33 Best 60th Birthday Gifts For Dad

60th Birthday Gifts For Dad

Wondering what you should get your dad for his 60th birthday? Well, look no further. We know that fathers can be the most difficult people to buy gift for. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the best and most meaningful 60th birthday gifts for dad that we KNOW he is going to love. The gifts are based on our substantial research that shows men in their 60’s prefer experience gifts over anything else, followed by clothing and accessories. We’ve included some personal goodies in here too for those sentimental moments, rounding out this list into the ultimate 60th birthday gift ideas for dad!

  1. Driving Experience
  2. Does dad fancy himself as a bit of a rev-head? Then this is for him! Cloud9 Living’s driving experiences cater to aspiring race car drivers, luxury car lovers and adrenaline junkies. An exciting way to spend his 60th!

  3. Hot Sauce of The Month Subscription
  4. He’ll be putting hot sauce on everything once he’s got this gift! Each month he’ll receive the best hot sauces from around the word with a choice of heat level depending on what he can handle!

  5. Personalized Duffel Bag
  6. This bag is what every man needs. It is classy, practical, and can be personalized with his initials. Amazing!

  7. Grill Masters Subscription Box
  8. Grilling will be a daily occurrence once he’s receiving the worlds best grilling and BBQ goods on a monthly basis! From spices to sauces and everything in between, plus the occasional grilling utensil, he’ll be grilling up a storm every other day!

  9. Personalized Wallet
  10. Each time dad reaches for his cash he’ll be wiping away tears as he reads your personalized message to him, engraved onto the inside of his new leather wallet. A beautiful sentimental touch!

  11. Foot Massager
  12. Dad’s feet and legs will be super well rested and looked after with his very own foot massager. It offers a deep kneading Shiatsu technique to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, stimulate muscle recovery, provide pain relief and most importantly, relaxation!

  13. Portable Charcoal Grill
  14. He might not have the facilities for a fully fledged bbq setting, so here’s a tiny solution that he can take anywhere! The portable grill will be his go-to for every beach trip or family gathering.

  15. Deluxe Grill Set
  16. So he’s got the grill, now it’s time to update his utensils! Even if he’s got an existing outdoor grill, or maybe he just grills in the kitchen, this best selling set includes everything he needs to cook up a storm.

  17. Hooded Down Jacket
  18. The great outdoors await! Dads who love getting out there, regardless of the weather, need a jacket that will keep him warm and dry. The purchase of this jacket provides targeted grants to nonprofits in the areas of health, education, & livelihood initiatives.

  19. Golfing Experience
  20. Virgin Experiences golfing experiences are a must for any lovers of the sport. They have lessons with PGA Pro’s and games on some of the best courses in the country. This is definitely something he’ll look forward to!

  21. Hops Beer Subscription
  22. There are few things dad’s would enjoy more than beer delivered to their doorstep each month. Dad will get a variety of hoppy beers from two or more breweries, accompanied by detailed tasting notes, beer and brewery profiles, and recommended food accompaniments.

  23. Personalized Book
  24. This is a really unique gift for dad’s 60th! Simply provide his date of birth and the makers will create a book filled with personalized facts, music trivia, and so much more! The pages are crafted by some of the world’s best designers too!

  25. Gentleman’s Box
  26. This is THE subscription box for gentlemen! Each item is based around fashion, technology and lifestyle, and all are of the highest quality for your gentlemanly dad!

  27. Mini Pizza Maker
  28. No need for a pizza oven, this compact baker makes brick oven-style pizza right on his grill! Just add his favorite toppings, pop it on the grill and he’ll have delicious pizza in just 10 minutes. .

  29. Custom Wine Barrel Hanging Bar
  30. This cool wall hanging bar is customized with a name and special date, creating a wine and cocktail connoisseur keepsake for years to come. It’s made from retired oak casks so it’s got that cool vintage look!

  31. Flying Experience
  32. Gift dad an experience he will never forget with one of Cloud9 Living’s flying experiences! Not for the faint of heart, dad will be soaring above the clouds and living his best life on his big day.

  33. Food and Drink Experience
  34. If dad prefers two feet on the ground and yummy food in his belly, he will love spending his 60th with family and friends on one of Virgin Experiences food and drink experiences. There’s everything from winery tours to sunset dinner on a yacht!

  35. Fossil Smart Watch
  36. This watch does literally everything! Tracks fitness, allows calls and messages, access to social media and his calendar, plus it has an alarm, music player and heart rate monitor. Oh and it also tells the time!

  37. French Wine Subscription
  38. Is dad a bit of a wine snob? Well this will impress him! Sommailier deliver exclusive bottles of French wine that are not sold anywhere else in the US! You can choose from 3 or 6 bottles per month.

  39. Jerky Subscription
  40. This is one of best selling boxes on Crate Joy, and with good reason! Each month delivers different flavored jerky with varying levels of spice and texture. Yum!

  41. Electric Shaver
  42. A game changer! This baby has 4-direction floating heads and the 3D rotary shaver automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck and jaw. It has USB quick charge, and each charge lasts around 30 shaves.

  43. Beard Care Subscription
  44. For the dad’s who we’ve never seen without facial hair! Each month he’ll beard care products in a new scent, including beard oils, creams, balms, waxes, washes, conditioners, and more!

  45. Personalized Home Plate
  46. These plaques are cut to the exact dimensions of a regulation home plate and is finished with the name and number of your choice, be it a meaningful date, or their favorite player’s number.

  47. Pistachio Pedestal
  48. Sitting on the sofa eating pistachios is such a dad thing. The annoying thing is, what to do with all the leftover shells?! This solid wood pistachio server is designed to offer an elegant solution for storing discarded shells, rather than having them strewn across the lounge!

  49. Dash Cam
  50. Dash cams are great for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. This one automatically detects sudden shakes or collisions and locks the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten.

  51. Fishing Rod Holder
  52. Keep his fishing rods safe and intact, this rack stores and displays up to 16 rod and reel combos and can be used on his boat or in the garage.

  53. Jacket
  54. A jacket he can wear on any occasion is an essential in any dad’s wardrobe. Carhartt is a known and trusted brand, so you know it will last him a long time! He can dress it up or down too, so it’s the perfect addition.

  55. Family Name Bracelet
  56. A nice sentimental gift for dad’s 60th birthday, this simple bracelet had charms that display the names of his loved ones. Something he can wear each day and be reminded of his beautiful family.

  57. Coffee Subscription
  58. Coffee loving dads will get a monthly delivery of the most delicious freshly roasted coffee beans from all over the world. Choose from three roast options, light, dark or both.

  59. Sock Subscription
  60. This is another best seller for Crate Joy! The dress socks in these boxes are the highest quality and they are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any businessman or sock lover.

  61. Air Pods
  62. Air Pods are where it’s at for dad! They’ll make his life so much easier when he’s working out, in the garden or working around the house.

  63. Vintage Amp Clock
  64. This nod to music’s heyday is customized with a metal badge above the clock’s face to display dad’s name, perfect if he’s a retired rocker!

  65. Premium Tie Subscription Box
  66. Having a closet full of snazzy ties is something all dad’s need. Much like the sock subscription, only the best quality ties are selected for this monthly delivery!

    Did you enjoy our list of 60th birthday gifts for dad?! There’s a great range of gifts for dad here, from clothes to fun filled experiences that he will never forget. Whatever you decide on, as long as it comes from the heart, he’ll love it! Still looking for gifts for dad? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for men in their 50’s.