62 Best 18th Birthday Gifts For Boys and Girls

18th Birthday Gifts For Boys and Girls

There’s a big responsibility to come up with an unforgettable 18th birthday gift, since it is one of the biggest milestones in young adulthood! Turning 18 means they are entering a year of transitions. They’re legally able to take on a lot more responsibility, and life starts getting real! To make this milestone memorable, we’ve come up with the most epic list on the internet, filled with the coolest gifts that the world has to offer – from experiences, to tech products and everything in between. Here are our 62 best picks for the most unforgettable 18th birthday gifts!

    18th Birthday Gifts For Boys

  1. Unforgettable Birthday Experience
  2. Tinggly’s birthday experiences span the entire globe! There are more than 400 incredible experiences to choose from, whether it be local or international. The experience confirmations are sent instantly via email and best of all, they never expire!

  3. Virtual Experience
  4. Mister 18 will enjoy an experience from the comfort of his own home, from online fitness classes to virtual stargazing, he will love whatever he gets to experience.

  5. Basketball MasterClass with Stephen Curry
  6. Being able to brag that Stephen Curry has taught him shooting, ball-handling, and scoring techniques will be the highlight of his next practise. If he’s serious about the sport, this is an 18th birthday gift that he will benefit from greatly!

  7. AirPods
  8. What 18 year old guy doesn’t want a pair of AirPods?! From days out with his mates to sports days, these will be so handy.

  9. Flying Experience
  10. Now that he’s 18 he can take part in all kinds of fun activities! Virgin Experiences offer some of the most incredible, once in a lifetime, flying experiences that he will love!

  11. Escape Room Subscription Box
  12. For all the teens who love problem solving, puzzles and working out codes, this is an epic gift for his 18th birthday! Each month he’ll receive new puzzles and mysteries to solve, from the comfort of his own space!

  13. Golf Experience
  14. If he’s got a passion for golf and wants to pursue his talents then this is going to be a great gift for his 18th birthday, he can get lessons from a PGA pro or play a round on a world famous course.

  15. Game of Phones
  16. As if he needs an excuse to spend more time on his phone! This card game will at least bring some fun to his screen time!

  17. Water Experience
  18. Action and adventure lovers who enjoy getting out on the water will never forget this 18th birthday experience! There are so many epic days out to choose from, like jet-skiing, kayaking and even whale watching!

  19. Electric Scooter
  20. He’ll be scooting through town in style on his 18th birthday on this bad boy. It’s lightweight and easy to fold down, so he’ll be able to take it anywhere he wants!

  21. Stand Up Paddle Board Set
  22. Stand-up paddle boarding will become his new favorite hobby. It doesn’t matter if he’s never tried it before, this equipment is suitable for all levels of experience.

  23. Bucket List Experience
  24. At 18 his bucket list may not be very long, but you can guarantee that whatever is on it is offered by Tinggly! Whether he wants to zipline over the desert in Nevada, or snorkel in Bali, it will be an experience he never forgets.

  25. Awesome Backpack
  26. Adventure awaits with a backpack that is made for guys on the go, be it travel or day to day activities. There’s thickly padded storage pockets for his valuables too!

  27. Champ Chest Subscription
  28. NFL fanatics are going to absolutely love this subscription! Simply choose their favorite team and each month they’ll receive shirts, hats, watches, socks, tumblers, custom prints and never before seen items!

  29. Comedy Masterclass with Steve Martin
  30. Got a wise guy on your hands? Why not treat him to an 18th birthday present that could change his life! Comedy just comes naturally to some, if he’s one of those, he will benefit greatly from this MasterClass with one of the best in the biz – Steve Martin!

  31. Skateboarding MasterClass with Tony Hawk
  32. There’s no bigger name in the skateboarding world than Mr Tony Hawk. Whether he wants to improve on his skills or take the next step into the professional world, he’ll learn all he needs to know from this legend!

  33. Hockey Subscription Box
  34. Choose from four different subscription options, and each month he will receive things like pucks, hockey tape, apparel and more!

  35. Sleuth Kings Subscription Box
  36. For all the armchair sleuths out there, these case files are full of clues, evidence and puzzles to uncover evidence that will bring him closer to solving the case!

  37. Smart Watch
  38. Turning 18 is the exact milestone that calls for a snazzy new watch! Ideal for daily wear and for active guys who like to track their activity.

  39. Gaming Headset
  40. Any gamer will appreciate a new wireless headset for his 18th birthday. This one has a super clear mic and a massive 24 hour battery life!

  41. Air Jordan Sneakers
  42. Any sneaker head will be over the moon to get their hands on a fresh pair of kicks for their 18th! These will never go out of style and will match basically any outfit in his closet.

  43. Producing and Beatmaking Masterclass with Timbaland
  44. This MasterClass is a must for wannabe DJ’s or music producers! He’ll learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick – what more could you want for your 18th birthday!

  45. Adidas Parka Jacket
  46. A great parka jacket is a staple in any winter wardrobe. Not only will it last him a long time, he will be able to wear anywhere! To and from school or work, at outdoor parties, on his travels, walking the dog – anywhere!

  47. Basic Man Subscription Box
  48. Each box is filled with those everyday basic essentials that every 18 year old needs in their wardrobe. Socks, briefs and tees, you can’t go wrong.

  49. Wireless Speakers
  50. Wireless speakers are one of those gifts that you can never go wrong with. Every 18 year old out there has music, games, movies or tv shows that he can listen to with surround sound!

  51. Acoustic Guitar
  52. Encourage him to start a new hobby, or build on his passion for music. This acoustic guitar is perfect for those starting out!

  53. BroTein Box Subscription
  54. For guys getting into fitness or who can’t stop snacking, this is a great option! All of the high protein snacks will keep him fit and healthy as he grows!

  55. Buddy Roll Pillow
  56. Napping and long sleep-ins will never be the same once he’s spent the night snuggled up to a body pillow! The relaxation and comfort is REAL!

  57. Unique Protection Pendant
  58. This unique pendant will definitely turn heads. The handcrafted necklace has been oxidized to create more antique rustic look.

  59. GoPro
  60. Inspire his love for photography, filmmaking, vlogging and adventure with a new GoPro. It’s waterproof and delivers sharp and crisp sound and images.

  61. Mini Cruiser Longboard
  62. Longboards are designed to be fun to ride and easy to carry around, and this will be his go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere. There’s a few cool designs to choose from as well.

    18th Birthday Gifts For Girls

  63. Self Care Subscription Box
  64. There’s a reason this is one of the best selling subscription boxes on Crate Joy! Perfect for that transition into adulthood, this box is filled with one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire her brain for more joy plus p to eight self-care goodies to reduce stress.

  65. Cute Bee Ring
  66. This cute little bee features a yellow body set with little glittering round stones to add a sweet sparkle. The perfect 18th birthday gift for nature lovers or those who like something a little different from traditional jewelry.

  67. Mini Getaway
  68. Book her an unforgettable trip away for her 18th birthday, whether you’re buying for your friend, your daughter or your sister, she is going to love this.

  69. Bucket Bag
  70. A great handbag goes a long way in a girls life! From nights out with the girls, to first dates and walks through the city, all her daily essentials will fit in this cute bag.

  71. Virtual Wellbeing Sessions
  72. This is a great 18th birthday gift for girls who are wanting to start or continue on their fitness journey. The classes include over 100 sessions livestreamed from five studios offering yoga, Pilates, nutrition, general wellbeing and so much more.

  73. Fragrance Subscription Box
  74. Each month she will receive a limited edition collection of delicious scents. The set includes a travel-friendly perfume roller plus a few other scented surprises. The gift that keeps on giving!

  75. Custom Signature Necklace
  76. This beautiful keepsake will stay with her for years as a sentimental reminder of her 18th birthday. Have it customized with her name, nickname or a special message.

  77. Makeup Subscription Box
  78. Makeup lovers will have their dreams come true month after month with this awesome subscription box full of the latest and greatest makeup must-haves.

  79. Superwoman Experience
  80. Tinggy’s Superwoman collection includes over 600 (!!) unforgettable experiences, from diving with manta rays in Hawaii to horse back riding in Houston. Whatever she is into, there’ll be something epic on here to make her 18th birthday one to remember!

  81. Birthstone Bracelet
  82. This stunning bracelet features her birthstone, placed along the dainty chain. It’s the perfect present for her monumental birthday!

  83. Saint & Sofia Sandals
  84. These cute summer sandals will complete any outfit, be it a flowy dress or a pair of jeans! Made with a natural cork sole and suede upper, her feet will be comfortable and cushioned with every step.

  85. Spa Day
  86. She’ll love getting pampered on her 18th birthday, choose from massages and other relaxing experiences for her to enjoy.

  87. Super Comfy Beanbag
  88. She might never get out of this majorly comfy bean bag! It conforms to the body in a variety of positions while remaining comfortable and supportive, perfect for long days inside watching Netflix!

  89. New iPad
  90. iPads are the best! They are so versatile, from watching her favorite movies to creating artwork on different apps, she will love it for sure!

  91. Fashion Design Masterclass with Marc Jacobs
  92. If she’s got a love for fashion and wants to explore her talent, why not gift her something that could excel her career majorly? Iconic designer, March Jacobs, teaches construction techniques, how he creates unique shapes and silhouettes, and how to develop ideas from the first sketch to the final piece.

  93. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  94. Spoil her on her 18th birthday with an experience she will never forget! There’s nothing quite like a hot air balloon ride, and Tinggly offer them in over 40 locations around the world.

  95. 14K Gold and Opal Earrings
  96. These stunning earrings will make a statement 18th birthday gift for her. Perfect for special occasions and every day wear if she’s feeling fancy!

  97. Rose War Pantry Power Subscription
  98. This is a must-have subscription box for all young women. It contains everything from pads and tampons and natural and organic items to get her through.

  99. Smart Watch
  100. How cute is this smart watch! She will love being able to track her daily activity and have all her important contacts on her wrist.

  101. Yoga Subscription
  102. Is she getting into yoga? If so then this is perfect for her. Each box contains up to four yoga self-care, and healthy living tools that will amplify her at-home yoga practice.


  103. Creativity and Leadership Masterclass with Anna Wintour
  104. If there’s anyone that could teach her how to lead with impact, it’s visionary creative leader, Anna Wintour. Famous for being a bad a** boss, any female heading into adulthood will be inspired to achieve greatness after this MasterClass.

  105. Guided City Tour
  106. Experience gifts are always a winner! Has she always wanted to eat her way through New York, or fulfil her love of history with a tour through Capitol Hill. Adventure awaits with Cloud9 Living’s Tours and Sightseeing experiences. They have no expiry date too, perfect!

  107. Sunglasses
  108. A stylish pair of sunglasses will complete any outfit! A great gift idea for your bestie or your sister. Be sure to pick a style that will suit her face shape.

  109. Infusion Water Bottle
  110. Say buh-bye to basic water bottles. Add her favorite fruits to the compartment of the water bottle, give it a good shake and she’ll enjoy fresh fruity water at her sports games, yoga sessions outdoor activities.

  111. Sports Bra
  112. A great sports bar is an essential part of any wardrobe! Whether she’s into crossfit or leisurely walks along the beach with her dog, she’s gotta be supported and feel comfortable!

  113. Wooden Amp Speaker
  114. Forget tech-looking speakers, this music amplifier is stunningly simple and offers a more natural vibe, without all the cords and plugs! Simply set the phone into the slot and let the amp do the rest.

  115. Succulent Subscription Box
  116. This is a great little gift that she can care for and use to add some life to her space! There are four new little cuties sent out each month, so her room will be a living jungle come her 19th birthday!

  117. Tea Subscription
  118. Tea lovers will get different blends sent out each month, and you can choose from black teas, green teas, herbal teas or a mix!

  119. Leather Wallet
  120. A good wallet goes a long way, especially when it’s high quality leather. This one can be customized with her name and has enough space inside for all her essentials.

  121. Self-Expression and Authenticity Masterclass with RuPaul
  122. You better work! Legendary drag icon, Ru Paul teaches how to find your inner truth and how to present your best self. This is a great one for anyone struggling to find their place in the world.

  123. Bubbles and Books Subscription
  124. What’s better than laying in bath with a great book? This awesome subscription delivers lush bath goodies and great books each month for her to enjoy.

    That wraps up our ultimate list of 18th birthday gifts for him and her! This milestone birthday deserves a gift that is part thoughtful, part sentimental, part kick ass, and we think we’ve done a great job ticking all of those boxes! If you still need ideas, you can check out our list of gifts for the 5 senses!