23 Positively Spooktacular Halloween Gifts For Kids

halloween gifts for kids

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids! Candy, spooky costumes, trick or treating – what’s not to love!? If you know a child – maybe your son or daughter, your cousin, one of your students – whose love of Halloween goes far beyond getting dressed up, then keep reading! Getting a spooky little gift that they can enjoy year round is a fun replacement for candy (or to go alongside the candy). Here are 24 of the coolest halloween gifts for kids that they will love!

  1. Black Cat Pendant
  2. They say black cats are bad luck, but look how cute!? This is an easy halloween addition to any outfit or added to a costume for an extra little touch. Looking for more cat gifts? Check out our list of gifts for cat lovers!

  3. Little Witches Book of Spells
  4. This beautifully illustrated book invites girls and boys into witchcraft’s magical universe, filled with magical spells, stories, and activities!

  5. Doggy Skeleton
  6. This adorable but creepy little pooch will look the part amongst the Halloween decor, and then make a fun little toy for the kids to get creeped out by!

  7. Spider Planter
  8. Kiddies might not be able to take care of a plant, but this cool spider planter could be kept on their desk and used to store candies, little knick-knack or pens and pencils.

  9. Graveyard Lego Set
  10. Kids who love all things Halloween can build their very own haunted graveyard, with a twisting statue, a grave that opens and haunted toy trees.

  11. Spooky Soap
  12. Bath time just got spooky! Don’t wait until Halloween, kids will love scrubbing themselves clean with these haunted bars of soap any day of the year!

  13. Nightmare Before Christmas Magnets
  14. Their favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters will take pride of place on any magnetic surface. It also comes with a sticker book, great for little ones to enjoy on Halloween!

  15. Personalized Tee
  16. Cute for Halloween day at school or a Halloween party, have it personalized with their name for a special tee that they’ll love to show off.

  17. Ghost Cap
  18. This one is great for older kids, they can wear it to sports practice, around the house and of course, on Halloween! The little ghost is adorable and it’s suitable for boys or girls.

  19. Ghost Stickers
  20. Little bat stickers are an easy gift for any Halloween lover. Great for sticking on laptops, phone cases or drink bottles, they add a touch of spooky to any surface!

  21. Halloween Zipper Pouch
  22. This cute pouch would be great for a coin purse, a pencil case or a hiding place for candy! The spooky little design is a cute touch of Halloween any day of the year.

  23. Halloween Zipper Pouch
  24. A fun activity for Halloween parties, your little ones can enjoy all the fun of bowling with a spooky twist. Whoever wins gets extra candy!

  25. Spooky Sheet Set
  26. Whip these out in October to give your little ones room a Halloween themed makeover! Add some other touches like light up pumpkins or some of the other accessories on this list for a super spooky room.

  27. Scary Bingo
  28. Your little monsters will love playing this spooky bingo game on games nights or at their Halloween party. A fun twist on a classic!

  29. Pumpkin Pins
  30. How adorable are these pumpkin pins! Pin them on your little Halloween lovers backpack, coat or pencil case for a sweet touch to an otherwise spooky holiday.

  31. Candy Corn Bracelet
  32. Candy Corn is an essential part of Halloween, and now your little candy lover can wear the famous treat on their wrist! Just make sure they don’t try and nibble on it!

  33. Beach Bones Play Set
  34. No trip to the beach is complete without a sand skeleton! This kit includes 14 life-sized moulds to make their very own spooky sculpture. A great Halloween gift for younger kids.

  35. Light Up Drawing Tees
  36. These super cool and unique tees are ideal for a Halloween party. Draw their insides for a spooky X-Ray look, or get them to draw their own pictures for something more personal.

  37. Cute Hoodie
  38. Little monsters will be easy to spot in this cute hoodie. These cute ones come in a range of colours and are the perfect gift for Halloween lovers to wear any time of year.

  39. Mermaid Skeleton Keyring
  40. A creepy skeleton keyring is an easy gift for any Halloween lover to add to their backpack or keychain. I bet they’ve never seen a mermaid skeleton before, either!

  41. Glow In The Dark Tentacles
  42. Normal fingers are so yesterday. These tentacles fit snug on their fingertips and glow in the dark to add an extra element of creepy!

  43. Tote Bag
  44. A spooky bag for their candy can become a super cool library bag once Halloween is over. It’s durable too, so mum and dad can use it for their shopping as well.

  45. Neon Skull Sign
  46. Add an awesome touch to your little monsters room with this neon skull decor. Better for bigger kids, it’s a super cool and unique way to bring Halloween to their room!

    That wraps up our list of the most spooktacular Halloween gifts for kids! We know that for some kids, Halloween is much more than just a one day a year holiday, so hopefully with something from this list, your little horrors will feel like it’s Halloween every day!