40 Best Gifts for 40 Year Old Women

Gifts for 40 year old women

Many women start to panic when they turn 40, but it’s not the end of the world! Rather a celebration of maturity, wisdom and strength. For this reason we’ve created a list of the best 40 gifts for 40 year old women. Whether it’s a relaxing spa experience, unique jewelry or fun activities, you’ll definitely find something here that they’ll appreciate. Make also sure to check out 35 best expensive gifts for her that are worth the price if you intend to spend more money on her gift!

  1. Massage
  2. A massage is the perfect gift for women in their 40’s. It will help her relax her body, rejuvenate her soul and give her the time off she deserves.

  3. Perfect For Her
  4. With this unique gift she can choose an experience of her desires in over 100 countries. It’s perfect for every 40 year old woman who wants to make more memories that will last a lifetime!

  5. Wine Tasting
  6. Wine seems to be something that almost every 40 year old woman loves. So why don’t make her happy and gift her a wine tasting tour where she can try different types of wine? A thoughtful gift for every wine lover!

  7. Food and Drink Experience
  8. Every woman in their 40’s deserves to be treated like a queen! To give her something back for cooking meals at home for everyone, take her out on a gourmet dinner of your choice. Dinner on a yacht, in the air or in a unique restaurant, all you have to do is to pick the one she would like the most!

  9. Adventure Experience
  10. Do you feel like she hasn’t really enjoyed life lately? Make her a huge surprise and gift her an adventure she´ll never forget! It’s the perfect gift for every 40 year old woman who needs a little bit adrenaline in their life.

  11. Fitness Subscription Box
  12. Getting up an hour before work to go for a run or workout sounds like her? Then this subscription box with up to 7 fitness items is the perfect gift for women who love to move their body and stay fit!

  13. Empower Her Box
  14. Sustainability is her world? Then she’ll definitely enjoy this Empower Her Subscription Box. All products are made by women owned brands and for every order a tree will be planted. Perfect for every environmentalist and feminist!

  15. Monthly Jewelry Box
  16. This is a cool gift for women who love unique designs! This beautifully made jewelry from Emma & Chloé will put a smile on every 40 year old woman as it will boost her confidence enormously! The best about this gift is though, that she´ll get new jewelry every month!


  17. Succulents Subscription Box
  18. To beautify their living room or their garden, this box is perfect for every succulents lover or plant lover in general. Getting plants delivered monthly will make every 40 year old woman happy!

  19. Give Stories, Not Stuff
  20. Gifting experiences are not only popular, but also easy to use. The Give Stories, Not Stuff gift box will give her the opportunity to choose from hundreds of unique worldwide experiences, activities, and adventures. It’s delivered via email and can be used all around the globe. An amazing gift to give her some time off from the day to day life!

  21. Accessories and Fashion Box
  22. A fashion explosion including up to 6 hand picked pieces of women’s apparel and accessories. This monthly shipped box with really cool quality items is ideal for every woman who loves fashion and to try out new styles!

  23. Birth Month Scarf
  24. For cold spring mornings or just as a accessory on a walk through the park, this botanical printed scarf is an easy gift that you know every 40 year old woman will love.

  25. Hanging Basket and Bird Feeder
  26. Gift her this unique and magical hanging basket which is simultaneously a bird feeder.This handmade piece will attract many birds so she has always someone to sing to her and looks also very chic in every garden!

  27. Daydream Kimono
  28. Show her how gorgeous she is by buying her something just as beautiful as her, like this marvelous Day Kimono she can wear on a Sunday morning while preparing pancakes. A perfect mix of comfy clothing and magical Indonesian design.

  29. Socks that protect the Rainforest
  30. As special as a gift can get! For the woman that loves nature and is an eco warrior by heart. These green socks will help safe the environment and keep her feet warm on colder days.

  31. Aero Garden
  32. This magnificent Aero Garden makes gardening all year-around possible. A beautiful gift to for everyone who uses gardening as a therapeutic hobby and wants to have fresh herbs all year around. Every 40 year old woman’s dream!

  33. Do Nothing Book
  34. Many woman are worried about their career and being successful by the age of 40. But instead they should rather take life easy and this book will help them to relax more and show them techniques to reduce stress. A beautiful gift which shows you to take some time to just enjoy life.

  35. Unique Corner Bookmark
  36. A nice gesture on a budget for every bookworm. These unique corner bookmarks are perfect for reading and laying the book on the nightstand, and a great alternative to a traditional book mark! Something every 40 year old woman who loves to read needs.

  37. Bathtub Caddy
  38. This sustainable bathtub caddy will cause pure relaxation and turn every bath experience into something special. It can hold a candle, a book or a cup of tea! A beautiful way to to cherish her!

  39. Cork Yoga Wheel
  40. Yoga keeps you young and flexible, with this beautifully designed cork yoga wheel she can massage her spine, strengthen her core and release tension in her muscles. An all-rounder for every woman that loves yoga and likes to move her body.

  41. Cozy Alpaka Throw
  42. This super comfy beige colored alpaca throw is a great gift for every 40 year old woman who loves to chill on a couch after a hard day at work with a good quality blanket. Plus, each purchase creates 6 hours of employment for indigenous artisans, so this gift is extra special!

  43. Gardener´s Harvest Basket
  44. Is she one of these women that just loves gardening and growing her own food? Then this Gardener’s Harvest Basket is a must have for every veggie lover who wants to feel like a real farmer!

  45. Bath and Body Box
  46. Who doesn’t love the calming smell of lavender or a wild rose? This Gift Box with natural ingredients will turn your daily bath into a magical ritual. Every 40 year old woman will feel like newborn after using this beautiful gift!

  47. Self Love Workbook
  48. Self Love is so important these days, especially for women who turned 40. This beautiful workbook will release self-doubt, help you embrace who you are and teach you focus on your own emotional health! It’s the perfect gift for every woman who feels stuck or wants to develop the confidence she needs to achieve her goals.

  49. Earrings from Swarovski
  50. How about beautiful jewelry from Swarovski to make her feel extra beautiful? 40 year old women most likely appreciate good quality jewelry and those gorgeous earrings from Swarovski will make her the happiest woman in the world!

  51. Birth Month Tree of Well-Being
  52. Gifting someone unique art is always a great choice! Especially these tree of life inspired featuring bright glass in traditional birthstone colors, the sculptures are especially stunning in a window!

  53. Black Leather Purse
  54. This timeless design will look great in every woman’s hand. A soft leather purse with 6 credit card slots made in Europe. Who wouldn’t love a good quality piece?

  55. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow
  56. This lavender heat pillow is perfect to soothe pain in her body, either your neck, stomach or back with the heat. The calming smell of lavender will help her if she is struggling with sleep. It’s the perfect gift for a 40 year old woman!

  57. Embroidery Kit
  58. For days when she is feeling overwhelmed this therapeutic embroidery kit will help her to take things day by day, step by step—or stitch by stitch. And at the end she will have something beautifully self made. A perfect gift for a 40 year old woman who needs some peace in her life or is just looking for a new hobby.

  59. Birthstone Pendant
  60. Swarovski is always a great idea! This pendant is inspired by the concept of birthstones, so you’ll just have to pick her birth month and she´ll receive this extremely beautiful necklace which will make her feel extra special! A great gift to cherish a 40 year old woman!

  61. Bath Salts Aromatherapy Box
  62. Every woman in their 40´s should have bath salts at home for a relaxing aromatherapy after a stressful day. With this gift she´ll have the choice between six different great scent which feel lovely to use and look good too!

  63. Clinique Skincare Set
  64. A Skincare Set is a gift every woman will enjoy! This Clinique Set includes 7 high quality cosmetic items she can use to moisturize, clean or reduce puffiness on her skin.

  65. Illusion Puzzle
  66. Is she an animal lover and likes challenges? This extraordinary Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle will be gift she’ll enjoy for a while and can use it repeatedly. This 500-piece illusion puzzle is perfect for every puzzler or anyone who likes to try out something new.

  67. One Bowl Bread Maker
  68. Making your own bread is just truly amazing. With this one bowl bread maker you can do everything in the same bowl, you don’t have to clean between steps, just keep working. A perfect gift for every 40 year old woman who likes fresh and tasty bread!

  69. Lingerie Set
  70. Women who turn 40 often don´t feel sexy enough. This seductive satin lingerie set will make her feel like the queen she is! All you have to do now is choose her favorite color!

  71. 40 Years Old Print
  72. This customized print for 40 year old women with personal information about her will definitely make her smile! And she can put it on the wall which will always remember her how amazing she is! A very throughout gift from the heart!

  73. Pressed Botanical Print
  74. Having this pressed botanical print hanging in your living room is great for every nature lover! The print shows every part of the plant’s unique structure and colors, and includes a detailed botanical identification in the corner. A beautiful and unique gift for women in their 40’s!

  75. Travel Neck Pillow
  76. She loves to travel but complains every time after a flight or a car ride about her neck problems? With this extremely comfortable travel neck pillow she’ll never have to compromise on coziness ever again!

  77. Glass Vase
  78. She loves unique design and decoration is her world? Then this glass vase is the one thing missing in her house! It’s aesthetically pleasing, modern and has also space for fresh flowers. A truly unique gift!

  79. Origins Anti-Aging Cream
  80. Let´s face it, even though she shouldn’t, every woman in their 40’s is worried about her wrinkles and getting older. This natural and high quality product from origins is a ver powerful cream for anti-aging. Gift her this and she’ll love you!

    That wraps up our list of gifts for 40 year old women! We’ve covered a bunch of different areas including adventurous activities, gifts that they can enjoy at home, and many self-care products too! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for women, check out our list of expensive gifts for her that are worth the price!