The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Women In Their 50’s

gifts for women in their 50s

By 50, she’s sure to have some experience under her belt and it might seem difficult to find a gift that she really wants or needs. With this epic list that we’ve come up with, the hardest part will be trying to choose just one thing for her! These days, your 50’s are your new 30’s, and our research has shown that women in their 50s want experience gifts, home decor, and clothing and accessories gifts the most. With that in mind, we’ve given you an awesome mix of once in a lifetime experiences, unique pieces for her home, and practical gifts that she will get a lot of use out of. So here is our list of the best gifts for women in their 50’s!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 50 Year Old Women

  1. Emotional Well Being Subscription Box
  2. Life always throws us curve balls, and this subscription box is designed to address emotional challenges by offering ideas, practices, and products that comfort and protect.

  3. Anna Wintour Masterclass
  4. Turning 50 is a monumental occasion, so why not gift her something epic! An especially great gift for those in leadership positions, a Masterclass with the one and only Anna Wintour will be something she will never forget.

  5. Personalized Picnic Table and Wine Carrier
  6. Picnics will never be the same. As a carrier, it will house all of her snacks, then she just has to extend the legs to turn her tote into a table!

  7. California Red and White Trio Wine Gift
  8. Any wine lover will love celebrating her 50th with an amazing gift basket. She’ll get three California wines including cabernet, chardonnay and merlot are a bunch of complimentary snacks!

  9. Kitchen Aid
  10. There’s no limit to what she can whip up with this bad boy! With over 14 different attachments available, she’ll be able to make everything from burgers to cakes and more!

  11. FitBit Watch
  12. Whether she’s an avid swimmer, a keen runner or she just enjoys casual walks with her family, this Garmin watch will track her activities and let her take calls and read messages.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 51 Year Old Women

  13. Cotton Kimono Robe
  14. A beautiful Indian block printed cotton robe that can be made to size. Perfect for snuggling up on the couch or slipping on after a shower.

  15. Superwoman Experience
  16. Celebrate the Superwoman she is by gifting her an experience she will never forget! The Superwoman experiences that Tinggly have on offer include everything from parasailing in Hawaii to swimming with sharks in Florida.

  17. Calming Shower Steamers
  18. Spa days will come to her with these relaxing shower steamers. She can use them as a body scrub or simply leave them in the corner of the shower to enjoy their calming and soothing aroma.

  19. Kindle
  20. If reading is her go-to pass time, a Kindle is a great gift idea for her 51st birthday. With millions of titles at her fingertips, she won’t be able to put it down!

  21. Adidas Sneakers
  22. Comfy and well made, these sneakers will see her through all her adventures and activities. Available in different colors to suit her style.

  23. Custom Coasters
  24. These cute wall vases will transform her walls into a living masterpiece! Each vase is handmade and hand painted, so each one is unique!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 52 Year Old Women

  25. Scenic Cruise
  26. What better way to spend her 52nd birthday than on a boat drinking and eating with her loved ones! Cloud9 Living offer a large range of scenic cruises including sunset champagne cruises and riverboat brunches.

  27. Leather Wallet
  28. These beautiful leather wallets can be customized to be different sizes and colors, and have pockets and compartments added by her choice.

  29. Cheese Board and Knives
  30. This cool cheese board has a hidden compartment that keeps a set of cheese knives, the perfect addition to any dinner party or brunch with her closest friends.

  31. Creative Writing Masterclass with Margaret Atwood
  32. The iconic Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaids Tale, teaches how she crafts her compelling stories and how to develop ideas into novels.

  33. Air Pods
  34. Having hands free earphones is a game changer. AirPods are great for sporty and busy men who can’t have cords getting in their way. These ones are quick charge too, an extra bonus!

  35. Nutri Bullet
  36. Delicious smoothies, sauces and dips are at her fingertips with the NutriBullet. Easy to use and compact, it can be taken on her travels with her as well!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 53 Year Old Women

  37. Her Fit Club Subscription Box
  38. This monthly delivery will give her the motivation to kick-start or continue her exercise routine and her path to better health! Receive a new activewear outfit every month with high-quality brands, awesome!

  39. Herbal Warming Slippers
  40. If a pair of super cozy slippers weren’t enough, this pair can be put in the microwave to be warmed up AND they are filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender flower to give off a calming aroma.

  41. Pink Fluted Glassware
  42. These pretty pink tinged wine glasses come in sets of four or on their own, perfect for a night on the couch with a wine, or a dinner party with friends.

  43. Life and Culture Experience
  44. Now is the time to gift her something she’s always talked about doing! Cloud9 Living’s Life and Culture experiences range from private dance lessons, cooking classes and photo tours.

  45. Personalized Rose Gold Wooden Watch
  46. This beautiful watch is a unique combination of metal and wood, and can be personalized with a special birthday message on the back. A statement piece for sure!

  47. Fridge Organizers
  48. Make her life a little easier with these handy fridge organizers! They have easy grip handles for easy access, and are ideal for keeping fruit and veggies fresh and organized.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 54 Year Old Women

  49. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  50. Set her off up, up and away on her 54th birthday! Tinggly’s hot air balloon experience is something she will never forget. Choose a location close to her, or somewhere she’s always wanted to go!

  51. Woven Wine Tote
  52. This is something any wine lover needs in their life immediately! Ideal for beach days, picnics or nights at friends houses, this unique woven tote carries her favorite bottle of wine and six glasses.

  53. Cotton Quilt
  54. This beautiful quilt, with its unique pattern, will make a great addition to her bed, or even as a throw for the couch to keep her snuggly and warm.

  55. Air Fryer
  56. Air frying will become her new favorite method of meal preparation. From fries to fruits, no food will be safe from the air fryer!

  57. Cotton Canvas Pouf
  58. Putting her feet up at the end of the day will be next level comfy with one of these push poufs! Choose a color that will go with her decor.

  59. Quilted Backpack
  60. Whether she’s going camping, to the office or to the gym, all her essentials will be able to fit and be nice and organized in this stylish backpack.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 55 Year Old Women

  61. Menopod Instant Cooling Device
  62. Ageing comes with its natural changes, and this device is here to make one of them a little easier to deal with! The compact Menopod will give her near-instant relief from menopausal hot flashes and sweats.

  63. Chocolate Gift Basket
  64. Find me a person who doesn’t want a giant basket filled with chocolate for their birthday. This hamper is filled with some of Godiva’s finest treats!

  65. 3 Day Getaway
  66. To celebrate her mid 50’s, a little getaway will be very well received! Tinggly offer mini getaways in destinations all over the world, so spoil her with a trip close to home or overseas!

  67. Skin Care Subscription Box
  68. Each month she will receive a box of full-sized beauty, wellness and lifestyle products used by professionals. Curated to suit all ages and skin types!

  69. Vintage Wall Art
  70. This beautiful print will take pride of place in her living area, bedroom or even her office. It’s printed on point paper, so it would be a great gift for lovers of the textile industry or sewing lovers and crafters.

  71. Starry Night Solar Lights
  72. Designed around Van Gogh’s Starry Night artwork, these stunning handblown glass solar lights will stand out in her garden or by her front door.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 56 Year Old Women

  73. Photography Masterclass with Annie Leibovitz
  74. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or build on existing passions. World renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, will show her the ropes on what it takes to snap the perfect shot.

  75. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow
  76. Pop this little pillow in the microwave for two minutes to create a relaxing warmth and lavender scent to take the stress out of a busy day.

  77. Coffee Machine
  78. There’s something so special about being able to wake up and make your own coffee, sit down in your own home and relax before a busy day. This coffee maker pairs with coffee pods and is super easy to use.

  79. Personalized Drinks Tub
  80. Great for indoor and outdoor entertaining, this waterproof drinks tub holds up to 24 beer bottles and can be customized with her name.

  81. Birthstone Mineral Soap
  82. These bars of soap are so stunning that she may not want to use them! Made with only high-quality ingredients and enriched with invigorating minerals, vegetable-based dyes, and soothing vitamin E oil. Yummy!

  83. Linen Throw Pillows
  84. You can’t go past a good set of throw pillows! Whether for her sofa or bed, these beautiful linen throws in neutral earthy tones will keep her nice and cozy.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 57 Year Old Women

  85. Fresh Flower Subscription
  86. Fresh flowers add a sense of happiness and life to any home, so she will love getting a fresh bunch delivered right to her door! A beautiful present that will last a long time!

  87. Cute Earrings
  88. A cute set of earrings that will suit everyday looks or be paired with something a little more formal. Matching necklace also available, cute!

  89. Pressure Cooker
  90. There’s a reason this pressure cooker has almost 100,000 ratings on Amazon! Her cooking game will be elite once she gets her hands on this. Dinners at her place from now on!

  91. Face Roller
  92. Face rollers not only feel amazingly relaxing and lush, they are also said to decrease puffiness and increase circulation in the face. Just a few minutes a day will help her feel fresh!

  93. Food and Wine Experience
  94. One of life’s simple pleasures is getting together with your closest friends over a great meal and some drinks. For an added twist, Cloud9 Living’s experiences are a little out of the box, like lunch on a yacht, or a murder mystery dinner show!

  95. Suitcase
  96. Come her 57th birthday, her travel bags may have seen better days! This suitcase is small enough to carry-on, but spacious enough to be the only bag she needs for a few days away.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 58 Year Old Women

  97. Spa Day
  98. Who doesn’t love to be pampered, especially on their birthday. Choose from a range of experiences for her, including massages, facials, mani’s and pedi’s and even makeup classes. Lush!

  99. Herb Infuser
  100. For those who take their condiments seriously, this glass bottle infuses essences from her own garden into her favorite olive oils to enhance any dish!

  101. Hygge Book Club Subscription Box
  102. Hygge is a quality of coziness and comfort, and that’s what she will get each month with his beautifully thought out subscription box. Each month she will receive a brand new book, plus other little treats like tea bags, note pads and made products.

  103. Outdoor Planters
  104. Adding some greenery to her outdoor space will be easy and look sleek and stylish with these modern planter pots. Buy them individually or in a set to create a beautiful outdoor oasis.

  105. Bath Caddy
  106. Soaking in a tub itself is such a luxury, but let’s step it up a notch with this caddy that fits across any sized tub. It’s waterproof and sturdy, so her wine, snacks and books will be safely kept while she relaxes.

  107. Personalized Yarn Bowl
  108. You heard me, I said personalized yarn bowl! Knitters and crocheters are sure to appreciate this little bowl that will make their projects that much easier.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 59 Year Old Women

  109. Bucket List Experience
  110. Whether it’s touring the Grand Canyon, flying in a helicopter over volcanos in Hawaii, or trekking a mountain in Bali, Tinggly will help her tick it off her bucket list! A brilliant way to celebrate her 59th year.

  111. Cool Vases
  112. These super cool vases will look great paired together on a shelf or table as decor or a centrepiece, or filled with beautiful fresh flowers.

  113. Explore Local Subscription Box
  114. Each month she’ll get to explore a new city right from home, with locally made foods and products that she will love!

  115. Gardening Kit and Seat
  116. Gardening can be a painful exercise at any age, hours hunched over on the ground, ouch! This 10-piece set has all the gardening essentials and comes in a detachable tote and folding seat, backrest and all!

  117. Puffer Vest
  118. Prepare her for those cold morning walks with the dog, or breezy afternoons the beach or hiking track. Insulted but lightweight, it’s ideal for winter.

  119. Crazy Puzzle
  120. This mind bending puzzle will keep her busy and infuriate her at the same time. A fun challenge for any puzzle lover, it’s something different for sure.

    So there’s our epic list of the best gifts for women in their 50’s! We’ve given you a great mix of fun, yummy and practical, so no doubt there is something on here that she will love. Don’t forget, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and have meaning to the recipient, so good luck!