32 Best Wedding Gifts for Friends

Wedding Gifts for Friends

Your friends are getting married – awww! It’s time to start hunting for the perfect gift. Don’t settle for something run of the mill or something boring that’s been done to death, go all out for their wedding – it’s only the most important day of their lives after all! This list ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best wedding gifts for friends, we’ve got fun and modern takes on traditional gifts, we’ve got experience gifts that they get to enjoy together as a married couple and we have bits and pieces for their home and everyday lives. So here are our best finds for wedding gifts for friends!

  1. Just Married Experience
  2. Now that they’re married, they probably want to spend as much time as possible doing all the fun things that life has to offer. Tinggly’s Just Married Experiences are on offer all over the world, so no matter where they are located there’ll be something super fun and memorable for them to do together. Tinggly’s experiences never expire either, so they have plenty of time to work out what they want to do!

  3. 3 Days in a Capital City
  4. If you know where they’re headed for their Honeymoon this is a great gift to give them a few extra days of bliss! They can choose from a long list of hotels wherever they are and see the sights or just relax by the hotel pool and take advantage of the buffet!

  5. Spa Day Package
  6. Weddings can be stressful, so why not gift them some relaxation and romantic couples time together at a beautiful day spa. This is another gift they can use any time, as the vouchers never expire, so they could even use it for their first anniversary!

  7. Tours and Sightseeing Experience
  8. Find out which location around the country they’ve always wanted to explore, and book them in an unforgettable tour or sightseeing experience. What better way to spend time together, exploring their city or a city they’ve always dreamed of seeing.

  9. iRobot Vacuum
  10. No newlywed couple wants to spend the days after their wedding (or ever) vacuuming! They will LOVE you for gifting this vacuum that does all the work for them.

  11. Cocktail Subscription
  12. Why go out for cocktails when they can stay in and make their own! Each month they’ll get 3 unique recipes made by top bartenders plus everything needed to make 12 drinks (4 from each recipe) – party!

  13. Mini Getaway
  14. This is a perfect gift for any newlywed couple! Virgin Experience gifts never expire, so they can keep this one up their sleeve and use it on their first anniversary, when they need a night away from the kids or when they are feeling like a little adventure!

  15. Coffee Machine
  16. No home is complete without a coffee machine! The newlyweds will love starting their mornings with a freshly brewed cup of their favorite caffeinated beverage. The classic Smeg look will look awesome in their kitchen too!

  17. Wine Subscription
  18. You can’t go wrong with a good old bottle of wine as a gift for a wedding, so imagine how happy they’ll be with monthly bottles delivered to their door! They’ll receive delicious selections that he can enjoy over romantic dinners and date nights.

  19. Food and Drink Experience
  20. Whether they choose to enjoy a romantic meal cooked by a private chef or a food tour of their city, the Virgin Experiences Food and Drink experience is the perfect gift for foodies and lovers of a good drink!

  21. Vintage Radio CD Player
  22. Lovers of all things vintage will appreciate this awesome vintage-inspired radio, equipped with all the modern features such as Bluetooth technology, FM radio, CD player, a digital clock and more.

  23. Custom Couples Art Work
  24. You really can’t go wrong with a custom print! They are so personal and make such a lasting impact on the recipient. This is definitely something they will treasure for the rest of their married life.

  25. Scenic Cruise Experience
  26. Nothing says romance like a sunset cruise with a bottle of champagne, toasting to their new life as a married couple! Choose from a range of romantic and fun scenic cruises on offer from Virgin Experiences.

  27. Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware
  28. Sometimes there are no words we can say to our loved ones to express how grateful we are to them, so if you’re lost for words let this personalized keychain do the talking. There won’t be a dry eye in the house!

  29. Escape Room Subscription
  30. For the couples who live for game nights, competition and good old brain teaser, this is just the gift for them! The monthly subscription comes with different themed puzzles and brain teasers to help them escape the crate, made by real escape room designers!

  31. Hanging Wine Rack
  32. This stunning and unique wine rack hangs on the wall, looks super sleek and is unlike anything they’ll already have at home. It holds up to four bottles of whatever they love to drink.

  33. Picnic Table and Carrier
  34. This is one of my personal faves! It’s so cute and if your friends love getting out and enjoying the outdoors together then they’ll love it too. They’ll carry their spread in the carrier and then extend the legs to turn the tote into a table – with their names on it!

  35. Bluetooth Speaker
  36. Inspired by mid-century modern design, this speaker not only looks super cool, it lets the newlyweds stream their favorite playlists and podcasts through Bluetooth, aux, or USB import.

  37. Anniversary Wine Box
  38. This personalized wine box houses three special bottles to be opened on a couple’s 1st, 3rd and 5th wedding anniversaries – awww! Gifts like this are always a winner, it ticks all the boxes!

  39. Personalized Four Across Game
  40. How cute is this custom Four Across game! Have it customized with their names and wedding date for a special and sentimental gift. You can guarantee they won’t have anything like this already in their games collection.

  41. Wedding Keepsake Library
  42. After their wedding they’re bound to have a collection of sentimental items that they want to keep forever. With this cute library-style system all of those special treasures will be organized and preserved to make sure nothing ever goes missing or gets ruined.

  43. Breakfast Tray
  44. Breakfast in bed, there’s nothing like it… Crumbs everywhere, drinks trying to balance on the sheets, it’s just great! That’s why they need this breakfast tray, to make breakfast in bed the romantic and relaxing experience it should be!

  45. Keepsake Invitation
  46. Turn their wedding invitation into a cherished keepsake with this handmade, engraved, wooden replica that they can hang in their home as a constant reminder of their special day. Gifts like this are super sentimental to the recipient so they are sure to love this one.

  47. Cutting Board
  48. The description of this item says: “This personalized cutting board pays tribute to the two key ingredients of your home: you and your partner” and well, I think that is the cutest damn thing ever!

  49. Rotating Wine Holder
  50. Out of all of the wine gifts on this list (I know, there’s a lot!), this one is my fave! Such a unique way to display the current bottles on rotation and the perfect addition to their home after all the bottles they’ll get from their wedding!

  51. Note to My Love Wall Art
  52. There’s nothing more romantic than a love letter! This beautiful yet simple piece of artwork will be a constant reminder of their love for one another no matter where they decide to hang it.

  53. Picnic Cooler Backpack
  54. This is just what they need for all of their outdoor adventures. Be it a day at the beach or a hike up a mountain, this cooler backpack holds twelve cans, or eight cans and two wine bottles, or an assortment of snacks, lunches, and beverages to enjoy!

  55. Vintage Backgammon Game
  56. Games night just got fancy. This tabletop backgammon set makes a statement! Crafted from Baltic birch wood with brass accents, it’s sure to be cherished as a family heirloom for years to come and provide hours of entertainment to the newlyweds.

  57. Bath Caddy
  58. Couples who bath together, stay together! This awesome bath caddy holds all their bath time essentials securely and away from the water, with plenty of room for romantic candles and snacks!

  59. Banana Bark Tray
  60. For the couples who take pride in the presentation of their home, or who love to entertain! This beautifully handwoven tray is made from natural banana bark and jute fiber rope and adds a natural element to the home.

  61. Throw Blanket
  62. A beautiful throw blanket can really make a space! Draped over the end of their bed or as a snuggle blanket kept on the sofa, this throw will look stunning in their home and be their new fave piece of decor.

  63. Picnic Cornhole Game
  64. This is a great gift if the happy couple love to entertain, host bbqs or if they have kids! The cornhole set adds an element of competitive fun to any family event or just a weekend at home together.

    No doubt you’ve found the perfect wedding gifts for friends based on our awesome suggestions! Sentiment and things they can enjoy together are two key factors with wedding gifting, so keep those in mind and you’ll always pick a winner! If you need some more inspo for wedding gifts, check out our personalized wedding gifts and wedding gifts for your son and daughter in law.