22 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Gifts

Inspirational Weight Loss Gifts

Losing weight, regardless of age or gender, is no easy feat and anyone embarking on the journey deserves all the motivation and support you have on offer! A nice way to support them is by getting them a little gift that will inspire them to keep going. We’ve put together this list of 22 of the most inspirational weight loss gifts that any recipient will appreciate!

  1. Smart Watch
  2. A smart watch is the first thing anyone on a weight loss journey should get. The Garmin is great quality and does everything from tracking their activity throughout the day to monitoring their stress levels!

  3. Cork Yoga Mat
  4. Yoga is an awesome way to get into shape and get zen! This cork yoga mat surface can absorb water and sweat, and the non-slip surface becomes more stable with heat and sweat.

  5. Linen Yoga Mat
  6. Now that they’ve got the yoga mat, they’ll need the bag! The yoga mat holder is made from light weight breathable linen and has a drawstring opening for easy access.

  7. Fitness Kit
  8. Not everyone has the time or money to get to a gym every few days, so why not bring the gym to them! This kit contains everything they’ll need to do a full body workout from the comfort of their home!

  9. Wrist and Ankle Weights
  10. Adding a little bit of resistance to a workout can have major benefits! These bangles easily attach to ankles or wrists and enhance just about any workout – yoga, running, aerobics, or even just walking around the house!

  11. Yoga Subscription Box
  12. This awesome subscription box offers a yoga lifestyle book or journal, plus up to four self-care and healthy living tools that will amplify their at-home yoga practice. Perfect to keep them on track.

  13. Self Care Subscription Box
  14. Self care is one of the most important parts of the weight loss journey. It’s no good working your butt off in the gym to then neglect every other aspect of your life. This monthly subscription box provides wellness goodies to enhance their lives!

  15. “Drink More Water” Bottle
  16. Imagine being one of those people who remembers to drink water throughout the day!? This bottle will remind them to keep hydrated from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep!

  17. Brotein Box
  18. One of the hardest parts of a weight loss journey is trying to kick the habit of snacking! The good news is, there’s a right way to snack, and this subscription box is the answer! The BroteinBox sends delicious, protein-packed snacks that won’t leave them feeling guilty.

  19. Weighted Jump Rope
  20. The weighted handles on this jump rope amp up what is already a tiring exercise! One of the handles has a built in digital jump rope counter which allows you to input your weight to track the time and rotations and burned calories. Genius!

  21. The Barbell Box
  22. The Barbell Box is a premium monthly fitness subscription box for people of all ages. It’s designed to elevate training sessions with the newest & most effective supplements & fitness gear on the market.

  23. Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow
  24. This is perfect for DOMS! This little contraption features a hot water bottle core and ABS plastic stimulators, combining heat therapy with acupressure to help provide relief for body pains, stress, headaches, and migraines.

  25. Custom Cuff
  26. Sometimes they need a little kick up the butt and a reminder of why they are embarking on this journey. This cuff is just what they need as their daily reminder.

  27. Healthy Snacks
  28. This is a great one for a co-worker or a friend from the gym, quick and easy and something you know they’ll enjoy! Full of healthy and delicious snacks, they’ll be able to enjoy them at home and work when feeling a bit peckish!

  29. Sneakers
  30. This one needs to explanation! A great pair of sneakers will up their training game to whole new levels. Comfy and supportive, they’ll last them ages too!

  31. Online Training Program
  32. This program is accompanied by a nutrition ebook full of simple, common-sense recipes and a customizable meal plan designed to help develop sustainable and realistic eating habits to suit their tastes and preferences. Perfect for those doing it from home!

  33. Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle
  34. Keep hydrated and entertained with this genius little invention – the water bottle has a built in bluetooth speaker, simply connect your phone and let the good time roll! Perfect for high intensity workouts!

  35. Keto Subscription Box
  36. If Keto is their chosen weight loss method, this snack box is going to be a life saver and get them into those habits that aid with sustainable weight loss. There’s over 10 yummy treats per box!

  37. Fitness Dice
  38. Keep it fun with this cool little gift! Roll six of the dice to decide which target areas you’ll tackle and then the seventh to determine your repetitions and time. No equipment needed!

  39. Inspirational Book
  40. This awesome book is just what they need to keep them fresh, grateful and driven. There’s 100 exercises, reflections, and cues to immediately realign their mind and keep their focus unwavering, this guide will show them how to keep the breakthroughs coming!

  41. Online Fitness Program
  42. Meal prep is such an important part of any weight loss journey, not only does it make meal times quicker, it also keeps them on track with their meals. These containers have different compartments for different foods and they’re microwave safe.

  43. TR-Bar
  44. This all in one fitness trainer is capable of 16 different exercises and can be used indoors and outdoors. Perfect for building strength and toning those muscles!

    That’s our list of inspirational weight loss gifts wrapped up! The main thing when gifting someone on their weight loss journey is to keep their motivation high and encourage them to keep going. Check in with them often and make sure they are enjoying their amazing gift! Still looking for exercise related gifts? Check out our list of gifts for yoga lovers!