16 Best Gifts for Someone Who Has Lost a Parent

Gift for someone who has lost a parent

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things anyone will ever go through, regardless of age. The pain of not having your mom or dad around anymore is a pain that never leaves, so when considering gifts for someone who has lost a parent, a lot of thought and compassion needs to go into the gift. Apart from the great gifts on this list, also consider cooking up some freezable meals for the person in mourning, offer to clean to their house, take their kids to school or to sports practise and so on. Here are our best finds for sentimental gifts for someone who has lost a parent.

  1. Custom In Memory Bear
  2. This is a super special gift for someone who has lost a parent. Use one of their sweatshirts, t-shirts or even a pair of pants to make this sweet teddybear that they can cuddle every night and have their loved one close by.

  3. Mourning Dove Subscription
  4. The pain of grief remains long after the immediate support given by family and friends. This subscription gives the recipient an opportunity to have long term support, gifts and tools to build coping skills throughout the mourning period. Such a thoughtful gift.

  5. Custom Print
  6. Hang this beautiful print somewhere it can be seen every time they need a reminder of their mom or dad. It’s customised to reflect their individual looks and is a super special piece that they will cherish.

  7. Custom Handwriting Necklace
  8. There’s nothing more special than turning something your mom or dad wrote to you into something you can physically touch. This necklace will mean a lot to them and will become their favorite necklace for sure.

  9. Massage or Spa Day
  10. Dealing with grief takes a massive toll on your body, physically, emotionally and mentally. Whoever is on the receiving end of this gift will be truly thankful to you for being so thoughtful. Being able to relax and be pampered at a time that suits them will be something they need and can look forward to.

  11. Custom Portrait
  12. The face of their mom or dad is commemorated in a beautiful piece of illustrated art that captures the essence of who they were. They’ll never get tired of seeing this sentimental piece hanging at home.

  13. Thumb Print Necklace
  14. Have their mom or dad’s fingerprint printed on this necklace that they can wear around their neck and close to their heart forever. Nice and simple but very meaningful too.

  15. Thoughtful Gift Set
  16. A gift box filled with useful and comforting items is always going to be well received. This pack is very carefully thought out. Each item represents something important about change, comfort and self-care, which are all vital during mourning.

  17. Gratitude Journal
  18. It’s hard to find things to be grateful for during such a difficult time, but letting out feelings and emotions through journaling can do a lot for the healing process. Enhance well-being with tips on meditation, stress relief, breath work and more inside this journal.

  19. Morse Code Bracelet
  20. This cute bracelet keeps a secret message from their mom or dad, spelled out in morse code. This is a nice thoughtful gift for someone who has lost a parent who you might not be that close to, but still want to show your sympathy by giving them something special.

  21. Tea and Sympathy Gift Box
  22. This carefully curated selection of small-batch products were made to soothe a hurting heart, from fragrant, calming tea to heartwarming honeys and cozy cookies. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has lost a parent both thoughtful and comforting.

  23. Roman Numerals Cuff
  24. Have a special date imprinted onto this cuff to remind them of their mom or dad, it’s a stylish and simple way to honor their late parents in a classic statement piece they can wear each day.

  25. Custom Planter Stake
  26. Pair this personalized gift with a small tree, pot plant or anything else they can plant in their garden and watch grow over the years. It will remind them of their mom or dad and will be special to them forever.

  27. Sun Catcher
  28. This rustic frame has been hand carved from reclaimed barn board and holds a beautiful glass prism that creates magically vivid rainbows that will dance all over their walls, floors and ceilings. We know rainbows are a sign our loved ones are close by, so this one will have them feeling their mom or dad’s presence every time the sun hits it.

  29. Initials Necklace
  30. You really can’t go wrong with this necklace. Choose a letter to have stamped on the front of the dainty love heart and your friend or family member can wear it each day to remember mom or dad.

  31. Custom Keepsake Dish
  32. These cute dishes can be kept around the house as a nice little memory of their parents. Each dish has a photo printed in the bowl, perfect for keeping all the special little trinkets they may have left behind.

    That’s our list of the best sentimental gifts for someone who has lost a parent. The most important thing you can do for them during this difficult time is to show you are there for them, check in on them and talk to them about how they are feeling. We hope something on this list helps whoever you are gifting to feel loved and supported. Also check out our list of gifts to cheer someone up for more ideas.