28 Cute and Educational Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

28 Cute And Educational Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

By age 10, young girls are discovering the world around them, and working out what interests them. Some might be super keen on sports, whereas others might have a passion for drawing, fashion or adventure. Whatever their interests, we have covered all bases in this unique list of fun and educational gifts for 10 year old girls. Enjoy!

  1. Butterfly Lamp
  2. This lamp would make a beautiful 10th birthday gift for a girl, especially if she is at a stage where she is growing into a more mature bedroom style. If you want to find more animal gifts, we made a great list of animal gifts for tweens over here.

  3. Faux Leather Backpack
  4. Start her off on her new year at school with this statement making backpack. With rainbow zippers and a fun patterned interior, she will feel like a little queen walking into school with this!

  5. Personalized Unicorn Sequin Pillow
  6. Sequins? Check. Unicorns? Check. Her name? Check. This cushion is every young girls dream, and it ticks all the boxes for a super cute addition to a unicorn themed room!

  7. Tye-Dye Pj’s
  8. A cute set of pyjamas is going to make any 10 year old girl feel sleek and grown up. Perfect for sleepovers with friends, or days at home on the couch with mom.

  9. Unicorn Stamp Kit
  10. There’s one thing we’re sure of, and that is, 10 year old girls LOVE unicorns. And rightfully so! This cute collection of stamps is perfect for DIY days at home.

  11. Ticket To Ride Board Game
  12. Young geography fans will love this fun game that can be played with the whole family. Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn.

  13. Doggy Croquet
  14. Gather the family for a friendly game of doggy croquet! It’s the game you never knew your 10 year old girl needed! Extra points if your girl is a dog lover.

  15. Wash Off Nail Polish
  16. At age 10, most little ladies are taking an interest in mom’s makeup and beauty products. With these kid friendly nail polishes, she can safely glam herself up without using any harsh chemicals.

  17. Beanbag Chair
  18. A cool addition to Miss 10’s bedroom, or even for her playroom (if she’s lucky enough to have one!). She will love being able to sit back and relax in this super comfy (and adjustable) beanbag chair.

  19. Lace Canopy
  20. Give her room a whimsical and girly makeover with this cute lace canopy. Hung above her bed, it will make her feel like a little princess each time she gets into bed.

  21. High Five to the Hero Book
  22. Teach your 10 year old about advocacy, disability, confidence, friendship, and self-image, with this book that flips classic nursery rhymes on their heads and brings them into the modern world.

  23. Banana Bookends
  24. Featuring the legendary design by Andy Warhol, these bookends combine a love of reading with a love of art. If that sounds like your little lady, these unique bookends are a gift she can keep forever.

  25. Beginners Japanese Book
  26. If your daughter is showing an interest in other cultures and loves to learn, why not start her off with this kids guide to Japanese! With cute illustrations alongside their Japanese translation, she will be ordering Sushi in fluent Japanese in no time!

  27. Plush Cactus
  28. A cat mixed with a cactus – a genius way to appeal to kids! This cuddly cutie will become her new favourite, and she definitely won’t already have anything like it!

  29. DIY Dreamcatcher
  30. A fun DIY gift that will keep your little lady occupied, and beaming with pride at her end result. This kit comes with everything she needs to make a dreamcatcher, unique to her own personal style.

  31. World Map Colouring Table Cloth
  32. Get all the fun and enjoyment of colouring, while learning some geography and facts about different places around the world. A great weekend project for parents to do with kids.

  33. Alpaca Diary
  34. Every young lady needs a place to write down all her personal information and secrets, and what better place than an adorable alpaca diary, complete with a lock to keep nosey big brothers out!

  35. DIY Bubble Gum Kit
  36. Any 10 year old is sure to love this awesome DIY! A super fun way to spend an afternoon at home, with delicious results! This kit contains everything they’ll need to make their own gum.

  37. Throw Throw Burrito Game
  38. Turn throwing things at each other into a game! Try to collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents, whilst trying not to cop a burrito to the head! Wholesome family fun if you ask me!

  39. Light Up Hover Soccer
  40. Kids playing soccer in the living room sounds like a recipe for disaster, and it would be if it were with a regular soccer ball – but this is not that! The ball glides on a cushion of air, and is rubber-rimmed to bounce off walls without damaging them.

  41. Electric Keyboard
  42. Unleash her inner musician with this easy to use keyboard. Its mini size means it could fit on her desk in her room, or stored under her bed to be taken out when she wants to play.

  43. Kids Baking Book
  44. If cooking is her passion, gift her some epic recipes that she will hopefully share with you! An easy step by step guide to baking some super yummy treats.

  45. Women Who Dared
  46. Inspire your little woman to explore, discover, persist and succeed! This book outlines women throughout history who have done great things – a great book to teach little miss to be a strong and fearless bad ass!

  47. Rainbow Bag and Purse
  48. This super cute set is the perfect gift for a 10 year old girl who is already into accessorising! She can keep her daily essentials close while she’s out shopping with mom.

  49. DIY Yarn Unicorns
  50. This super cute and fun DIY gift creates the coolest end result! Once she’s done making her unicorn, she can display it proudly in her room.

  51. Personalized Wall Art
  52. These cute prints can be customized to match little lady’s name and favorite colour, making them amazing personalized gifts. Perfect for a room makeover, to add a little something extra to the walls.

  53. Bunny Mirror
  54. Add a fun and whimsical touch to her bedroom with this little bunny shaped mirror. If she’s an animal lover and the bunny shape is what grabs her attention, be sure to check out our list of gifts for tweens who love animals.

  55. Cute Sandals
  56. Get her shoe collection going nice and early with these cute and stylish sandals. Perfect for warmer weather and with a comfy rubber sole.

    There you have our unique list of fun and educational gifts for 10 year old girls! We know they can be hard to buy for, and are often interested in so many different things, so hopefully this list has made it a little easier and given you some gifting inspiration.