30 Best Gifts For Friends Who Workout

gifts for friends who workout

We all have those friends who love working out, or those who are always stopping and starting their fitness journey. Why not gift them something to help them in their quest for better health or weight loss with some fun and useful gifts! This list of the best gifts for friends who workout contains all the essentials plus some extra cool things that they can use each day during their workouts. Here they are!

  1. FabFitFun Subscription
  2. This best selling subscription box delivers 8-10 full-sized beauty products, wellness items, fitness gear, and home goods. Each delivery is valued at over $200!

  3. Massage Gun
  4. Massage guns have almost become a must have for all fitness buffs. This one has ten replacement heads that provide relaxing massages, muscle activations and can help greatly reduce muscle recovery time.

  5. Apple Watch
  6. An Apple Watch is the perfect gift for friends who workout because it has so many uses and will help them track their physical and daily activity!

  7. Brotein Box
  8. Each month the lucky recipient of this subscription will receive thirteen full-sized snacks, all of the yummiest and healthiest snacks to help them discover their next favorite protein snack!

  9. New Trainers
  10. A great pair of trainers will carry them through their fitness journey and their workouts. These ones from Adidas come in men’s and women’s and are ideal for all kinds of workouts!

  11. Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow
  12. This awesome pillow combines heat therapy with acupressure to help provide relief for body pains, stress, headaches, and migraines – prefect for tired bodies!

  13. YogaClub Subscription
  14. This is a brilliant gift for your female friends who are into yoga. The YogaClub delivers the best in stylish, comfortable athleisure and activewear to keep her looking gorgeous and feeling amazing as she works out!

  15. NanoDry Towel
  16. When they’re heading straight to work from the gym, they won’t always have room to pack a towel and have it sitting wet in their bag all day. Enter the NanoDry towel! The ultralight towel is made of nanofiber and the fabric absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture!

  17. Collapsable Foam Roller
  18. This collapsable foam roller is made of planet-conscious materials like EVA foam, bamboo, and aluminum. It quickly and easily expands and collapses so it won’t take up space and can easily be taken traveling.

  19. New Leggings
  20. A new pair of workout leggings is always going to be a great idea for friends who workout! Sticking with a black pair means you can’t go wrong, she’ll be able to pair them with anything!

  21. GainzBox Subscription
  22. If he or she is trying to bulk up, then consider this subscription box! Each delivery contains things like supplements, healthy snacks, apparel, mobility products, workout gear and more!

  23. Joint and Muscle Relief Subscription
  24. Working out feels great, but there’s nothing fun about how sore our bodies feel a few days later. This subscription is perfect for those who go hard in the gym, each box contains the purest broad-spectrum hemp extract products.

  25. Yoga Rug
  26. Yoga rugs are the new yoga mats! Made from organic hemp and cushiony nontoxic foam, it’s softer and warmer than most fitness mats and the textured weave provides a better grip too!

  27. Wearable Weights
  28. Wearable weights are great to wear during workouts to add a little extra intensity and oomph, they can even be worn around the house to make things like running errands a mini-workout!

  29. WodBom Subscription
  30. This awesome subscription for men and women contains high quality training gear like liftings accessories and mobility aids, plus expert recovery aids like muscle rubs and hydration. There’s even some fresh apparel and healthy snacks too!

  31. Workout Sandbags
  32. This killer workout set includes everything they need for a gym or home workouts. From weightlifting, squatting, cardio, running, these heavy duty sandbags are amazing for various exercises and routines. They’ll be thankful for these!

  33. Sackpack
  34. This lightweight sackpack is perfect for gym sessions. There’s room for all their essentials and drop mesh water bottle pockets on the sides too.

  35. Cell Phone Arm Band
  36. This arm band is made with an adjustable elastic band strap for any sized arm. The armband acts as a phone holder while they get their workout on, and offers full protection and easy access to their phone.

  37. Power Ring
  38. Workout gear doesn’t have to be an eyesore! This uniquely shaped weight is basically a kettle bell reimagined. They add resistance to workouts and help increase strength, agility, endurance, and balance. They look nice too!

  39. Sports Socks
  40. Everyone who works out needs some decent socks! These are made of high quality combed cotton and the air-permeability and moisture wicking performance will keep their feet dry all day long.

  41. Fancy Dumbbells
  42. How fancy are these dumbbells!? The wooden handles ensure safe and comfortable training and provide a good grip during workouts. The wooden surfaces are covered with natural oils and are resistant to water too, so they’ll last just as long as other weights.

  43. Stimulating Massage Ball
  44. Everyone needs one of these! The outer shell has hundreds of raised domes for deep-tissue stimulation, and it splits open to lie flat on the floor so they can work both feet at once. There’s even a little ball inside for pinpointing those pesky knots.

  45. Press and Infuse Bottle
  46. This unique bottle is great for anyone who works out, it lets you squeeze fresh fruit into water and has a little compartment that presses and holds different infusions like lemon, lime or berries.

  47. Cork Yoga Mat
  48. This is so cool! The mat displays more than 100 stretches and yoga poses, plus the cork is lightweight, soft, anti-slip, hypoallergenic, and naturally antimicrobial! What more could you want from a yoga mat!?

  49. Fitness Dice
  50. This is a great little gift for friends who workout. The set of dice decides which target areas they’ll work on, plus the repetitions and time spent. Every roll leads to one of 45,000 possible routines!

  51. Workout Journal
  52. This journal features funny and interactive ways to help them keep track of what they eat and their meal plans plus prompts to develop new habits and achieve their fitness goals.

  53. Balance Board
  54. Balance boards are great balance training, warmups and cool downs and can help to get them ready for surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding or skiing.

  55. Home Workout Set
  56. This is perfect for friends who have a home gym or are wanting to set one up. This kit includes push up brackets, a core roller, foam mats and resistance bands.

  57. Meditation Pillow
  58. This cushion encourages optimal posture during seated meditation by providing pelvic and spinal support to enhance the body’s natural balance. This is perfect for friends who love to relax and unwind with meditation after a workout.

  59. Get Fit Card Deck
  60. This cool deck of cards features 100 different exercises and offers a creative way to build up your friends at-home workout routine. An easy little gift!

You’ve made it through our best gifts for friends who workout! We hope you’ve found something that will inspire them to keep going and keep smashing their goals. If you’re still after more workout related gifts, have a look at our inspirational gifts for weight loss.