The 24 Best Luxury 21st Birthday Gifts For Him

Luxury 21st Birthday Gifts For Him

Turning 21 is one of life’s biggest milestones. To really spoil him on his 21st birthday, go for something luxurious that he will not only appreciate, but also cherish for a lifetime! Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend, son, brother or friend, we have included a range of awesome luxury gifts to make his 21st birthday the best one yet, from thrilling experiences to awesome accessories. These gifts are on the expensive end, but they are definitely worth the price! So here are our picks for the best luxury 21st birthday gifts for him.

  1. Bucketlist Experience
  2. Gifting experiences is one of the most popular ways to go for all age groups. Tinggly’s Bucketlist Collection offer the absolute best experiences from around the globe, with hundreds of incredible options. Vouchers can be delivered by email and never expire!

  3. Driving Experience
  4. What better way to spend his 21st birthday if he’s a rev head! Cloud9 Living offer so many amazingly fun and adventurous driving experiences that will get his adrenaline pumping!

  5. Whiskey Subscription
  6. Ahh so he’s finally at legal drinking age! This subscription box is a great introduction into the wonderful world of whiskey. Each box contains four original branded miniatures of whisky, plus he’ll get a glen cairn glass, cork cup base, marble ice cubes and snacks to enjoy!

  7. Drone
  8. Adventurous souls will love exploring the world from a bird’s eye view. Drones are a great hobby for photography lovers and are such a fun way to spend time with friends.

  9. New iPad
  10. When you’re on the look out for luxury 21st birthday gifts for him, you can’t go past an iPad, they are the best! They are so useful for everything – studying, watching Netflix, getting creative, gaming – the opportunities are endless!

  11. Hot Sauce of The Month
  12. Young chefs or lovers of all things spicy will get the worlds best hot sauces delivered direct to their door each month with this awesomely delicious subscription.

  13. Apple Watch
  14. Keep him on track with his fitness goals and daily activity with an Apple Watch. It does everything a phone does plus monitors his health and fitness progress!

  15. Fancy Sock Subscription
  16. He’s a young adult now, so he should start dressing like one! No more socks that come in packs of 4 from the grocery store. This subscription delivers the highest quality socks that will keep him looking snazzy no matter where he’s going.

  17. Cocktail Subscription
  18. If cocktails are his drink of choice now that he’s 21, he’ll have a ball being able to create his own! This unique subscription will give him access to flavors created by some of the countries greatest mixologists.

  19. AirPods
  20. What 21 year old doesn’t want AirPods? From their ease and convenience to their coolness, he’ll definitely look and feel the part with these.

  21. Action and Adventure Experience
  22. Dare devils might be craving some action and adventure on their birthday, and if that’s the case then this is the gift for him! Cloud9 Living’s Action and Adventure experiences cater to those who love a bit of a thrill, to full blown adrenaline junkies.

  23. Luxe Box Subscription
  24. With this awesome subscription he’ll have access to the best brands in men’s fitness, grooming, wellness, and technology. Each month brings something new that he can use every day!

  25. Electric Scooter
  26. He’s now a bit too old for the average scooter, so step it up with one of these incredible electric scooters! He can get around with ease and not tire himself out with boring old walking!

  27. Personalized Travel Bag
  28. 21 is prime traveling age, and every traveller needs a go-to bag that they can rely on when hopping on and off planes, boats and rickshaws. This full-grain leather bag will be by his side for years, and it can be personalized with his initials too!

  29. Gordon Ramsay Cooking MasterClass
  30. Cooking enthusiasts can now learn from the world’s best! Taking a master class from Gordon Ramsay will teach him how to take his cooking to the next level and learn delicious new recipes that are sure to impress.

  31. VR Headset
  32. Explore the world of virtual reality with this headset! The Oculus Insight tracking system instantly reflects his movements in virtual reality. Watch on and laugh as he gets lost in another dimension!

  33. Wireless Vinyl Record Player
  34. On his 21st birthday he can effortlessly enjoy his favorite records with the wireless vinyl record player, it has Bluetooth and a USB Output for super easy listening!

  35. Gaming Headset
  36. This is one of the best gaming headsets out there, any gamer will tell you! So if he’s big into gaming, he’ll fall off his chair when he opens up this bad boy on his 21st birthday!

  37. Gentleman’s Box Subscription
  38. Help him grow into a more well-rounded gentleman with this subscription box that contains premium accessories, like sunglasses, watches and headphones, and lifestyle products like cooking utensils and outdoor gear.

  39. Scenic Cruise Experience
  40. It doesn’t get more luxurious than spending your 21st birthday on a boat! Choose from an experience you know he’ll love, be it sunset drinks on a yacht or a river cruise with friends.

  41. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  42. Another essential for travellers! Noise canceling headphones block out the world around you and allow the listener to be fully immersed in their music or podcast of choice with no outside distractions.

  43. Fossil Smart Watch
  44. Fossil watches will never go out of style, and their take on the smartwatch is a great combination of the classic watch and a modern smart watch.

  45. 3-Day Getaway
  46. This is a great 21st gift for your boyfriend or best mate, as long as they take you with them! Choose from thousands of different locations around the globe for an unforgettable 21st birthday!

  47. Flying Experience
  48. Spending his 21st birthday above the clouds will be something he remembers forever! Cloud9 Living’s flying experiences range from scenic flights to adrenaline filled activities!

    That wraps up our list of the best luxury 21st birthday gifts for him! These are all really great choices for the 21 year old in your life, regardless of his background or interests. Hopefully he enjoys his 21st birthday with one of these luxury gifts! Still looking for birthday gifts for him? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for men in their 20’s for more inspiration!