24 Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

40th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

Your darling husband is turning 40 – YAY! We know by now that experience gifts are up there with the most popular, so they feature heavily on this list, plus we’ve thrown in some awesome romantic ideas that you can enjoy together and unique goodies that he is going to love! His milestone birthday deserves to be celebrated with something special, so here you have the best 40th birthday gifts for husbands!

    Romantic 40th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

  1. Getaway
  2. You and your hubby deserve a getaway! Virgin Experiences offer getaways with a difference, as each one comes with action packed adventure and fun from a range of locations around the country. A fun and romantic gift for his 40th that you can enjoy together!

  3. Apple Watch
  4. Gifting watches is a great tradition, even now that technology has taken over! Your hubby will totally love getting a new Apple Watch, trust!

  5. Food and Drink Experience
  6. Wining and dining with your hubby is definitely romantic, especially on special occasions. This awesome experience from Virgin Experiences can be enjoyed on his special day or at another date of his choice and there are heaps of fun and romantic experiences to choose from.

  7. Sexy Truth or Dare
  8. Oooh la la, this one is sure to get pulses racing! Featuring 100 racy seductions printed on double sided sticks, you and your hubby draw a stick and choose truth or dare and let the romance follow!

  9. Cocktail Subscription
  10. Sipping on homemade cocktails with your hubby over a homemade dinner sounds super romantic and a lovely way to spend his 40th, or a Tuesday! This cool subscription kit comes with enough goodies to make 4+ cocktails. You can also get high quality bar ware as an add-on too!

  11. Custom Reel Viewer
  12. Your hubby will absolutely love this best seller. Choose your favorite photos and add them to this vintage style reel viewer, a truly special 40th birthday gift for your husband.

  13. Custom Photo Booth Photos
  14. Remember in your teens, going to the arcade and taking cute, romantic photos in the photo booth?! Commemorate those happy moments on a keepsake photo booth type set of your favorite pics.

  15. Custom Mug
  16. Custom goodies are super romantic and special, and we know your hubby is going to love this mug for his morning tea or coffee. This would be a cute little add on to any other gift on this list!

    Unforgettable 40th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

  17. Sky Diving
  18. Skydiving is one of those things that people either cannot wait to do or never even consider. Assuming your hubby cannot wait to skydive, then here you go! Like all of Tinggly’s experiences, this will never expire and is valid all over the world.

  19. Driving Experience
  20. If your hubby is a rev head, do not go past this gift! You can choose from a range of locations and experiences like hot laps in race cars, driving sports cars, or even off roading in Range Rovers.

  21. Action and Adventure
  22. He’ll never forget the time he spent his 40th birthday riding a bull, or learning to scuba dive, or fly fishing! Virgin Experiences adventure activities are an unforgettable gift for his birthday.

  23. Bungee Jumping
  24. Now this is an unforgettable experience for his birthday. How could anyone ever forget jumping off a platform hundreds of meters in the air!? The best thing about Tinggly’s experiences is they never expire and are redeemable all over the world! So your hubby could choose to bungee in New Zealand or Austria if he wants!

  25. Water Activities
  26. Jet-skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing, sunset yacht cruises .. for any water loving husbands out there these are going to be right up his alley!ds. The 18KT gold cuff features uncut diamond slices hand-set in a minimalist rectangle, super unique!

  27. Escape Room Subscription
  28. This awesome gift is delivered monthly and is full of puzzles, mysteries, and adventures all set around a unique theme crafted by experienced escape room designers. How fun! Especially for date nights and games nights with the crew.

  29. Custom Liquor Dispenser
  30. This beauty is handcrafted from a reclaimed bourbon-barrel head, which you can personalize with his name and date. After mounting it on the wall, just load two of his favorite bottles of liquor into the holders for a special 40th birthday present.

  31. Custom Ring
  32. You really can’t go wrong with a custom ring. This awesome ring can be customized with a date that’s special to him or with a hidden message on the inside and is something he can wear every day to remember his 40th birthday.

    Unique 40th Birthday Gifts for Husbands

  33. Bucket List Experience
  34. By 40, he should have already ticked a few things of his bucket list. If not, now’s the time to start! Tinggly’s bucket list experiences are endless, you can choose from locations all over the world so you could plan something special for when you’re away!

  35. Flying Experience
  36. Now this is a unique gift! Cloud9 Living offers some of the most out there gifts, and this one is no exception. Your hubby can choose from experiences like learning to fly a small plane, hang gliding, or going on a joy flight!

  37. AirPods
  38. You won’t find someone who’d say no to a pair of new AirPods! Your hubby will love being able to listen to his favorite music and podcasts on the go, in the gym, commuting to work or anywhere else with ease!

  39. Golfing Experience
  40. Golf lovers will LOVE getting this on their 40th birthday, Cloud9 Living’s golfing experiences are truly awesome for any lovers of the game, with lessons from PGA Pro’s and rounds on some of the best courses in the world.

  41. Custom Crystal Decanter
  42. This stunning crystal decanter comes with four personalized whiskey glasses, and a tray made from acrylic and birchwood. The entire set is engraved with an initial and a name of your choice and will look stunning in his office or your home bar.

  43. Craftsman’s Crate
  44. Any husband who loves to DIY will have the best time creating different things each month, the kits come with everything he needs to whip up each project. He’ll love displaying his talents!

  45. Grill Masters Subscription
  46. Your bbq loving man will receive four full size and tasted tested Grill Master approved BBQ products each month like rubs, spices, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, and more. YUM!

  47. Jerky Subscription
  48. This is certainly a unique option for your husbands 40th birthday. Each month he’ll get to enjoy different flavors and spice levels of his favorite jerky brands.

    That wraps up our list of the best 40th birthday gifts for husbands. Gifting your hubby on his milestone birthday is definitely something you need to put some thought into, but just remember the most special gifts are the ones that have meaning behind them, and we know anything on this list will be cherished for a long time by your husband. If you’re still looking for gifts for your husband, check out our list of personalized gifts for men.