22 Best Non Materialistic Gifts for Women

Non Materialistic Gifts For Women

We often hear “the best gifts are not things” – and it’s true! Results from our survey on what gifts people like receiving the most showed that almost 45% of people preferred experiences over any other gift. With this in mind, gifting non-materialistic women isn’t actually that difficult! We’ve put together this list of the best non materialistic gifts for women that cover a range of likes, interests and life styles – so enjoy!

  1. TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box
  2. This is one of the best selling boxes on Crate Joy, and it’s easy to see why. Each month they’ll receive one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire her brain for more joy plus 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance life!

  3. Spa Day Experience
  4. A spa experience is the perfect gift for a non-materialistic person. They can choose from massages, facials, manicures, or even makeup lessons.

  5. Concert Tickets
  6. Zero Markup is a ticket reseller, the perfect place to find tickets to every show in town, and the perfect gift for someone who isn’t materialistic – even better if you go along with them!

  7. Flying Experience
  8. Adrenaline junkies – this one is for you! Cloud9 Living’s Flying Experiences are unforgettable, from skydiving to flying a cessna this is a non materialistic gift any thrill seeker will LOVE!

  9. Unique Getaway
  10. How nice would a little holiday be after the 2020 we’ve all had!? Cloud9 Living’s getaway experiences aren’t just your average night in a hotel, there’s everything from a 3-day whale watching tour to an overnight murder mystery experience.

  11. Helicopter Ride
  12. This is a once in a lifetime adventure! Choose a destination you know she’ll love, be it city or country, and watch her face light up as she takes it all in.

  13. Life and Culture Experience
  14. Incase you haven’t notice yet, Cloud9 Living is where it’s at for experience gifts! Their Life and Culture experiences will have her trying something new, there’s everything from date night pottery classes to wine tasting tours and everything in between.

  15. Theater Tickets
  16. How about a night out at the theater? Zero Markup is your place to go to find what’s on. Ballet, Broadway shows, musicals – she’ll love it!

  17. A MasterClass
  18. What better gift to get someone who is non-materialistic? The gift of knowledge and upskilling is something that could change their life or set them up for greatness! MasterClass offers online lessons, hosted by celebs and icons in various industries.

  19. Wine Gift Basket
  20. This luscious gift basket combines Cliffside Vineyards cabernet, chardonnay, pinot noir and merlot with decedent chocolates and savoury snacks. Food and wine is a great gift for any non-materialistic person.

  21. Bucket List Experience
  22. There could be a bunch of things on her bucket list – maybe it’s dog sledding in Sweden, or maybe it’s a canyon jump in the Swiss Alps. Whatever it is and wherever it is, Tinggly will have it on offer! The best thing is, the experience voucher is emailed straight to you and never expires!

  23. Keto Snack Box
  24. This yummy snack box includes a variety of products for her to try new things and still be able to enjoy guilt free snacks on her Keto diet. Even if she’s not on Keto, she might be after this!

  25. Water Experience
  26. How nice does champagne on a yacht at sunset sound!? Or parasailing in Hawaii? Whether she wants something relaxing or more extreme, the awesome water experiences on Cloud9 Living will be unforgettable!

  27. Yoga Subscription Box
  28. Yoga lovers need this in their life – each month they’ll get a yoga lifestyle book or journal, 3 to 4 yoga self-care and healthy living tools that will amplify her at-home yoga practice. If you’re looking for more gifts for yoga lovers, check out our list of the best ones!

  29. Off Beat Snack Box
  30. Snacking is the best, as Mouth know exactly how to pack a punch with their snack boxes. This one includes unique snacks that stand out from the crowd. From grandiose granola and cookies to savory popcorn and quirky crackers, YUM!

  31. Gardening Subscription Box
  32. Gardening is such a simple pleasure, and it’s one of the least materialistic things out there! If tending to their garden is their thing, they’ll love getting this delivery every month! They’ll get an in-season seeds to plant and all she needs to do is add soil, sun and water!

  33. Eco Friendly Subscription Box
  34. This box provides eco-friendly swaps for everyday essentials such as kitchen utensils, personal care items and zero waste alternatives. Perfect for those who are non-materialistic and eco-conscious! Check out our list of the best eco-friendly gifts if you’re on the hunt for some more!

  35. Bucket List Book
  36. Technically this one is considered a material possession, but its contents is the kicker! Filled with destinations covering all corners of the earth, she will be inspired to start ticking them off her list!

  37. Core Meditation Trainer
  38. This little device will be her personal guide for meditation and breath work. It shows heart rate stats to track progress, perfect for beginners too!

  39. Coffee Subscription
  40. Coffee delivered to your door each month? YES! Every month brings freshly roasted coffee from a new roaster, so she’ll always be trying something new and tasty!

  41. Online Fitness Program
  42. Being able to workout at home is a major bonus, this 60 Day Challenge uses bodyweight, combat style moves to create a killer HIIT workout.

  43. Personalized Song
  44. What could be more special than a song, written especially for her! This would be such a special gift that any woman would truly love and appreciate.

    Hopefully you’ve found something amazing on our list of non materialistic gifts for women! As you can see, we’ve gone with a lot of experiences and items that she can use (or consume) that aren’t material possessions. If you’re still looking for non materialistic gifts, check out our men’s list here!