21 Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

Your first year together as a couple is a big deal, so you need to find the perfect gift to celebrate the milestone. Something that shows her how special she is to you, but also something practical and useful. In case you haven’t already heard, women love experience gifts the most, followed by clothing and accessories and home decor. We have it all on this list – so whether your girl loves the outdoors, or getting cosy on the couch with a good book, these gift ideas will have her bragging to her friends about how lucky she is to have you! Let’s get right to it: Here are 20 of the most romantic 1 year anniversary gifts for her.

  1. Romantic Experience
  2. A romantic experience for your and your new wife is the perfect 1 year anniversary gift for her. Choose from things like a romantic gondola ride, a sunset cruise, a hot air balloon ride or even a painting class.

  3. Life and Culture Experience
  4. As mentioned before, women love experience gifts, and they also make for the most romantic type of gift. Spending time together doing something fun and memorable is what allows love to build, so take her out on an amazing experience for your 1st anniversary. Experiences range from art classes and dance lessons, all the way to learning how to DJ, so check them out and find something she will love!

  5. Weekly Flower Delivery
  6. There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered right to her door! This is an especially amazing gift, because this gift delivers fresh flowers to her door EVERY week! This way the flowers always stay fresh, just like your relationship!

  7. Spa Day
  8. Now, there’s a high chance that this experience won’t involve you, but she’s still going to find it so romantic when you gift her a massage or spa day!

  9. Personalized Bracelet
  10. Personalized jewellery is always a winner. These gold or silver plated bracelets can be completely personalized with initials or symbols, and make for amazingly romantic gifts for your 1st anniversary.

  11. Perfect for Her Experience Gift
  12. Treat her to an experience she’ll never forget, with one of Tinggly’s ‘Perfect for Her’ days out. This gift is amazing because with Tinggly, SHE gets to choose the experience you two go on! Or choose it yourself if you want to surprise her.

  13. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  14. We know for a fact that she is going to love this experience. Hot air balloon rides are incredibly romantic, and with Virgin Experience’s you can choose from locations all over the country. Follow up this experience with a nice meal together for a perfectly special day!

  15. Rose Gold Initial Necklace
  16. Engraved with a love heart and a letter of the alphabet, this rose gold necklace is a thoughtful and personal 1 year anniversary gift. Made from stainless steel, and scratch-resistant, this necklace will not cause skin irritation or lose its colouring when wet. You simply cannot go wrong with jewelry!

  17. Concert or Theatre Tickets
  18. In case you haven’t already heard, spending quality time together is one of the key love languages. Because of this, an experience gift where you can spend quality time together doing something fun is the ultimate romantic gift for women! So why not treat her to dinner and a concert, or if theatre is more her thing, then check out what awesome theatre tickets you can buy on Zero Markup. Remember, it’s the quality time together that makes it so romantic, not necessarily the actual show!

  19. Lingerie Subscription Box
  20. Another great romantic gift is a gift of recurring mystery and discovery. Each box comes with a lingerie set or a nightie that will keep the romance alive between you and your beautiful wife. Such a great gift!

  21. Custom Date Ring
  22. Romantic jewelry makes for an amazing gift for any woman. This ring is customized with a special date in Roman Numerals, and will be cherished by her for many years. Every time she wears this ring she will be reminded of you, making it one of the most romantic gifts you can buy! Capsul Jewelry have some of the highest quality gifts you can get for a reasonable price, so check them out to find just the right piece for her.

  23. Personalized Keepsake Library
  24. Nothing shows you care more than thoughtful, meaningful memories. Put all your favourite memories in this beautiful keepsake library and give it to her as the ultimate romantic gift. Small, inside jokes that show you care and cherish the time you spend together will mean the world to her. And its something she can hold on to for the rest of her life so she never forgets all the fun moments with you!

  25. Sloth Slippers
  26. Nothing says romance like a home cooked Italian meal! This awesome subscription delivers DIY kits right to your door, containing authentic and artisanal products that are made in Italy! Super romantic!

  27. Custom Signature Necklace
  28. Your wife is going to absolutely love this custom necklace, made using your very own handwriting! If you’ve written her a love letter or a card, choose a special word or her name and have it turned into a precious keepsake.

  29. Bubbles and Books Subscription Box
  30. This subscription box is perfect for winding down at the end of the day with a steamy bath and a good book. Each delivery contains bath bombs, artisan soaps, bubble baths, teas, candles, face masks, bath salts and so much more!

  31. Pyjama Set
  32. This cute set of pyjama’s will have her feeling romantic and looking gorgeous! Made from gloriously soft bamboo and cotton, she’ll be nice and comfy as well!

  33. Perfume
  34. It’s not a myth that women love perfume, especially a classic like this. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is a luxurious and sensual fragrance that is both modern and timeless.

  35. Silky Night Gown
  36. This sexy nightgown features feminine rose motif trims and delicate lace detail. Perfect for your romantic anniversary night!

  37. Crate Dates Subscription
  38. Keep the romance alive with this awesome date night subscription! Each month you’ll receive a box full of different goodies to help build your relationship and keep things exciting. Definitely the perfect 1 year anniversary gift for her.

  39. International Wine of The Month Subscription
  40. What’s more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine together on date night or over a dinner. Each month, she’ll receive premium wine selections from two different award-winning boutique vineyards, how perfect!

  41. Luxury Pink Onyx Candle
  42. Now THIS is a candle! The stunning pink onyx is sourced in its raw form and hand-cut by expert artisans to construct this beautiful and luxury vessel. She will love relaxing with this burning in the background.

    Finding romantic 1 year anniversary gifts can sometimes be a challenge. Hopefully this collection of gift ideas helps you find the perfect gift for her that she will love and cherish until your hundredth anniversary! If you’re still looking for gifts for her, check out our luxury gifts for your wife!