39 Best 8th Grade Graduation Gifts For Boys and Girls


Graduating from middle school only happens once in a child’s life, so it’s only fitting that as a parent you show how proud you are of them by getting them an epic gift! We know that kids these days are into all sorts of weird and wonderful things, so with that in mind, we’ve got a bit of everything on here! From video games to backpacks, necklaces to headphones, whatever you choose, there’s no doubt they will cherish their 8th grade graduation gift!

    8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Girls

  1. Electric Scooter
  2. Scoot manually or switch to electric mode so she can coast down the street like the badass she is! She’ll be feeling fly once she’s graduated middle school so this makes an epic gift!

  3. Fuji Instax Mini Camera
  4. Taking pics at graduation, on weekend adventures with her friends or happy snaps of her dog, she’ll love the vintage feel of the Polaroid camera and having instant copies of her pics!

  5. Good Vibes Neon Sign
  6. Good vibes only, now that she’s an 8th grade graduate! This neon sign will look so cool in her room above her desk. A constant reminder to not let bad vibes in!

  7. Beats Headphones
  8. Music, YouTube videos, her favorite Netflix series, whatever she’s listening to, she’ll get around 22 hours of battery use out of these at one time! The iconic headphones come in a bunch of cool colors too.

  9. Dream Girl Subscription Box
  10. Delivered quarterly, this subscription box is created by a school counsellor who believes in empowering girls to change the world. She’ll feel inspired to kick butt all through her new school year.

  11. Cool Sneakers
  12. Every kid needs a pair of kicks that are not only great quality, but also super cool and in style. Kicks Crew have all the latest sneakers to suit her style!

  13. Charging Pad
  14. No one has time to wait around for their phone to charge at a snails pace! Her devices will always be ready to go with this super speedy charging pad that she can keep on her nightstand or on her desk!

  15. Color Changing Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker
  16. We love a multi-purpose gift! This cute color changing lantern also doubles a bluetooth speaker. Choose whichever colored light she prefers and then crank the tunes!

  17. Spa Day with Mom or Friend
  18. A nice relaxing day being pampered with mom or her bestie will be just what she needs to wind down from graduating 8th grade, and set her up to take on the year ahead!

  19. Weighted Blanket
  20. This is a great one to help ease the anxieties of growing up and being a teen. Weighted blankets are said to have calming affects on the nervous system, a great gift for those who tend to stress or get overwhelmed easily.

  21. Water Bottle and Cover
  22. Stayed hydrated throughout the day is important for all of us. It makes it easier if we have something cute to drink from! These water bottles come with felt covers and are a stylish take on the average drink bottle.

  23. Cozy Blanket
  24. Maybe she plans on spending her days after graduation curled up watching movies! If that’s the case, she needs this cozy blanket. Available in a range of colors and made from ridiculously soft fabric, she may never emerge!

  25. Kindtude Subscription Box
  26. This subscription box is for girls aged 13-18 who want to create kindness and empathy for themselves and others. It includes projects to give back to the world and products to promote self love!

  27. MasterClass Subscription
  28. Take their biggest interest, and help them learn it to the highest of levels with a MasterClass subscription. From basketball, to photography, to learning about negotiating, and all things in between. This subscription will keep them busy for weeks on end and will help them develop their interest into a skill.

  29. LED Mask
  30. Basic masks are not it! How could you go past this LED mask that changes colors? Perfect for keeping safe and looking amazing at the same time.

  31. Cool Backpack
  32. Ditch her middle school backpack and give her an upgrade! This one is big enough to fit all her daily essentials plus any extras she wants to take along too.

  33. First Period Kit
  34. This kit contains everything she’ll need to avoid any unsuspected accidents, including a note with instructions that can be customized by mom. The compact size means it will fit into her bag or pockets.

  35. Congratulatory Ice Cream
  36. Who doesn’t want to celebrate graduating 8th grade with ice-cream! These four tubs send a sweet message of congrats on the outside, and contain the yummiest flavors on the inside.

  37. Snack Hamper
  38. Similar to the ice-cream, what kid wouldn’t want a whole bucket full of delicious snacks to devour over the holidays. Filled with the most popular goodies, she will enjoy this well deserved goodie basket!

  39. Customized Locket
  40. She’ll love having a special keepsake from her 8th grade graduation that she can wear and keep until she’s older. Have the front engraved with her initial and put a special photo inside for a sentimental gift.

    8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Boys

  41. Electric Scooter
  42. We couldn’t not include an electric scooter on the boys list too! Zip to and from school, to the mall and around town with friends. The ultimate gift for 8th grade graduation!

  43. Nintendo Switch
  44. The Nintendo Switch is a super versatile gaming unit, he can play his favorite games on his own, or hook it up to the tv and battle it out with his friends.

  45. Portable Ping Pong Set
  46. Transform any table into a Ping Pong table with this cool set! Simply clip the portable net onto any table, indoors or outdoors, and away you go! This would be a fun one to play with friends after graduation!

  47. Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
  48. Bluetooth speakers are becoming a staple accessory for teens. He’ll love blasting his favorite tunes with his friends as they celebrate graduating middle school!

  49. Charging Pad
  50. He’ll feel very much the grown up with this fancy charging pad. Great to keep on his desk at home so he can charge his devices as he finishes his homework!

  51. Guide Birds
  52. When going into a new time in life, guide birds are a calming (and cute!) way to fend off the stress of the unknown. These guide birds make for great decor gift for their room.

  53. Comic Book Subscription
  54. Delivered monthly, this is a graduation gift that keeps on giving! Comic book lovers will receive vintage comics, rare finds, new editions and more!

  55. Cool Sneakers
  56. No doubt a pair of cool kicks will be very well received come their 8th grade graduation! Kicks Crew have the newest and most popular sneakers on the market, so choose a pair you know he will love and watch as he wears them to death!

  57. Timberland Joggers
  58. Perfect for chilling at home or at his friends house after all the fuss of his 8th grade graduation! The drawstring waist will give him room to grow in them too!

  59. Pendant Necklace
  60. Start his accessory collection off right with this cool Vans pendant necklace. He won’t want to take it off!

  61. Ab Squat Rider
  62. If he’s getting into his fitness, this rolling exerciser is a great way for him to build up strength. It’s super versatile and easy to use, so it’s great for beginners.

  63. Tiny Tv DIY Kit
  64. This TINY little tv actually plays videos and movies! He can build the tiny tv and then convert any MP4 file for teeny tiny viewing. Hilarious!

  65. Surfing Lessons
  66. Surf’s up once school’s out! If he’s always wanted to be the next Kelly Slater, book him in for a surfing lesson at a location closest to him. A great 8th grade graduation gift that will have a lasting impact!

  67. Guitar Lovers Subscription Box
  68. Slash in the making can rock out all year with this monthly subscription box that includes pick sets, enamel guitar pin broaches, music guides, vouchers, prints, and more!

  69. Flexible Tripod
  70. This stand has five flexible and extremely durable legs that can be shaped however he wants and taken just about anywhere! Selfies, vlogs, watching YouTube, video calls with his friends, just attach it to his phone and he can do it all!

  71. Versatile Backpack with USB
  72. Combine the necessity of a school backpack with some added extras – the bottom zipper of the backpack has a net that buckles on to keep his basketball or soccer ball held in place, PLUS it has a built in charging cable.

  73. Snack Basket
  74. Games and snacks, what a way to celebrate graduating the 8th grade! Perfect for sharing with his friends, or snacking on over the holidays!

  75. Sports Watch
  76. An ideal present 8th grade graduation gift for active teens, this sports watch keeps track of his activity, his sleep, and it even has an alarm clock.

  77. Gaming Chair
  78. He needs a durable and supportive chair for hours upon hours of gaming! This one is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and support. Gamers will be counting down the days until graduation if they know this is coming!

    That wraps up our ultimate list of gifts for boys and girls graduating 8th grade! This monumental occasion in their young lives deserves some recognition, gifts that they can keep for years to remind them of their special day. If you still need ideas, you can check out our list of gifts for tweens who love animals.