45 Best Gifts for Older Women

Gifts for older women

Growing older is an unavoidable part of life, whether she’s embracing it or hating it! There’s no shame in growing older and we think that gifting older family or friends is just as important as gifting the young ones! We’ve put together this list of the best gifts for older women of all kinds, from experiences to keepsakes and everything in between. Enjoy our list of gifts for older women, we’re sure you will!

  1. Spa Experience
  2. A massage or pamper day is just what she needs! Whether it’s her birthday, an anniversary or just because you want to gift her, this will be very well received!

  3. Self Care Subscription
  4. This best selling subscription box gives her everything she needs to look after herself and practice self care. Each piece is aimed to reduce stress and enhance her life!

  5. Jewelry Subscription
  6. For the accessory lovers, she can choose between silver, rose gold, or gold and each set comes with a postcard highlighting the inspiration behind each design.

  7. Winery Tour
  8. Enjoy a fun day out together with a winery tour anywhere around the country. These aren’t your average winery tours though! Some of these awesome days out include waterfall tours and even aerial tours!

  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  10. Take her above the clouds on an experience she will never forget, a hot air balloon ride! This is the best gift for older women who love a bit of adventure and sightseeing!

  11. Kindle
  12. Kindle’s are so great for book lovers! She won’t need to weigh down her bag with heavy books while travelling or using public transport anymore, and she’ll have endless books at her disposal at all times!

  13. Plush Robe
  14. This beautifully soft robe will keep her warm and snug when it’s cold and is perfect for relaxing on the sofa after a shower.

  15. Mini Getaway
  16. Take her away for a few days of rest and relaxation in a fancy hotel or something more adventurous like a kayaking and camping. This is a great idea for a birthday present for older women.

  17. Security Camera
  18. Keep her safe with this plug-in security camera. The motion detection and two way audio lets her monitor the inside of her home day and night.

  19. Engraved Necklace
  20. Your handwriting or the handwriting of another loved one is engraved onto these pendants for a super special gifts for older women. Perfect for her birthday or Christmas.

  21. Birth Flower Scarf
  22. Her birthday is only once a year but she will feel the love every time she wears this! Each scarf features the monthly blossom’s scientific name and the affectionate traits that are associated with it.

  23. Coffee and Classic Subscription
  24. This monthly delivery comes with a different book, coffee blends other bookish treats each month for her to enjoy. She can choose her favorite book genre too!

  25. DIY Adults Craft Subscription
  26. If she loves getting creative and DIY projects, this monthly subscription will be great for her! Each delivery is a different craft, she’ll learn a new techniques like wood burning and engraving.

  27. Helicopter Tour
  28. Just because she’s getting older, doesn’t mean she can’t still enjoy thrilling experiences! Choose from locations all over the country for an experience she will never forget.

  29. Tile Mate
  30. She’ll never lose her keys, phone or bag again! Simply attach the Tile Mate to everyday things you need to keep track of regularly and use our free app on iOS or Android to find them.

  31. Bath Bevvy Subscription
  32. It’s time to unwind! Each delivery contains a selection of handmade bath and body products from indie bath and body brands set around a different theme each time.

  33. Chocolate Subscription
  34. Has he always wanted to bungee jump in New Zealand, or have dinner under the Eiffel Tower? Well, he still can! Tinggly have hundreds of incredible, once in a life time, experiences to choose from, whether they be in his hometown or across oceans!

  35. Escape Room Subscription
  36. Does she love mystery, crime and problem solving? For all the arm-chair detectives out there, this best selling subscription delivers different challenges each month and will keep her and her family and friends entertained for hours!

  37. Easy to Hold Mug
  38. The expert design of this mug features a large, contoured handle that accommodates her whole hand, putting less pressure on her fingers and wrist while giving more stability when lifting the mug.

  39. Gardeners Tool Seat
  40. This lightweight steel and nylon garden stool combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair, making it super easy for her to get around the garden without hurting her knees!

  41. Succulent Subscription
  42. For indoor plant lovers, this is the perfect gift. All succulents are 2” in size with 4 different varieties sent each month. Cute!

  43. Grandmas Joy Subscription
  44. Each month this special subscription delivers a box full of creative ways to make memories, and is planned around a unique theme and includes a book, activities both grandma and grandchildren can do together.

  45. Foot Sole Massager
  46. This soapstone and cork foot massage set provides instant relief through the healing power of reflexology, what a great gift for older women who need a bit of TLC!

  47. Skin Care Subscription
  48. Skin care is important at all ages, and this luxury-curated, cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty box will leave her skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated each time she finishes her skincare routine.

  49. Crystal Subscription
  50. Spiritual women will love this! Choose from crystal or the month or a variety box, every crystal is hand-picked especially for her from sources all around the world!

  51. Online Experience
  52. She doesn’t need to be tech savvy to enjoy these cool virtual experiences. Choose from things like virtual health and wellness classes, virtual cooking classes or even virtual stargazing!

  53. Herbal Warming Slippers
  54. These super soft and comfy slippers have removable insoles that are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. In summer, pop the insoles in the freezer and in the wintertime, heat the insoles up in the microwave to relax her feet.

  55. Share and Savor Book
  56. Does she love entertaining and having people over? This book teaches her how to create brilliant charcuterie boards and features recipes for platters brimming with indulgent, elegant favors.

  57. Wall Art
  58. A stunning piece of artwork will bring life to any room, and Anthropologie have pieces to suit any style and taste. This beauty is vibrant and evocative, just like her!

  59. Wine Lovers Bucket List
  60. For the world traveller and wine lover, this inspirational guide includes vineyards to see, seasons to go, vintages and organics to drink, and how to get the most out of each wine region you visit.

  61. Puzzle Roll Away Mat
  62. Puzzles are a great hobby, but sometimes you need to be able to quickly pack them up so that the pieces aren’t covering the table when you have guests coming over. This roll alway matt will keep her pieces together and make it easy to pick up where she left off.

  63. Jar Candle
  64. You can’t go wrong with a stunning candle when finding gifts for older women, or any woman for that matter! This intriguing scent creates a cozy, romantic feel wherever you place it, and it looks beautiful too!

  65. Throw Blanket
  66. This beautiful throw features a playful array of vibrant hues and cozy textures and will spruce up her living room or the end of her bed.

  67. Family Tree Chime
  68. This customizable wind chime is made of hand-cut and stamped ceramic leaves with the names of your loved ones printed on each one, a cool take on the traditional family tree!

  69. Mancala Game
  70. Gifts for older women should be fun and this classic game is something she can enjoy with her family and friends. The set is crafted from solid ash wood and promises to be cherished as a family heirloom for years to come.

  71. Leather Bag
  72. This beautiful bag will last years, the sturdy leather make is durable and ideal for daily use, whether she’s out with her family or on a trip!

  73. Harvest Basket
  74. This sturdy, pine and hardwood carrier is perfect for her to collect her homegrown fruit and veggies. It’s perfect for storing her tools and is made with mesh so she can hose down her produce before bringing it inside.

  75. Memory Keepsake Dish
  76. Choose photos she loves and have them commemorated on these unique stoneware catch-alls with a sparkly gold rim. Perfect for her nightstand!

  77. Swivel Bath Tray
  78. The bamboo surface of this swivel tray is easily moveable as needed and it suctions to the inside or outside of any porcelain tub. Perfect for keeping her book, a candle and a glass of wine as she relaxes.

  79. My Life Story So Far
  80. This life story book is filled with inspiring prompts to spark memories of friendships, anecdotes, and wisdom gained. This is a great gift for older women to be able to share with her family.

  81. Knitting Caddy
  82. If she loves sitting on the sofa watching her favorite shows as she knits up a frenzy, then this is perfect for her. It just slips over the arm of the sofa and keeps everything handy!

  83. Birthstone Bird Feeder
  84. These beautiful colorful bulbs are matched up with each month’s birthstone and is equipped with a red glass flower feeding tube. The ornament will look a treat hanging in her favorite tree and the local birds will love feeding from it!

  85. Dog Face Pillow
  86. A cute ode to her favorite furry friend! Each 100% wool design is hook-sewn by hand to resemble her pet, so cute.

  87. Calming Heat Pillow
  88. Simply heat this pillow in the microwave for two minutes to create a relaxing warmth and lavender scent, perfect for when she’s not feeling well or just trying to wind down.

  89. Compact Swivel Cheese Board
  90. This collapsible cheese board has sockets for ceramic serving bowls, a groove that keeps your favorite crackers contained, and a secret drawer stocked with three cheese knives. Perfect for women who love to entertain!

    That’s our list of gifts for older women! Getting older doesn’t have to slow her down, so celebrate with her accordingly and make sure you get her an epic gift from this list to show her how much she means to you, no matter the occasion. Check out our list of gifts for 60 year old women who have everything for more inspo!