18 Best Hip-Hop Gifts For Rap Lovers

Best Hip-Hop Gifts For Rap Lovers

Rap fans are the most passionate about their genre with one of the most unique set of tastes. This makes them extremely fun to buy gifts for! Whether you are looking for 90’s rap gifts, underground hip-hop gifts, or gifts for hip-hop enthusiasts, we have it all covered here with these awesome hip hop gifts for rap lovers.

  1. Periodic Table Of Rap
  2. An extremely unique gift! This gift contains the titles of the most famous hip hop songs of all time, all laid out in a periodic table format! How cool is that?

  3. Grand Taxonomy Of Rap Names
  4. This is another very unique gift for a rap fan. Instead of famous rap titles, this cool poster has all the names of famous hip hop artists over time and would look great in a hip hop lovers room.

  5. The History Of Hip Hop Coffee Table Book
  6. Any true hip hop fan needs to know the history of the genre. It is the one most thrilling and interesting history books they will ever read, and makes for a great gift for any fan of rap.

  7. Vinyl Record Player
  8. There is no classier way to listen to music then on vinyl, making a vinyl player the ultimate gift for a hip hop fan. Get them a classic hip hop record to go along with it to really complete the gift.

  9. Classic Hip Hop Records
  10. Speaking of completing the gift! If they are a fan of old school hip hop, they will almost assuredly love this classic Wu-Tang record to go alone with their vinyl player.

  11. Dr Dre Doormat
  12. Featuring lyrics from the iconic Dr Dre bop, this doormat will have all hip hop and rap lovers busting out the tune as they enter your house!

  13. Yeezys
  14. This shoe by famous rapper Kanye West is at the pinnacle of hip hop and would make any rap fan ecstatic to receive. Choose from the many styles available from Kicks Crew (I recommend the one featured in the picture above!)

  15. University of Dope Card Game
  16. Hip Hop and Rap fans will love showing off their knowledge with this card-based drinking game dedicated to celebrating hip-hop culture!

  17. Headphones Ring
  18. This ring is incredibly unique and is a super cool gift for anyone who loves rap. It’s like a tiny pair of Beats by Dre that they can wear on their finger.

  19. Drake Mug
  20. Sing along to your fave Drake track as you sip on your tea or coffee from a mug with his face on it! Classic!

  21. Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  22. Hip Hop fans love blasting their music wherever they go, and this portable bluetooth speaker will let them jam out anywhere! Whether they are going on a camping trip or just lounging around at home, they will always have rap.

  23. Beats By Dre
  24. These headphones by Dr. Dre are any rap lovers dream pair of headphones. Not only are they sleekly designed by Dr. Dre himself, but they handle music really well and can let you `lose yourself` in your rap music wherever you go.

  25. The Rose That Grew From Concrete
  26. Tupac is another iconic figure in the history of hip hop. This book goes through the history of his life and is a great gift for any old school hip hop fans.

  27. Hip Hop Raised Me
  28. Another great book for hip hop fans that would make for a great coffee table book. Whoever you are buying for, if they love old school hip hop then they will love reading this book.

  29. Funny Tee
  30. Putting on some gangsta rap, downing a coffee and getting stuff done is the way that we should all operate. The perfect tee for a last minute gift idea.

  31. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN
  32. Another all time classic album, this Kendrick Lamar album really put his name on the map of the all time great hip hop figures and is an absolute classic gift for a rap fan. Get the vinyl edition to add a touch of hip hop class!

  33. Rap Notebook
  34. If they are a fan of writing raps or are aspiring rappers, then this rap notebook is a very thoughtful gift. There will never be a shortage of rhymes with this bad boy!

  35. Biggy Collectible Figurine
  36. This cool Biggie figurine is a great gift for a young rap fan. Its both adorable and inspiring at the same time!

    I hope you found some inspiration with these unique hip hop gifts. It was a blast putting together this gift list and I’ve even ordered a few of these cool items for myself! If you are still on the lookout for gift ideas, check out our amazing list of gifts for basketball lovers. Till next list!