The Ultimate List of Gifts For Tomboy Girls

Gifts For Tomboy Girls

Gifting tomboy girls is easy – simply find something pink or girly and avoid it! Growing up with loads of brothers or male influence can lead to girls living that tomboy life, or maybe that’s just how they are – and that’s fine! We know and love tomboys for who they are and their love of all things sports, adrenaline, alternative music and all the other “non-typical” girl things. So here are the best gifts for tomboy girls divided into tweens, teens and adults. Still looking for gifts for her? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for women in their 20’s!

    Gifts For Tomboy Tweens

  1. Women in Sports Book
  2. Women in sport still don’t get the recognition they deserve, and it can be hard for young girls who are involved in sports dominated by boys. This book showcases the careers of 50 female sports superstars and will inspire her to achieve greatness.

  3. Think Outside Subscription Box
  4. For the explorers, adventurers and lovers of the outdoors, this subscription box will keep them entertained year round. They’ll receive a different themed activity each month, from outdoor shelters and night-time discovery to first aid and nutrition.

  5. Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar
  6. The design of these mini guitars takes the classic six-string design and simplifies its chords to a basic triad of three strings. Your little rockstar will be able to learn the classics in no time!

  7. Comic Book Subscription Box
  8. Little comic book lovers will be thrilled to receive 6 brand-new, current comics every month, they are personally selected to match your rating requests (G, PG etc).

  9. Cool Sneakers
  10. Cool sneakers are a staple in every tomboy’s wardrobe! Kicks Crew have the best collection of sneakers on offer for all age groups and all styles, perfect for your little tomboy!

  11. Soccer Goals
  12. A game of soccer is only ever a few seconds away with these portable goals. The set of 2 soccer goals comes with carry bag for quick and easy games in the backyard, park or beach.

  13. Nerf Blaster
  14. Pew pew pew! What’s more fun than shooting foam darts at your siblings or cousins!? She’ll never get bored surprising her unsuspecting victims with a foam dart to the back!

  15. Lego
  16. Lego is the BEST! If your tomboy girl loves building and creating, grab a Lego set that has hundreds, or even thousands, of pieces and see where her imagination takes her!

  17. Baseball Player Duvet Set
  18. Girls who dream of baseball will sleep soundly under this awesome duvet cover. Even though it’s a man on the cover, maybe she’ll feature on one in the future once she’s a pro!

  19. Playful Bowl
  20. Her morning bowl of cereal will become a tiny game of basketball with this fun bowl / mug. Playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning!

    Gifts For Tomboy Teens

  21. Hover Board
  22. Walking around the house is so overrated. Get her one of these and she’ll never use her legs again! They only take four hours to charge, so there’s plenty of fun to be had!

  23. Nintendo Switch
  24. Nintendo Switch’s have three different play styles, TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode, so she can play all her favorite games in whichever way she wants!

  25. Cool Backpack
  26. A cool backpack is essential as a teen, especially a tomboy teen. Whether she’s going to the skatepark, on a field trip or sleeping over a friends, she needs a backpack to accompany her. Society6 have a HUGE range of them on offer, check them out!

  27. Wreck This Journal
  28. This is a great gift for teens who are dealing with a range of different emotions. Through a series of creative and quirky prompts, this journal encourages teens to engage in destructive acts like poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting pages with coffee, coloring outside the lines, and more in order to experience the true creative process and release some feelings!

  29. Inline Skates
  30. Your tomboy teen will love skating around the streets with her friends on these bad boys! Inline skating / rollerblading is super fun once you get the hang of it! These ones come in a bunch of cool colors too.

  31. Cool Phone Case
  32. Society6’s phone case range is WILD! They have so many designs and patterns to suit your tomboy teen regardless of what they are into.

  33. Penny Board
  34. Skateboarding is a quintessential part of being a tomboy teen, trust me, I’ve been there (I blame Avril Lavigne). These penny boards are an easier ride than a legitimate skateboard, making them ideal for teens. They come in a heap of cool colors too!

  35. Cool Sweater
  36. No tomboy wardrobe is complete without sweats and baggy sweaters. They go with everything and are perfect for everyday tomboy vibe outfits. These ones from SweatyRocks are super cool and come in a bunch of fun but tomboy styles.

  37. Basketball Hoop
  38. Having a basketball hoop in the driveway or backyard is one of the best parts of being a teen. What’s more fun than shooting hoops with family and friends!

  39. Baseball Cap
  40. Similar to sweatshirts, baseball caps are a wardrobe essential for tomboys everywhere. Grab one that has a vintage vibe for an extra level of coolness that all tomboys will love to wear.

    Gifts For Tomboy Adults

  41. Driving Experience
  42. If your tomboy adult is right into cars, you can’t go past one of the Cloud9 Living’s driving experiences! There are so many fun experiences on offer, from car racing school to riding in a luxury car!

  43. Electric Scooter
  44. Why catch the bus to work when you could scoot there!? These bad boys have electric and mechanical brakes and reach 15.5 miles per hour. A great Christmas gift for tomboy adults!

  45. Smart Watch
  46. Keeping track of fitness goals and activity with a quality smart watch is something all active women need to get their hands on. The Garmin tracks steps, calories and intensity minutes, reminds you when to move and more!

  47. Water Activity
  48. If water sports and adrenaline are part of her tomboy vibe then you can’t go wrong with one of the Cloud9 Living’s water experiences. They have everything from private surf lessons to yacht rides.

  49. New Boots
  50. A pair of awesome boots like these are an essential part of a tomboy wardrobe! Paired with jeans and a hoodie, these boots will become their go-to.

  51. Drone
  52. For all the photography and outdoor lovers, a drone is something that will change the game! This one in particular has a live video reach of up to 500m and is easy to use, perfect for beginners.

  53. Leather Satchel
  54. A tomboy is unlikely to want to carry around a fancy handbag, so a great substitute is one of these cool leather satchels! This one is big enough for all the essentials but small enough to not get in the way.

  55. Superwoman Experience
  56. Tinggly’s Superwoman experiences range from a bike and hike trip through Palm Springs to swimming with sharks in Florida, so no matter what her hobbies are, there’ll be something fun for her!

  57. Comfy Sweatpants
  58. We’ve already put amazing sweatshirts, sneakers and baseball caps on the list, and now it’s the sweatpants time to shine. This comfy pair from Amazon are highly rated among buyers, and for good reason!

  59. Bluetooth Speaker
  60. Bluetooth speakers don’t have to always look like high tech objects. These stylish speakers are made from German beech wood and will make pumping up the jam that much more enjoyable.

    So there’s our ultimate list of the best gifts for tomboy girls! The wide range of goodies we’ve found for her means you have a lot to work with, and of course they can all be interchanged between the different age groups if applicable! Just remember when looking for gifts for a tomboy, if it’s pink or girlie, avoid it!