37 Best Boss’s Day Gifts

Boss's Day Gifts

It’s the day you celebrate your boss! Assuming your boss is a legend who you want to spoil (you wouldn’t be here otherwise), you want to ensure you gift them something that shows your appreciation and gratitude while keeping it professional. We’ve included a few cool experience gifts that you and your colleagues could all chip in for, plus some smaller gifts that we know they’ll love. We hope you enjoy our list of boss’s day gifts!

  1. Spa Day
  2. There’s not a boss out there who wouldn’t appreciate a massage or a pamper sesh! Get them out of the office and into that massage chair, they’ll love you for it.

  3. Golfing Experience
  4. This is great gift that you and your co-workers can gift your boss. They’ll get to tee off against PGA pro’s or play a round on some of the best courses out there.

  5. Coffee Pod Subscription
  6. This awesome subscription is the best Boss’s Day gift for all the coffee addicts out there. Each month they’ll get three unique blends hand picked artisan roasters. This is a good combined gift that you and your workmates can all chip in for.

  7. Collapsible Foam Roller
  8. Foam rollers are great for stretch muscles, massaging knots and general tension release. This one collapses flat so your boss can store it under their desk between use.

  9. Wine Subscription
  10. If wine time is one of the first things your boss does once they’ve clocked off, then this is the Boss’s Gay gift for them. Each month they’ll get handpicked wines delivered to their door to enjoy after long hours at work.

  11. Driving Experience
  12. Rev head boss’s – strap yourselves in! Hot laps, luxe sports cars, off-roading and more await any boss who loves their cars and can’t get enough of life in the fast lane. Experience gifts are super popular, so keep them in mind for Boss’s Day gifts too!

  13. Wooden QI Wireless Mousepad
  14. This cool mousepad charges your boss’s phone while they work so you’re never left on low. Nothing worse than running off to a meeting with a low battery! Your boss will love this one.

  15. Custom Bobble Head
  16. These hilarious bobbleheads are made to look like tiny versions of your boss! This is a great gag gift idea for boss’s day, and something you could pair with any other gift on this list, or on its own for guaranteed lol’s.

  17. Self Heating Mug
  18. Being busy means their tea or coffee is probably cold more often than not. This self-heating mug system maintains their drink at the perfect drinking temperature. Not only that, its charging pad can also wirelessly charge their cell phone!

  19. Sand Art
  20. Bring a calming presence to your boss’s office with this desk sculpture that forms natural landscapes with sand. Everyone will be mesmerized by the beauty that these things form!

  21. F Bomb Paperweight
  22. Does your boss love dropping the F Bomb? This recycled steel sculpture lightens up tough conversations with an abstract expletive appropriate for any situation that requires you in the boss’s office.

  23. Hand Palm Roller
  24. Releasing the tension that builds up in our body is essential after sitting in an office and being in stressful situations. This little palm roller is made up of small symmetrically protruding shapes that apply just the right amount of pressure to promote concentration and positive energy.

  25. Morning Scroll Coffee Set
  26. If this first thing your boss does of a morning is sit at their desk with their coffee and scroll their phone, then this could be the perfect gift. Crafted from bamboo and ebony, this tray save space with a built-in stirrer and cradle to keep phones vertical and scrollable.

  27. Lavender Weighted Shoulder Wrap
  28. Show your boss you care about them this Boss’s Day with these weighted neck and shoulder wraps. They’re like a weighted blanket in that they are designed to relax and renew. The lavender-scented flaxseed insert offers a satisfying weight and gentle pressure, plus the added relaxation of aromatherapy.

  29. Recycled Leather Journal
  30. Every boss needs a journal that they can take with them to meetings and have on hand when they’re on important calls. This one is A5 and has a leather cover so it’s nice and compact and won’t get damaged with daily use.

  31. Snack Subscription
  32. Snacking is serious business. Keep your boss’s snack draw poppin’ with this subscription of seasonally themed snacks to get them through their busy days. You can choose gluten free and vegan options too!

  33. Power Bank with Bluetooth Speaker
  34. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your charger at home and needing to charge your phone during the day. This 2-in-1 device combines the convenience of a power bank with the handy addition of a portable speaker! Great for work or home.

  35. Fancy Pen
  36. We underestimate the power of an amazing pen. This bad boy will be your boss’s new fave, as they sign important contracts, paycheques and annual leave forms.

  37. Loose Leaf Tea Subscription
  38. If tea is their weapon of choice (my last boss would have me making 8 cups of tea on any given day) then this is your go to for Boss’s Day gifts. Each delivery comes with different tea blends for them to try out, another great one for them to enjoy at home or at work.

  39. Kindle
  40. If your boss loves a good read, then get them a Kindle! They’ll have an endless supply of titles at their fingertips to enjoy when they’re on the road or at home winding down.

  41. Flying Experience
  42. Dare devil boss’s will definitely get their adrenaline pumping with this high flying gift. Choose from things like joy flights, helicopter rides, hang gliding, even flying lessons!

  43. Leather Portfolio
  44. This sleek organizer features compartments for laptops or tablets, business cards, pens, earphones, cables, cash, cellphones and more!

  45. BBQ Blends Kit
  46. Your bbq loving boss gets a mix of seasonings, sauces and marinades created to capture the essence of a beloved regional tradition. The blends are Memphis (tangy), Texas (savory), Carolina (spicy), and Kansas City (sweet).

  47. Meditation Mug
  48. Things can get tough when you’re the boss, so being able to take a few minutes to unwind with something as simple as a mug in hand will come in handy on stressful days. Trace your finger along path that winds around the cup’s stoneware surface, the coiling shape has been used for centuries as a form of meditation.

  49. Decision Paperweight
  50. Boss’s make so many decisions per day, that come lunch time they’re probably tired of it. Now all they’ll have to do is spin this humorous paperweight to have all their questions answered.

  51. Baseball Ring Toss Game
  52. The classic Caribbean ring toss game is combined with the rules of America’s favorite pastime. Your boss can mount this in their office or at home to play when they need a little break from bossing!

  53. Wall Scrabble
  54. How cool is this!? If I were gifting my boss this on Boss’s Day I’d be hoping they’d keep it at work, but they might enjoy it at home too! Such an awesome and unique gift.

  55. Jerky Subscription
  56. Get your workmates together and pitching in for this awesome subscription for your boss. Each delivery comes with the yummiest jerky on the market, and it’s a gift they can enjoy at work or at home!

  57. Desk Organizer
  58. These desk pads are so handy, they keep everything your boss needs within reach. With a to-do list, slip pockets for notes and a shallow compartment for pens and whatnot, this leather desk pad is sure to increase your boss’s organization and productivity.

  59. Cocktail Subscription
  60. Definitely one for after hours, but still a great boss’s day gift nonetheless! This subscription sends out all the flavours and mixes they need to create the best cocktails out there. Something they can enjoy on their time off.

  61. Desk Lamp
  62. If your boss is always working late into the night, be it in the office or at home, then this lamp will add function and style to their desk. The simple design won’t take up too much space either.

  63. AirPods Case
  64. If your boss is constantly searching for their AirPods, then they need this case! Fit with a gold ring for hooking onto a bag or a set of keys, this case ensures their AirPods are always safe and within reach.

  65. Cheese Board
  66. This bamboo cheese board converts to a multi-level wheel and incorporates storage for serving tools. The perfect Boss’s Day gift idea for your boss to enjoy at home with their friends and family.

  67. Document Holder
  68. This leather document holder provides a stylish spot for your boss to keep their favorite monthly issues, their most important documents or even their filing organized and within reach.

  69. Memo Tablet
  70. Jotting down notes and reminders is important, and there’s not always a pen and paper within reach. This acrylic memo tablet offers a functional way to write all their important to-do’s. It uses a dry-erase marker to write that easily erases with a damp cloth.

  71. Saddle Ring Desk Collection
  72. This stylish collection will add a touch of fancy to your boss’s desk and tidy it up too! With space for their important documents, their pens and all their other bits and pieces.

  73. Land Shark Golfball Marker
  74. These cool and unique golf ball makers are handcrafted from thick stainless steel, and its unmistakable shark-fin shape means the position of your boss’s golf ball will never be missed when they’re out on the green.

    No doubt you’ve found some great ideas for Boss’s Day gifts right here! Regardless of what industry you work in, don’t let Boss’s Day slip by without showing your boss your appreciation. We hope this list has been helpful, if you’re still looking for gifts for your boss, check out our best gifts for your boss list here!