ball Game
  6. The concept of this game is simple, but it’s trickier than it look! This game will test his skill, patience and hand-eye coordination, while keeping him entertained for hours!

  7. Planet Sidewalk Chalk
  8. Perfect for days stuck at home, this cool solar system themed chalk set has a piece to represent each planet. Each piece of chalk is layered with different colours to represent the cores, so he’ll have a ton of colours to work with, while learning at the same time!

  9. 6 in 1 Solar Robo Kit
  10. A beginners guide into the world of solar power and robots! He can build the 6 robots that are outlined in the guidebook, or if he’s feeling creative, he can make his own! A great educational gift for kids who love robots and technology.

  11. Sonic Plush Toy
  12. Sonic is a gaming icon, and more recently has starred in his own movie, which most 10 year olds have probably seen and loved. Every young kid wants a plush toy of their favourite movie character!

  13. Nintendo Switch
  14. 10 years old might just be the perfect age to get your own hand-held gaming device! A Switch is a great place to start, because they can play alone or hook it up to the tv and battle their siblings or friends!

  15. Brain Strings Game
  16. Put his brain to the test with this knotty puzzle that will get him thinking outside the box. The challenge is to group the buttons by color, sliding them along the slots cut in the clear plastic, without getting all tied up in knots.

  17. Clay Model Kit
  18. For all the creative kids out there. Modelling clay is such a great way for kids to express themselves in creative ways and come up with weird and wonderful sculptures.

  19. Build Your Own Soccer Ball
  20. Awesome for soccer lovers, and for a creative outlet for busy minds! Interlock all of the pieces to create your own soccer ball, and then use it practice kicking, dribbling and cool tricks.

  21. Indoor Bowling
  22. Bring the fun of a bowling alley home with this fun indoor bowling set! Kids can set up in the hallway or backyard and battle mom and dad or their friends.

  23. Magnetic Dart Board
  24. All the fun of darts without the danger and holes in the walls or a trip to the pub. He can practice his aim, and work on his throw and coordination. An awesome way to kill boredom too!

  25. Family Charades
  26. Fun for family nights or friendly competition amongst siblings. Charades is a classic game that ensures hilarity, and this updated version contains six entertaining decks with tons of categories.

  27. Gravity Maze
  28. Containing 60 levels, from beginner to expert, your smart little 10 year old can build on his spatial reasoning and planning skills, and unleash his inner engineer or builder.

  29. Minecraft Sheets
  30. What better way to celebrate turning 10 than getting a new set of sheets! If your 10 year old gift recipient is into gaming, he is sure to love this cool sheet set. The pillow case is reversible, with a sword on one side and a pickaxe on the other.

  31. USA Puzzle
  32. This 100 piece puzzle is great for kids who take their puzzling seriously. Take a trip through the USA with pieces that feature various landmarks and landscapes.

  33. Personalized Kids Lamp
  34. Add a personal touch to their bedroom with one of these awesome lamps. Each lamp comes with seven colour options which can be changed with a push of a button.

  35. DIY Bubble Gum Kit
  36. This sounds like the ideal gift for any 10 year old boy! This kit contains all necessary ingredients for him to make his own gum at home. An awesome weekend project for an inquisitive mind!

  37. Fun Drawing Game
  38. Kids love to draw, and they love to play games, so combining the two is a winning idea! This super fun game has over 90 card prompts, and the idea is to come up with the best drawings to collect the most cards!

  39. Roll Up Drum Set
  40. For all the young aspiring rock stars out there! This awesome gift sounds just like a real drum kit, without taking up too much space! When he’s finished smashing out his tunes, it can be rolled up and stored under the bed.

  41. Magic Tricks
  42. Have your 10 year old boy impress all his friends, and be the coolest member of the family come Christmas Day barbecue at grandmas. This kit will teach him everything he needs to know to become the next world famous magician.

  43. Bike and Skateboard Helmet
  44. If Mr. 10 spends all his free time riding around town on his skateboard, bike or scooter, he (and his folks!) will appreciate a new helmet. With an impact-absorbing foam liner, his head will be kept safe while he goes about his sports.

  45. Young, Gifted and Black
  46. Teach the little man about powerful black figures throughout history, and inspire him to be great! The 52 trailblazing figures featured in the book teaches our children to fight for equality.

  47. Kids Travel Book
  48. Expand their minds and their imaginations with this great geography book for kids. Readers can take a world tour through 200 countries, learning about what makes each place unique as they go along.

  49. Build Your Own Pinball Game
  50. What 10 year old hasn’t dreamt of having a house full of arcade games!? Well, with this awesome gift, you can get the (pin)ball rolling! Let him put his DIY skills to the test as he assembles and designs his new favourite game!

  51. Soccer Ball Chair
  52. Make homework time a little easier with this fun chair. If your sporty 10 year old boy loves his soccer, this chair is going to be a hit! It also comes in a football pattern, basketball or baseball pattern as well, so you can customize it to his favorite sport.

  53. Sound Activated Light Blocks
  54. Everything about this gift sounds super high tech and futuristic, which means kids would love it! They can build their own sculpture and then light it up with sound!

  55. Surf Board Artwork
  56. If your boy is the next Kelly Slater, this rad piece of surfing artwork will make a great addition to his bedroom or games room. It’s nice and unique too!

  57. Portable Basketball Hoop
  58. There’s nothing like shooting hoops with your parents and siblings in a friendly game of backyard one-on-one or PIG! If your boy is a basketball fan, then this will be a huge hit. This hoop is adjustable in height, so it can get taller at the same rate as your boy.

  59. Light Up Neon Message Board
  60. Get the message across in a different and fun way! Remind mom about soccer practice, or leave a note for dad asking him to bring you pancakes in the morning!

    That wraps up our list of the coolest educational and sporty gifts for 10 year old boys! Whether you’ve browsed this list in search of something for your son, nephew, little brother, or yourself (in which case, act surprised if you get any of these gifts..) we hope something has caught your eye! If you have a boy who’s a little more mature then check out our list of amazing gifts for 12-year-old boys here, and our list of gifts for tweens who love animals here.