22 Best Expensive Gifts for Men

Expensive Gifts for men

So, he has expensive taste huh? Good for him! Not so good for you, because it means finding the perfect gift can be more challenging than usual. We’ve put together this list of the worlds best luxury gifts for men (in our humble opinion). There’s everything from tech gadgets to incredible experiences that they’ll remember forever. Sit back and enjoy our list of the best expensive gifts for men!

  1. Bungee Jumping
  2. If jumping backwards off a building is on his bucket list, then this is the best expensive gift for him. Adrenaline junkies will get the thrill of their lives as they jump into the unknown! This would be perfect for his birthday or Christmas and is something he will never forget.

  3. Fossil Smart Watch
  4. A smartwatch is definitely one of the best expensive gifts for men because they are useful for all kinds of lifestyles. This Fossil Smart Watch is the perfect mix of modern and classic style and functionality.

  5. 3 Night Getaway
  6. Does he have a trip planned, either overseas or somewhere close by? If so, this gift is going to be so appreciated! Add a few extra days to his trip with a Tinggly 3 Days in 100 Capitals experience, so many fun options and luxurious places to stay!

  7. Underwater Drone
  8. Travellers and adventurers will love this under water drone! He’ll get high quality pictures and videos as he mingles with the sea life, and with with up to 64G storage he’ll be exploring the deep blue sea for hours.

  9. Golfing Experience
  10. Golf is one of those luxuries few get to fully experience, at least not with a PGA Pro by their side! The experiences on offer from Virgin Experiences will stick in his memory for years to come.

  11. Off White Sneakers
  12. Off White has become a cult favorite with their unique and once off designs. These sneakers will have him at the top of his game and for anyone who loves streetwear, they’re a winner.

  13. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  14. Astonishing sound, crisp and clear details with deep, full bass. That’s what will be hitting the ears of the lucky recipient of these wireless, noise cancelling headphones. Perfect for travelling, the commute to work, gym sessions or just chilling out to music.

  15. Flying Experience
  16. How many men out there can actually say they’ve flown a plane before? Well after this, that will be his new opening line! There are so many thrilling and adventurous flying options on offer from Virgin Experiences, each just as amazing as the next.

  17. French Wine Subscription
  18. Expensive gifts for men don’t come any fancier than a subscription to French Wine, delivered right to his door. Select from red or white and sit back and enjoy the new flavors.

  19. Bucket List Experience
  20. Regardless of what’s on his bucket list, Tinggly has your back. Whether he wants to go sledding in the snow, see the Northern Lights or whale watch in the ocean, he can with this gift!

  21. Driving Experience
  22. Anyone who’s into cars will get such a kick out of these experiences on offer from Virgin Experiences. He can choose to drive a race car, cruise the streets in a luxury sports car, go on an off roading adventure or heaps more!

  23. Skydiving Experience
  24. There are people out there who actually dream of jumping out of airplanes. Crazy right?! If he’s one of those daredevils and has always wanted to go skydiving, then this is just what he needs. Tinggly vouchers never expire so he can wait for the perfect time!

  25. Infrared Grill
  26. These propane grill systems heat up quickly, provide even heat distribution and cooking, and let you load up your favorite meats, vegetables, and snacks so everyone can have a great time enjoying amazing food.

  27. Street Wear Subscription
  28. This subscription sends out fully curated, ready to wear outfits to his doorstep from brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and other classics, delivered by his own personal stylist. Fancy!

  29. Smart Table
  30. Now this is cool! Equipped with integrated, fast wireless charging technology, touch sensitive controls, and USB charging ports, this table is all his devices in one.

  31. Electric Scooter
  32. Forget walking, this bad boy will have him scooting all over town. It’s easily operated and is foldable for easy storage and transportation, so he can just fold it down when he gets to work or his friends place!

  33. Weathered Stone Ring
  34. You can’t go past a good ring when searching for expensive gifts for men. This unique and stylish ring has a rugged worn look that adds an eye catching touch to any outfit, formal or casual.

  35. Smart Vacuum
  36. Who likes vacuuming? Or even worse, emptying the vacuum? The Neabot can empty its dustbin and resume the its cleaning spree automatically, without him lifting a finger. Just schedule the cleanings and let the machine do the rest!

  37. Giant Beanbag Sofa
  38. No house is complete without a 7 foot beanbag! It’s filled with soft and supportive foam micro-cushions that offer the ultimate level of comfort whether he’s napping, gaming or watching the game. He may never get off it!

  39. Fancy Bar Cart
  40. Whether he’s got a man cave that needs filling, or just an impressive liquor collection to store, this beautifully constructed stainless steel and polished gold bar cart is where it’s at. The rubber-lined wheels make it easy to move, while dual mirror shelves add that extra touch of sophistication.

  41. Gold Chain
  42. This classic chain is a versatile option for everyday wear with its simple style. Crafted in 14K gold, this 5.8mm-wide chain will have him looking the part.

  43. Home Bar Tap
  44. This tap works a lot like the beer taps from his favorite bar, it’s easy to set up and is leakproof so there’ll be no wastage! His man cave will be next level awesome with this addition.

    Did you find something for him on our list of the best expensive gifts for men? We hope so! Whether it’s his birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or just to show your appreciation, these are all great options! Still looking for gifts for him? Check out our personalized gifts for men! See you on the next list!