28 Amazing Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

28 Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

If you’re on the hunt for gifts for 12 year old boys, you’ve come to the right place. 12 is a hard age to shop for, they are on the cusp of their teenage years and likely seeking some independence and beginning to mature. They’ve outgrown their childhood toys and are now reaching for things that keep them entertained in different ways. Fortunately for you, we have done all the research for you and put together our top 28 gifts that are sure to make your little one happy. From gaming equipment, to sports equipment you are sure to find something he will love. Without further ado, here are our top gifts for 12 year old boys.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker
  2. A great gift to keep him entertained on the weekends and after school, he can turn on his favourite music and drown out the world around him. With crystal clear sound, rich bass and a 100ft wireless range, he might never turn it off!

  3. RipStik Caster Board
  4. He can cruise the streets in style on this modern take on the traditional skateboard. The slip – resistant concave deck was designed to give him more foot control, and the rubber padded steel torsion bar allows acceleration and turning without pushing. This fun gift was a personal favorite growing up – just make sure he wears his helmet!

  5. Adidas Sackpack
  6. Perfect for young men who love their sports, the sackpack is made of polyester and has drop mesh water bottle pockets on either side. There’s also a zip pocket on the inside which means he can keep his daily essentials safe. Available in a wide range of colours to suit his personal taste.

  7. Gaming Socks
  8. No doubt there’s been many occasions when you’ve been standing at his door calling his name, only to be met with silence and feeling like you don’t even exist, as he sits there enthralled in his game. With these socks, you’ll get the message loud and clear! A top gift for any 12 year olds birthday, Christmas, or just because!

  9. Gaming Headset
  10. Sticking with the gaming theme, if you want to score major points with Mr 12, contribute to his gaming addiction! Compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Laptops, Tablets, iPads, and Smartphones, he can game until the cows come home.

  11. Magnetic Dartboard
  12. Get him away from his online games and smartphone and into the world of sports. The magnetic dart board ensures safety for kids and teens, and is the perfect gift to add to family games nights. The dartboard comes rolled up in a drawstring bag, making it easy to travel with.

  13. Cookbook
  14. A cool Christmas or birthday gift if your 12 year old is an aspiring chef (or if you want him to become one!). The cookbook gives young cooks an introduction into the culinary world, outlining frequently used techniques, explaining the use of different utensils and garnishes, and including over 100 yummy and easy to cook recipes.

  15. Adidas Joggers
  16. Whether he uses them for his weekend sports, or just for being lazy around the house over the weekend, a great pair of sweats is essential in any young mans wardrobe. With a drawstring waist for added comfort, he can give himself a little extra room after a night on the pizzas!

  17. Kids Against Maturity
  18. If the 12 year old boy in your life loves fart jokes and has a slightly sick sense of humour, he is sure to love the kids take on the hilarious game, Cards Against Humanity. A great gift to add to family games night, or to take on camping trips to ensure the lol’s don’t stop!

  19. Kids Digital Camera
  20. If you are on the hunt for a truly amazing gift for a 12 year old, look no further. Perfect for taking stunning photos and videos, and with two mounting kits, he can attach his new camera to his helmet while he’s riding his bike or skateboard, or take advantage of the waterproof casing and test it out next time he goes for a swim.

  21. Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess
  22. So he has read and obsessed over Harry Potter, now watch him go crazy over his own recreation of Wizard Chess. Even if he’s never played chess before, it won’t be long until he has mastered the art. The highly detailed chess pieces will make him feel like he has stepped right into the world of Wizardry!

  23. Decorative Floor Lamp
  24. 12 is around the age where he wants his bedroom to be transformed from a kids room into a young mans room. This fun and stylish lamp is a great starting point. The lamp body is made of plywood, and is firm and chemical-free, and can be adjusted to different heights and positions. Available in a range of colours to suit his room.

  25. Pitching Machine
  26. If you have a young sports star on your hands, set him up in the backyard with this pitching machine so he can practice his swing over and over. The set consists of a pitching machine, a baseball bat, a tennis racket and 6 balls, so he can practice the different techniques required to become a master in different sports.

  27. Football Target Game
  28. If his sport of choice involves footballs over tennis balls, he will love being able to practice his pitch in his own backyard. The easy to assemble frame and the lightweight design means this game can be taken away on camping trips, to his friends house or even to the beach.

  29. Beginners Microscope
  30. From bugs, to hairs, to grass, he can see it all up close under the AmScope Kids Microscope. Complete with reusable blank slides and covers, tweezers, an eye dropper, a Petri dish and Brine Shrimp experiment, watch as his inner scientist comes out as he learns and discovers more about the world around him.

  31. Xbox One
  32. One of the best gifts for a 12 year old boy, whether it be for Christmas or his birthday, is a new gaming console. The new Xbox One is an entirely digital addition and allows for disc-free gaming. The only down side is you may never see him again!

  33. Scooter
  34. Believe it or not, scooters are still cool! The ultimate kick scooter for growing boys, with easy folding for convenience, and over-sized wheel design for superior traction and smoothness over any terrain. He can scoot around the neighbourhood with friends, to school, or to the park and be comfortable on any terrain.

  35. Escape Room Game
  36. Bring the thrill of an Escape Room to his home with this game of strategy and critical thinking. He will need to put his mind to the test as he learns critical reasoning and logical deduction skills as he follows stories and completes challenges to solve each games mystery!

  37. How To Draw Cool Stuff
  38. If art is his thing, he is sure to get a lot of use out of this step-by-step guide on how to create incredible illustrations. He will learn the basic principles of illustration by concentrating on easy-to-learn shapes, and enjoy a series of fun, hands-on exercises that will help him step up his drawing skills to expert level.

  39. Remote Control Helicopter
  40. What boy doesn’t love remote controlled toys! He can take to the skies with this super awesome, easy to fly chopper. Designed for beginners, he will love being able to fly his new toy around the house and yard.

  41. Star Wars Coin Pouch
  42. He is a bit young to have a job yet, but if he’s earning pocket money and starting to learn about the big world of having to manage his own finances, there’s no better way to start than giving him his own wallet. A coin pouch is a great start, he can store his cash and other little knick-knacks until it’s time for an upgrade.

  43. Sofa Sack
  44. Add a touch of comfort to his bedroom with this super comfy, super soft, Sofa Sack. It’s a beanbag without the beans! Made of memory foam, the Sofa Sack is fluffy, and will contour to his body, and maintain its structure over prolonged use, making them extremely long lasting.

  45. Ugg Boots
  46. The classic Ugg Boot is an essential part of any tween wardrobe. Designed to last, and with stain and water resistance, he can wear his Uggs around the house, to the shops, or to his friends house knowing that his comfy feet will stay warm and dry all day.

  47. A New Backpack
  48. At age 12, it’s likely he is moving into the next phase of his schooling life and will want a new, cool looking backpack to help him transition. The Jansport backpack is a perfect gift as it has plenty of room for books, water bottles, sports clothes, and other daily school essentials and is available in heaps of different colours and styles to suit him best.

  49. Kids Smart Watch
  50. With built in Mp3 player, games, a camera, sound recorder and more, he’ll love being able to wear this bad boy everyday. Add a sim card and he will also be able to make calls and send messages. This gift makes for the ultimate gadget!

  51. Middle School Box Set
  52. Get him immersed into the world of reading with the wildly popular Middle School series by James Patterson. Brother and sister duo, Rafe and Georgia, provide page after page of laughs and adventures. He won’t be able to put them down!

  53. Sports Water Bottle
  54. Weekend sports will be ramping up once he is in his teens, so a good quality water bottle is a great investment. Designed with a quick-shot lid and twist closure, he can keep himself hydrated throughout the game, or while he’s at school without any spills. And with this slick design, he’ll look cool doing it!

  55. Bed Frame
  56. As he grows, so too should his bed. This modern design will look great in his bedroom, and it’s easy to assemble which is an added bonus for mom and dad. With 3 feet of space under the bed, he can store all of his sports equipment, art supplies and shoes nice and neatly.

Finding the perfect gift for a 12 year old boy can seem like a difficult task, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the awesome gifts above! Not only will they keep him entertained and happy, but they will also teach him a variety of skills that will aid him as he grows through his teens and beyond!