19 Best Personalized Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom

Choosing the perfect gift for the newlyweds can be tricky and time consuming, so we have put together a list that is sure to take the stress out of wedding gift shopping. From traditional keepsakes, to personalized artwork and pieces for the home, you are bound to make their special day extra special with these personal gift ideas. Here are some of the most unique and personalized wedding gifts for bride and groom.

  1. Couples Spa Treatment
  2. The newlywed couple will love you for gifting them a nice relaxing experience after the stress of their wedding day! Choose from a range of romantic pamper sessions available all around the country.

  3. Mini Getaway
  4. After their honeymoon, they won’t really have anything wedding related to look forward to! This thoughtful and personal gift for the bride and groom will be another mini honeymoon for them to enjoy together any time they choose.

  5. Intersection of Love Print
  6. Help the newlyweds commemorate their special day with this personalised print that features both of their last names. By adding the couple’s names to the piece, this gift becomes a beautiful personalized wedding gift for bride and groom.

  7. Luxury Bath Towel Set
  8. Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting out of the shower and having a big, soft, fluffy towel to dry you off. These beautiful towels are a luxurious addition to their life as newlyweds! Have them embroidered with their initials to personalize them!

  9. Romantic Food and Drink Experience
  10. The happy couple will no doubt love getting out on the town and enjoying an awesome experience centred around food and drink, from a private chef cooking them a delicious feast to a pizza tour around town, they’ll love it!

  11. Wine Fridge
  12. The newlyweds are sure to have collected multiple bottles of wine after their big day, so why not gift them a place to store it all! The consistent temperature of the fridge means their bottles can be stored either long term or short term, without compromising the quality or taste of a single drop.

  13. Keepsake Invitation
  14. How beautiful is this keepsake wedding invite!? The cherished item is a handmade, engraved, wooden replica of the invite to the most important day of their lives. So special!

  15. Egyptian Cotton Bathrobes
  16. Add a touch of luxury to the lives of the newlyweds with these soft and snuggly bathrobes. Made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, these lightweight robes are durable, machine washable and long wearing, making them easy to care for. This personalised wedding gift will be enjoyed for years to come!

  17. Life and Culture Experience
  18. The experiences on offer under the Life and Culture arm of Virgin Experiences are super unique and personal. Whether they spend a night on the town in New York City, learn how to dance or take part in a wine and painting night, they will love spending time together doing something fun and unique!

  19. Custom Comic Book
  20. You can’t get more personal than having their love story turned into a comic strip! Any newlywed couple is sure to love seeing their romance come to life on paper. Simply provide a few photos of the couple, and an outline of their relationship, and leave the rest to the pro’s! The end result is sure to be treasured forever.

  21. Anniversary Wine Box
  22. This personalized wine box houses three bottles to be opened on a couple’s 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries. Perfect for their special day!

  23. Personalized Four Across Game
  24. Keep the healthy competition alive with this special version of everyone’s favorite game. Personalize it with their names, anniversary date, or a sweet message to surprise the love birds!

  25. Personalized Table Wine Carrier
  26. How cool and unique is this little picnic table turn wine carrier! They’ll be able to carry their picnic goodies in the carrier and when they’re ready to set up, use it to eat off! You can add their name and a special date to it too.

  27. Scenic Cruise
  28. This romantic experience is perfect for the newlyweds to enjoy together. They can choose from different experiences like romantic dinner cruises, exciting kayaking adventures or a chilled gondola ride.

  29. Faux Bois Mug Set
  30. This handmade pair of mugs is the ultimate romantic gesture! “Carved” with their initials and anniversary, the porcelain mug set recalls a timeless declaration of love. So cute!

  31. Anniversary Journal
  32. The custom pages of this unique journal record memories of their 1st anniversary through to their 60th, with different prompts to guide romantic reflection and mutual aspirations. Aww!

  33. Personalized Constellation of Love Wall Art
  34. They will love this! This unique print commemorates a special moment just as it was the first time they met, when he proposed, or the night they were married.

  35. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase
  36. This cool keepsake is made from an upcycled champagne bottle with a “label” that can be personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date and the location of their big day.

  37. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map
  38. If you know they’re destined for a life of adventure, this is the perfect personalized gift for bride and groom. Personalized with their names and anniversary date, the vintage-inspired world map includes 100 pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations and more.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best personalized gifts for bride and groom! Hopefully you’ve found the perfect gift for their special day. If you’re still after some more wedding gift ideas, check out our wedding gifts for friends!