30 Exceptional and Unique Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

There’s no bigger day for your sister than her wedding day. Chances are you’ve been helping her prepare for her special day and are involved in her wedding party. Well, unfortunately that doesn’t get you out of finding her a gift! And it needs to be perfect, she’s your sister after all. There’s no getting away with anything basic on a day like this! We’ve gathered together the most exceptional wedding gifts for your sister. She is sure to cherish any of these goodies!

  1. Food and Drink Experience
  2. To start off our list of exceptional wedding gifts for your sister, we have food! Whether it’s pizza and wine, or hotdogs and beer, her and hubby will love this special day out.

  3. Cookware Set
  4. Whipping up her favourite meals will be a lot easier with this cookware set. Soup, stir fry, popcorn, a nice meal for her new hubby! Crafted with sturdy enamel porcelain exteriors and durable aluminium construction to last a life time.

  5. Gourmet Wine Basket
  6. This beautiful basket features Francis Ford Coppola California wines from the award-winning Diamond Collection and delicious nibbles. Ideal for romantic nights at home with her new husband.

  7. Organic Heathered Towels
  8. Beautiful plush towels are such a lush gift for a wedding! These are made in Turkey of organic cotton heathered yarns, and they are super plush and absorbent.

  9. Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony
  10. A truly unique and sentimental gift for the newlyweds. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold, it’s built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. It comes with online step by step instructions too!

  11. Mini Getaway
  12. This will keep you in the good books basically for the rest of your life! 3 days in over 100 capitals around the world. To make it a bit more special, choose the location of her honeymoon so they can take an extra few days on you!

  13. Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine
  14. Your sister and her significant other can enjoy the prefect brew at any time, and from an iconic Smeg! A thoughtful wedding gifts for your sisters special day, and the perfect way start off their new lives together.

  15. Tour and Sightseeing Experience
  16. Set up a nice day out for your sis and her new hubby or wife by booking them in for a sightseeing tour around a city of your (or their!) choice. Perhaps a nice add on to their honeymoon.

  17. Wall Art
  18. Adding a statement piece of wall art to your sisters living room is a nice personal gift for her wedding day! Great Big Canvas have a wide range of canvases, from modern to abstract and everything in between.

  19. Scandia Fountain
  20. For a little something different, this low maintenance fountain is indoor and outdoor safe. A relaxing addition to the newlyweds home or garden.

  21. Spa Day
  22. After the stress of pulling off a wedding, your sister deserves a nice relaxing day to herself. She’ll be able to choose from deep tissue massages, reflexology, mani’s or pedi’s – lush!

  23. Candlewick Blanket
  24. A great quality quilt for the newlywed home could last them a lifetime. Made from lightweight organic cotton, this easy to layer quilt is a modern take on retro candlewick pom poms. Cute!

  25. Spinning Spirits Set
  26. This unique decanter and glass set twirl after you set them down, aerating your wine or drink of choice. It will look right at home on the bar or coffee table at your sisters place.

  27. Peruvian Mirrors
  28. These stunning decorative mirrors can be arranged on your sisters wall in whichever order she likes to create a unique talking point. Ideal if your sister is into the vintage Moroccan look!

  29. Written In The Stars Necklace
  30. Your sister is marrying her perfect match, what better way to commemorate the special day than with a sentimental necklace. It features a pair of diamond stars that symbolize your sister and her love.

  31. Textured Ceramic Vases
  32. Adding some standout decor pieces to your sisters collection is a failsafe wedding gift, especially when they are this beautiful. She can use them to display her wedding flowers around her home!

  33. Personalized Connect Four Game
  34. Personalized wedding gifts for your sisters big day – you can’t go wrong! The new married couple can enjoy some friendly competition on their new game, personalized with their names and anniversary date.

  35. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  36. Experience gifts are always a winner, and your sister is definitely going to love floating above the clouds after her wedding day. Choose from a range of locations around the country for a romantic and memorable adventure for the newlyweds.

  37. Marble Candle Holder
  38. A romantic dinner between your sister and her spouse will be complete with this cute and unique candle holder. She could make it even more special by using it for the candles left over from the wedding!

  39. Funny Office Decor
  40. Made out of the champagne bottle from their special day, this sentimental keepsake is that the newlyweds will love. A cute place to display their wedding flowers in the weeks following their special day.

  41. Bride Tote
  42. This might be a good one to give to your sister before her big day so she can flaunt it in the lead up! Perfect for carrying around her to-do list, the rings, a puppy, whatever she needs!

  43. Personalized Wedding Memory Box
  44. This beautiful keep safe box is something your sister will cherish for the rest of her life. She can safely store everything that made her day special and reflect back on it for years to come.

  45. Custom Zodiac Necklace
  46. Customize a stunning pendant for your sister based on her zodiac sign or any other constellation, and engrave her name on the side for an extra special touch.

  47. Personalized Cutting Board
  48. If your sister and her spouse are beach lovers, this is a really cool beach themed gift that isn’t too beachy! Each board comes personalised and with a unique resin art design and the initials of the happy couple.

  49. Adventure Experience
  50. For the sisters who love to get their adrenaline pumping! Cloud9 Living offer some seriously amazing adventure experiences, whether she wants to go scuba diving in Hawaii or bungee jumping in California. A wedding gift your sister will never forget!

  51. Luxury Hair Care
  52. Your sisters hair is going to be so flawless on her wedding day that she will never want to go back to everyday hair. To help her get flawless hair outside of her wedding day, this lush kit is the way to go.

  53. Custom Couple Wall Art
  54. This piece of art will take pride of place at the newlyweds house! The piece depicts the happy couple and their wedding date and location. Super special!

  55. Anniversary Journal
  56. A special keepsake for your sister and her family, this beautiful anniversary journal commemorates their 1st through 60th anniversaries in timeless style. There are prompts to guide romantic reflection plus photo pages for lasting memories.

  57. Personalized Leather Tote
  58. Your sis can strut into her new life with this amazing high quality tote. Ideal for work or travel, and the best part is you can customize it to add her new initials or last name!

  59. Personalized Picnic Table and Wine Carrier
  60. The best wedding presents are those that will create memories for the newlyweds, and this super cute picnic table turn wine cooler will do just that! Your sister and her new love can enjoy sunset dinners on the beach or afternoon picnics in the woods with their own little table and wine carrier, complete with their name and wedding date!

    Thanks for checking out our list of gifts for your sisters wedding! No doubt she is going to treasure whatever it is you end up choosing for her, especially if it’s personalized with details of their special day. If you are still looking for gifts for your sister, check out some of our other ideas here!