46 Best 40th Birthday Gifts For Men

40th Birthday Gifts for Men

The man in your life is turning 40 and you have no idea what to get him, that’s why you’re here! Well, don’t worry, this is our area of expertise and we’ve come up with the best list of 40th birthday gifts he is sure to love! GiftingWho recently conducted a study on what gifts people like to receive the most and found that men in their 40’s prefer to be gifted experiences over anything else, followed closely by clothing and accessories and then electronics. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best 40th birthday gifts for men, categorized into romantic, personalized, unique, funny and other top gifts. These gift ideas will inspire you to go above and beyond for him on his 40th birthday!

    Romantic 40th Birthday Gifts For Him

  1. Action and Adventure Experience
  2. Romance to him might mean flying above the city in a helicopter or taking you white water rafting. For those who love adventure and a bit of a thrill, Cloud9 Living’s Action and Adventure activities are where it’s at!

  3. Gentleman’s Box
  4. This monthly subscription gives your guy everything needed to become the perfect gentleman. Its items are based around fashion, technology, and lifestyle.

  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  6. Does it get more romantic than a hot air balloon ride!? Tinggly offer their experiences all over the world, so if you have a trip planned you could work this experience into your holiday for something extra special. The best part is, Tinggly gifts never expire!

  7. Romantic Getaway
  8. Virgin Experiences Getaway experiences will make for an unforgettable 40th birthday experience. They have all kinds of getaways on offer, from overnight fishing and boating trips to 3-day wine tastings!

  9. Fun Together Experience
  10. If he doesn’t have time for a getaway, why not enjoy some time together on an experience just as exciting, but not as long! Tinggly’s Fun Together experiences include things like surfing lessons, cooking classes, safari rides and more!

  11. Special Wine Box
  12. This beautiful personalized wooden wine box is customized with names, a special date, location, and three anniversary years and houses delicious bottles of wine to celebrate.

  13. Scenic Cruise
  14. Virgin Experiences scenic cruise experiences offer drinks at sunset, whale watching, river cruises and everything in between. A memorable way to spend his 40th!

    Personalized 40th Birthday Gifts For Men

  15. Personalized Duffle Bag
  16. If he’s travelling a lot or needs to lug things to and from his office during the week, he’ll love having one go-to bag that ticks all the boxes. Plus it’s personalized with his initials!

  17. Leather Flask
  18. This luxurious flask is perfect for the lovers of the great outdoors, it’s hand engraved with a red wood and personalized with your chosen initials.

  19. Whiskey Decanter
  20. Up his home bar collection with a personalized whiskey decanter and matching tumblers. The laser engraved details on this decanter will never rub off or fade, so it will last him a lifetime!

  21. Wooden Headphone Stand
  22. Whether he’s a gamer or a music lover, this wooden stand will keep his headphones out of harms way. Personalize the stand with initials, name or custom logo!

  23. Custom Condiment Subscription
  24. When you think of personalized gifts for him, I bet “condiments” isn’t what comes to mind! Each month he’ll have delicious sauces from all over the US handpicked for based on his answers from a survey, so whatever he get is personal to his taste!

  25. Personalized Metallic LP Record
  26. Commemorate a special moment in his life with a personalized upcycled vinyl LP that’s finished in a dazzling gold hue. If it’s for your anniversary, consider it a romantic gift too!

  27. Leather Wallet
  28. These leather wallets take personalizing to a whole new level! Sure, you can stick to the usual initials or a message to him, but what about a picture of kids or your actual handwriting? Now that’s personal!

    Unique 40th Birthday Gifts For Men

  29. iRobot Vacuum
  30. Imagine hearing 10 years ago that your vacuum cleaner would be controlled by an app and would clean the house itself! Well, the future is here and that’s exactly what this baby does! Clean floors are only a few taps of the phone screen away.

  31. Driving Experience
  32. His dreams of driving a race car will come true with these awesome experiences. Virgin Experiences driving experiences offer once in a life time driving opportunities for all the rev-heads out there.

  33. Hot Sauce of The Month
  34. His pantry will never be without hot sauce and his meals with never be without flavor and fire! He’ll get the best hot sauces from around the world delivered each month, and can choose his level of hot-ness!

  35. Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Subscription
  36. This is a great gift for guys who love to try all kinds of drinks and flavors. Each subscription includes three unique recipes which have been provided by some of the top bartenders in the country, plus everything he needs to make 12 drinks. He’d better invite you over to sample some!

  37. Car Themed Subscription Box
  38. Men who love their car more than their friends will be pumped to receive items such as tools, detailing supplies, apparel, novelty items, garage gear and stickers each month!

  39. Flying Experience
  40. It doesn’t get more unique than this! Choose from a range of different flying experiences, from learning to fly a helicopter to tandem skydiving, for a gift he’ll never forget.

  41. Escape Crate
  42. Lovers of games nights, puzzles, escape rooms and crime documentaries will thoroughly enjoy these awesome subscription boxes. Use the box and its contents to solve the puzzles!

  43. MLB Stadium Seat Watch
  44. Not many baseball fans out there can say their watch is made from old baseball stadiums! Each piece is made with wooden seats salvaged from the most iconic stadiums. Choose from Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, or Wrigley Field.

  45. Golfing Experience
  46. Perfect his putt with one of these golfing experiences! Choose from rounds of golf on some of the best courses in the country, or lessons from some of the games greats!

  47. NHL Hockey Stick Beer Flight
  48. If hockey and beer are more to his liking, this super cool beer flight is for him! It’s made out of NHL game used hockey sticks – what could be cooler than that!

    Funny 40th Birthday Gifts For Him

  49. Beer Socks
  50. It’ll be happy hour any time he slips his feet into these beer socks! Each pair are colored to represent IPA, lager or stout and are packaged in a beer-looking can!

  51. Bobble Head of Himself
  52. This one could have gone under out “personalized” section, but it’s too funny to not include here! You can customize these little guys down the outfit – these will get a laugh out of him for sure!

  53. Beeropoly Game
  54. He might be past the age of certain drinking games, but this is one that anyone can play either at games nights, parties or over the weekend with his mates.

  55. F Bomb Paperweight
  56. This is a great gift for office workers or even your boss on his 40th birthday. Made of recycled steel, this fun paperweight will add explosive fun to his desk!

  57. Funny Mug
  58. This is another good one for your friend at work, or maybe your hubby who doesn’t take well to early mornings! It won’t be long before this is his favorite go-to mug.

  59. Potty Putter
  60. Not everyone has the time to get out onto the putting green, maybe his only spare time is when he’s in the bathroom, so why not bring the green to him!? This gift is as funny as it is ridiculous and we love it!

  61. 5:00 Somewhere Clock
  62. This is the perfect addition to his home bar or man cave to remind him that it is indeed 5:00 somewhere and time to crack open a beer!

  63. Die Hard Inspired Cutting Board
  64. We love a good play on words! This Die Hard inspired cutting board is treated with a food grade mineral oil and infused with vitamin E which prevents the wood from drying and cracking. So it’s hilarious and useful!

    Other Top 40th Birthday Gifts For Men

  65. Massage Gun
  66. Active guys will thank you for this one! Designed to rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles and with a powerful motor that delivers powerful high-penetration, the handheld massager sends waves of relaxation and relief throughout his body.

  67. AirPods Pro
  68. AirPods are a lifesaver for guys on the go. They have active noise cancellation for immersive sound so he can work or listen to his favorite tunes in peace!

  69. Beard Care Subscription Box
  70. His beard will be well maintained and smelling delicious with this beard care subscription. It delivers his choice of beard care products every month in a new scent, including beard oils, creams, balms, waxes, washes, conditioners, and more.

  71. North Face Jacket
  72. A good quality jacket is something everybody needs! North Face waterproof jackets are an essential for winter and fall, especially for men who spend a lot of time outdoors.

  73. TV Fire Stick
  74. This streaming stick will open up a world of viewing possibilities! Watch favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and more. Launch and control content with the Alexa Voice Remote.

  75. Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
  76. Noise cancelling headphones are essential for travelling or long commutes to and from work. These ones from Sony adjust ambient sound to your activity for the best noise cancellation and one charge of the battery can last up to 30 hours.

  77. Electric Scooter
  78. Getting to and from work or popping up to the shops will be quick and easy. This electric scooter reaches speeds of 18.6mph meaning he can cover some serious ground as he zips around town.

  79. New Grill
  80. This grill is easy to set up and is user friendly to those who have yet to master the art of grilling. There are plenty of shelves to keep his food and utensils and it’s easy to wheel around too, meaning he can take it with him on camping trips or days at the beach.

  81. Ab Squat Rider
  82. Working out at home has never been easier. This professional strength body weight resistance rolling exerciser can be used indoors or outdoors and targets just about every part of the body!

  83. Eco Dot
  84. Who needs a personal assistant? With this he’ll be able to ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.

  85. Solar Charger Battery Pack
  86. There’s nothing worse than having a low battery and no access to a power outlet. All he’ll need is the sun to charge his phone through this solar power battery pack. The best part about this gift is the Gifts for Good one for one model, for every purchase one solar light is given to a person in-need living without electricity.

  87. YETI Rambler
  88. This best selling insulated mug is a must have for busy men or outdoor lovers. The selling point is definitely the YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep any drink from spilling.

  89. Bar Fridge
  90. Whether he’s storing his beer cans or his prized bottles of wine, this fridge will keep them at an ideal temperature and showcase them beautifully with the internal blue light.

  91. Backpack
  92. A good backpack is something everyone needs in their life. Useful for work, travelling, meetings, going away for the weekend and going to the shops. It’s water resistant too, which is a bonus! Every purchase provides over 1 1/2 hours of freedom for your crafter from slavery, human trafficking, and poverty through a self-sustaining job.

    So there you have our list of the best 40th birthday gifts for men! We’ve given you lots of options for experience gifts and other things that will be unique to him! We hope no matter what you choose he has an amazing 40th birthday! If you are still looking for gifts for men, check out our best small gifts for men or non-materialistic gifts for men.