36 Romantic Luxury Gifts For Your Wife

Romantic Luxury Gifts For Your Wife

You are looking for the perfect gift for the love your life? And you want it to be extravagant and romantic? You want to gift her something special to cherish her? Well it’s your lucky day, because we’ve done all the research for you and put a list together of the best romantic luxury gifts for your wife! Scroll down to browse unique ideas for your better half.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  2. Gift her a breathtaking view and take her to new heights with this private hot air balloon ride! The most romantic and special gift she’ll ever receive! Your wife will most definitely never forget this unreal experience!

  3. Wine Tasting
  4. If wine is your wife’s world, then raise a glass and nourish her soul with a magical wine tasting. Enjoy a romantic date night with your her that she’ll always remember.

  5. Spa Treatment
  6. Enjoying a spa treatment or massage package together is very intimate and romantic. Pick out the spa package you desire and gift it to your beloved wife! She’ll definitely needs it!

  7. Fun Together Box
  8. This Tinggly Gift Box for two people with over 400 experiences in over 100 countries to choose is a cool gift for you and your wife to simply enjoy your togetherness and a great getaway for the weekend! Go pack your bag and create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

  9. Overnight Getaway
  10. A getaway just for the two of you! Take a break from the every day life, whatever it is you both need, Virgin Experiences has it all. From relaxing retreats to adventurous trips, you’ll create lifetime memory with this gift!

  11. Luxury Subscription Box
  12. This box contains authentic luxury beauty and cosmetics, as well as handmade luxe items! Every woman’s dream and the best is, that she’ll receive new items every month!

  13. Lingerie Subscription
  14. To cherish her femininity, this monthly subscription box of elegantly curated designer Lingerie will make your wife shine, inside and outside!

  15. Luxurious Personalized Bathrobe
  16. This personalized embroidered luxury bath robe with your wife’s name on it is extremely comfortable and a really thoughtful and romantic gift!

  17. Opal and Diamond Earrings
  18. Pure beauty and extraordinary design with a very unique opal and diamonds! These earrings will blow your wife’s mind, that’s for sure!

  19. 24K Gold Dipped Rose
  20. A real rose that has been covered in resin and dipped in gold. A perfect gift for your wife to show her your everlasting love for her.

  21. DIY Chocolate Truffle Kit
  22. She loves to bake and appreciates good quality chocolate truffles? Then you’ve found what you were looking for! This amazing DIY truffle kit allows you to make a box of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles at home! What a delicious gift!

  23. A Handbag Supporting People in Need
  24. A handbag belongs to a woman like a husband to her wife! This one is not only classy, but with every purchase you’ll support the communities in Ethiopia to thrive! For the wife that loves to help people and unique bags!

  25. Personalized Painting
  26. Order a beautiful and high quality portrait of you and your wife from a special moment in your life to make it even more memorable. Just pick the picture and wait to see your wife’s eyes sparkle when she opens it.

  27. 14K Amulet Eye Necklace
  28. How absolutely stunning is this majestic necklace? The symbolic eye is thought to bring protection and wisdom. Precious, powerful, and a joy to wear!

  29. Fresh Dinner Party Box
  30. Luxury, but make it organic! Yes, vegetables are romantic! Why? Because with this fully stocked box of garden-fresh favorites you can cook a romantic dinner for your lovely wife!

  31. Chanel No.5
  32. This is just a classic! You can’t go wrong with Chanel No.5! The smell is luxury itself and clearly the perfect gift for your wife!

    Hearts Afloat Pool Serving Tray

    This heart shaped pool tray is perfect to spend time together in the water while enjoying some drinks and snacks! This handmade tray will show your special person just how loved they make you feel!

  33. Personalized Constellation of Love
  34. What is more romantic than a picture of the night sky from a moment you want to remember forever? This personalized constellation of love framed poster can be the moment you first met or the day you got married, the date and time is for you to choose. The perfect gift for your wife that is not only meaningful but also memorializes your love.

  35. Macarons
  36. Probably the most luxurious sweets in the world: macarons! While she is enjoying them she will have a full sense of happiness. Who doesn’t love these exquisite snacks?

  37. Starry Sky Lantern
  38. Imagine lying in bed together and falling asleep to the starts. With this starry sky lantern you will evoke a miniature night sky, which is just so romantic to look at before bedtime!

  39. Cashmere Coat
  40. To keep her warm on the cold days, this cashmere coat is just the perfect choice! She will receive many compliments wearing this soft and supple high quality coat!

  41. Gucci Belt
  42. One of the worlds most known brands: Gucci. You can’t go wrong with this timeless design. A beautiful black Gucci belt is a must-have accessory for your beloved wife!

  43. Pressed Garden of Love Bowl
  44. Every bowl is different and very special as it’s handmade. This very artsy and truly unique gift symbolizes the seed of love grow into fantastic blooms!

  45. Swarovski Picture Frame
  46. This beautiful Swarovski picture frame with approximately 3’300 clear and silvery colored crystals will look so lovely on the wall with a picture of the two of you in it! A gorgeous and luxurious gift for your special loved one!

  47. Yoga and Meditation Rug
  48. She does yoga every day and loves to move her body? This soft and handwoven yoga mat will bring comfort to her practice and will show her how much you support her!

  49. Floating Moon Lamp
  50. The expression “I love you to the moon and back” will become reality with this gift. This floating moon rotates while emitting a meditative glow and symbolizes the universal love you have for her!

  51. Spa Luxetique Gift Basket
  52. This 10 pieces spa gift basket is made from natural ingredients and will surely please your loved one! Inspired by the charming lavender fields in the French countryside, this beautiful lavender scent is calming and good for revitalizing the mind and spirit!

  53. Sea Glass Bracelet
  54. Not only do these bracelets look beautiful, they also display the deep-rooted connection to the water. Every wife who is a water freak and loves elegant design will adore these handcrafted bracelets with materials sourced from beautiful beaches around the globe!

  55. Cross Pen
  56. With this special gift you can transform your favorite poem into a 3-D artwork! The cutting and folding paper are textural hearts and featuring you and your loved one’s names. Consider yourself a real romantic with that gift!

  57. Rainbow Glass Infinity Sculpture
  58. This glass sculpture is luxurious, unique and beautiful, just like your wife! And the infinity symbol represents the eternal connection to your soulmate. A truly thoughtful gift!

  59. Preserved Roses in a Box
  60. This elegant and luxurious rose box is a very romantic gift for your wife! Those are real roses with unique preservation production process so they’ll last about 2 to 3 years or even longer! It’s simply perfect gift for your beloved wife!

  61. Custom Meditation Box
  62. Have you realized that she’s been quite stresses lately? This gorgeous mediation box will help her to calm her mind. After all nothing is more romantic than caring for your partner!

  63. Spinning Wine and Cheese Server
  64. What is better than enjoying a glass of wine and some fromage together with some candlelight? This unique spinning wine and cheese server is really something else. All you need to do now is open the bottle and enjoy a romantic evening.

  65. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger
  66. Show your partner how grateful you are to have her in your life. Write a message via app and when the box receives your love note its chunky red heart spins around like crazy until your wife opens the lid to read it. Could it be more romantic than this?

  67. Swarovski Ring
  68. Is there anything that will make your wife more happy than a beautiful ring from Swarovski? This timeless design will add a touch of sparkle to your wife’s fingers and a big smile on her face. The perfect romantic gift!

  69. Silk Scarf
  70. Great quality, handwoven in Italy and amazing design! This beautiful silk scarf from Saint and Sofia is what your wive needs in her closet! And the red color symbolizes the love you have for her!

    That wraps up our list of 36 romantic luxury gifts for your wife! We’ve covered a bunch of different ideas including personalized gifts that they can enjoy at home, and many unique and adventurous ideas for date night! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for your wife, check out our list of expensive gifts for her!