26 Best Gifts for Boyfriends Who Have Everything

Gifts for Boyfriends who have everything

There’s nothing more annoying or difficult than trying to find a gift for someone who has everything. When it’s your boyfriend, it’s even more difficult because he has you, what more could he need!? Now, when considering gifts for boyfriends who have everything, the key is to think outside the box with experience gifts, personalized items or things that hold sentiment. With all this in mind, we’ve put together this awesome list full of ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend who has everything.

  1. Driving Experience
  2. Rev heads and thrill seeker boyfriends will definitely love getting this driving experience gift for their birthday! Choose from experiences like a hot lap with a race-car pro, off roading in a Range Rover or getting behind the wheel of a lambo!

  3. Flying Experience
  4. Your boyfriend might have everything, but I bet he doesn’t have a joy flight or helicopter lessons under his belt! You can’t go wrong with an experience gift, especially one this fun.

  5. Echo Home Dot
  6. He’ll not have to lift a finger around the house again, simply ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors – you get the point!

  7. Golf Experience
  8. A day out on one of the world best golf courses or a round with a PGA Pro is sure to be a well received gift for your boyfriend who has everything!

  9. Escape Room Subscription
  10. Puzzle lovers receive a fun escape room mystery box to be solved from the comfort of his home. Each box takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete and will keep his mind active and his passion for solving problems alive!

  11. Bucketlist Experience
  12. Regardless of what’s on his bucketlist, he’ll find it on Tinggly. Choose from locations around the world and experiences that he’s only ever dreamed of. Tinggly vouchers are delivered right to his inbox and they never expire – winning!

  13. VR Headset
  14. Watching someone with a VR headset on is highly entertaining! He’ll get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and more, and you’ll get the best seat in the house watching him!

  15. 3 Days in a Capital City
  16. This is a gift he’ll never forget, and neither will you! Spend 3 days in a capital city of your choice all around the world. A holiday is the perfect gift for your boyfriend who has everything.

  17. Cocktail Subscription
  18. Even if he has everything, he won’t have access to delicious ingredients to make the yummiest cocktails that have been created by industry professionals. This subscription delivers all the goods for him to whip up yummy cocktails for the both of you!

  19. Scenic Cruise
  20. The scenic cruise options on Virgin Experience Gifts are next level amazing. You and your boyfriend will feel like a million dollars sailing on a yacht at sunset, sipping champagne on a cruise liner or dancing the night away on a river cruise.

  21. Smart Go Cube
  22. There’s no way he’ll have anything like this in his collection. This app-enabled version of the classic cube will help him tackle the puzzle, with interactive tutorials and tools that make the challenge more fun. He can also battle fellow cubers online!

  23. Action and Adventure Experience
  24. Going on adventures will never get old, especially with the Virgin Experiences unforgettable days out for him. Experience gifts are ideal for he who has everything!

  25. Water Experience
  26. In case you haven’t noticed, experiences make for great gifts, especially for people who have everything! The water activities on offer from Virgin Experiences will give him an adrenaline rush and a super fun day out.

  27. Bungee Jumping
  28. You can never have too much fun, and adrenaline junkies will LOVE the opportunity to bungee jump at a location of their choice. The perfect gift for boyfriends who have everything and who love a bit of action and adventure.

  29. Freshe Box
  30. This subscription provides men with a box of quality grooming samples shipped every month. Each box contain five samples based on a custom profile he fills out at checkout, ranging from face and body wash, shaving oils and creams and shampoos and conditioners.

  31. Unplugged Sleep Helper
  32. This compact, screenless meditation device eases the stress of his day and will set him up for a great nights sleep. Choose from eight themes, and eight different variations of the chosen theme. A great little device to help those who find it difficult to switch off.

  33. Hot Sauce Subscription
  34. One thing to keep in mind when gifting someone who has everything, is to gift them things they can use day to day, because you know it will always come in handy! If he loves hot sauce, then he’ll get a lot of use out of this subscription of the worlds best hot sauces.

  35. Handmade Ring
  36. Unique goodies are the best gifts for boyfriends who have everything, and this ring is the perfect addition to his accessory collection. Its handmade style gives it a rugged look that is super stylish.

  37. Food and Drink Experience
  38. This is something you can enjoy together, there are so many cool and fun options to choose from like food and wine tours of your city, a private chef coming to cook for you or fun cooking classes.

  39. Kodak Mini Shot Retro
  40. There’s no cooler gift for a baseball lover than these bottle openers, made from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB players. He definitely won’t have anything like this in his collection.

  41. Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Opener
  42. There’s no cooler gift for a baseball lover than these bottle openers, made from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB players. He definitely won’t have anything like this in his collection.

  43. Morning Scroll Coffee Set
  44. This little device is crafted from bamboo and ebony and has a built-in stirrer and cradle to keep his phone vertical and scrollable for all the important morning emails and news updates.

  45. Beeropoly Game
  46. This fun game invites players to drink their way through a series of beer challenges—from a rhyming competition to demonstrating their best dance moves. Players take turns rolling dice and moving their bottle cap pieces around the pine wood board. So fun!

  47. Matter Subscription Box
  48. This unique subscription sends out the most interesting forms of matter, like fossils, specimens, materials, and artefacts for those who love science!

  49. Snack Box
  50. This monthly subscription box will have him discovering and enjoy healthier snack options. To make it even more fun, each box is centred around a seasonal theme or flavors to try. Yummy!

  51. Custom Pet Portraits
  52. When considering gifts for boyfriends who have everything, the key is to find things that are super unique or one of a kind, and that’s just what these cuff are! Have the face of his beloved face hand stamped onto a pair of sterling silver cufflinks. Check out our other dog gifts if he’s a dog lover!

    We hope you enjoyed our list of gifts for boyfriends who have everything! It is super difficult to shop for someone who already has everything, so we hope our fun mix of experience gifts, subscriptions and personalized items have given you some direction. Check out our 6 month anniversary gifts for boyfriends if you’re still needing some inspo!