25 Gifts For Tweens Who Love Animals

25 Gift Ideas For Tweens Who Love Animals

Finding the perfect gift for teenagers and tweens can be near impossible… unless they are animal lovers! There are so many great gifts for tweens who love animals out there, whether they love domestic pets, or wild and exotic animals only found in zoo’s or on a safari. We have searched all over the web, and come up with a collection of the best animal gifts for tweens (boys and girls), that cover those young ages of 9 years old to 12 years old. Enjoy the list, and if you are hungry for more animal themed gifts, then check out these adorable gifts for kids who love animals.

  1. The Illustrated Compendium of Animal Facts
  2. With over 100 pages of interesting and random facts about all creatures, big and small, this book on the animal kingdom is a fun way for young animal lovers to learn more about their favorite friends.

  3. Humane Society Bracelet
  4. Each bracelet benefits the Humane Society of the United States and its fight to end suffering for all animals. Another great gift that supports animals in the process, and a great way for young animal lovers to learn about caring for animals.

  5. National Geographic Coloring Book
  6. Tweens will love being able to relax and color in their favorite animals in this intricate and super detailed coloring book. They can even frame their works of art once complete and hang them up in their room!

  7. Animal Adventure Experience
  8. Give your kid an experience they will never forget. Tinggly offers a range of amazing animal experiences, from whale watching to going on a safari or the zoo. So pick up one of these memorable gifts and get your kid out in the wild seeing animals for real!

  9. Dog Backpack
  10. Perfect for days at school or sleepovers at friends, this backpack is an animal lovers dream! With plenty or compartments inside for drink bottles, school books, clothes and shoes.

  11. Animal Butt Magnets
  12. Animal butt magnets – ideal for holding up all your tweens important documents, like their report cards or family photos! Butts included are horse, rooster, pig, bull, cow and sheep.

  13. Personalized Lion Drink Bottle
  14. You can’t go wrong with personalized gifts, especially for tweens! This drink bottle is perfect for any animal lover for sports days, weekends away with the family or after school fun with friends. Just put your tweens name on the front and watch them fall in love!

  15. Wolf Watch
  16. A beautifully crafted wooden watch with space on the back for a personalized message. This unique watch would make a great gift for a tween birthday or Christmas.

  17. Animal Planet Board Game
  18. Players can travel all over the world discovering a huge range of wild animals in their native habitats. As you collect animals, learn amazing facts about each one on the back of the card. Perfect for brushing up on some cool animal trivia! If trivia is also their thing, take a look at these amazing trivia themed gifts for quiz lovers.

  19. Protect The Animals Mug
  20. These mugs are not only adorable, the profits actually go towards helping animals! $5 from each mug goes towards the Global Wildlife Conservation, meaning your tween can enjoy their hot coco knowing they have contributed to something great!

  21. Llama Lamp
  22. This adorable lamp would make a great birthday present for a tween girl who loves animals. Ideal for a bedside lamp or just as a little addition to a desk or nightstand. If they are a Fortnite fan, you’ll get bonus points!

  23. Adopt A Koala
  24. Australia’s little mates are still recovering from devastating bushfires that destroyed a lot of their natural habitats. Adopting a Koala is a meaningful gift for tweens who love animals, not only are they making a difference with their gift, they can feel pride and ownership over their little adoptee. Just make sure they know they aren’t actually getting a new pet!

  25. Bear Claw Trinket Dish
  26. Tweens will be inspired to keep their desks and nightstands tidy with this PAWesome trinket dish! Great for holding rings, paperclips, or even soap!

  27. Woodland Pencil Tin
  28. Add a bit of animal to their school day. Small, but just the right size to fit a few essentials, like pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners.

  29. Funny T-Shirt
  30. This hilarious tee would suit boy or girl tweens who enjoy animals and having a laugh. Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials means it’s great for young people! If you want to see our collection of affordable eco-friendly gift ideas, click here.

  31. Kitty Cat Earrings
  32. Puurr-fect for those young girls who are cat lovers! These cute earrings are sterling silver, so they won’t discolor or irritate sensitive skin.

  33. Kangaroo Cap
  34. This cap comes in a bunch of different colours so is a great unisex gift for tweens who love animals. Featuring an Aussie icon, the Kangaroo, bring a bit of culture to your tweens outfit.

  35. Ocean Animal Wall Art
  36. If your tween loves underwater animals, these prints are perfect! Another great addition to an animal lover’s room that will add a subtle and modern touch.

  37. The Animal Lovers Guide To Changing The World
  38. This book is the ideal starting point for tweens passionate about saving animals but don’t know where to start! Offering practical advice and everyday actions for a more compassionate planet.

  39. Silly Billy Socks
  40. A nice and easy one, a pair of great quality socks with your gift recipients favorite animal on them will always go down well! These cuties feature everyones favourite funny animal, goats!

  41. Whale Hanging Planter
  42. This is a cool minimalist gift for a tweens room if they are looking to add a subtle touch of the animal kingdom to their decor! Hang above their desk or side table and add some greenery!

  43. Octopus Bookends
  44. Keep all their animal books in place with these neat octopus bookends. With intricate detail and unique design, they will add a nautical feel to any animal lovers bedroom or study area.

  45. Penguin Thermos
  46. Super adorable and practical! Great for tweens who play sports on the weekends, or just for packing with school lunches. Available in various colors so this is a great for boys or girls.

  47. Shark Slippers
  48. What animal loving tween doesn’t want a pair of adorable sharks keeping their feet warm! Perfect for nights at home, or curled up on the couch watching animal documentaries with the family. Speaking of animal documentaries, have you seen our hilarious Tiger King gift ideas yet?

  49. Jellyfish Towel
  50. Animal lovers don’t discriminate, they love all animals, even if they are sometimes gross and poisonous! This cool towel features a beautifully painted jellyfish, great for sea creature lovers!

    That wraps up our list of gifts for tweens who love animals! Even if your tween’s favourite animal didn’t appear on this list, there’s plenty of inspiration for you with the kinds of gifts they might like to receive. Thanks for checking out our list, and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you never have to worry about finding amazing gifts ever again!

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