23 Beautiful Gifts for the 26th Anniversary

Beautiful Gifts for your 26th Anniversary

Being married for 26 years is a long time and definitely worth celebrating. Even tough there is no traditional symbol for a 26th wedding anniversary, with the modern gift being artwork, it has become known as the Picture Anniversary. We’ve found various gifts for this special celebration. Flowers, pralines, experience gifts, paintings and many more unique gifts to give to your better half. Scroll through this list of 23 gifts for the 26th anniversary and make your husband or wife a beautiful gesture!

  1. Date Night
  2. Whether it’s a relaxing couples massage, an intimate meal on the water, or an unforgettable adrenaline-filled adventure – you both deserve a date night you’ll never forget! A beautiful and romantic gift for your 26th anniversary!

  3. AirPods
  4. Gift them the choice of one of hundreds of experiences from around the world. It’s a great gift for your 26th Anniversary, now the love of life just needs to choose your next destination!

  5. Flying Experience
  6. Experience the unbelievable feeling of flying a plane with your better half. What is more romantic than overlooking the world together and feeling free as a bird? A very unique gift to celebrate 26 years of marriage together!

  7. Wine Subscription
  8. Your loved one will receive selected wine based on your flavor preferences in the comfort of your own home! No box is the same, so you’ll always try something new. Perfect for the couple who loves to enjoy their dinner with a glass of exquisite wine!

  9. Chocolate Subscription
  10. If your wife or husband has a sweet tooth, this is the gift you should get! This chocolate box includes creamy truffles, chewy caramels and artisan chocolates that will be delivered to your door each month. A great way to treat your partner right!

  11. Action and Adventure Experience
  12. Why don’t you bring some action in your both lives by gifting your partner an adventure experience? Skydiving, bungee jumping, racing a unique car or scuba diving. You’ll definitely find something to surprise your lover with an adventure full of adrenaline for your 26th anniversary!

  13. Flower Subsricption
  14. Gifting your partner flowers is always a good idea! The 26th wedding anniversary flower is the rose, so this monthly subscription service to receive beautiful farm-fresh, eco-friendly flowers each month is the perfect gift!

  15. Jade Necklace
  16. The 26th wedding anniversary does not have any specific color associated with it. However, jade green would be an excellent option for gift ideas this anniversary.

  17. Shaving Kit
  18. This eye-catching, timeless shaving kit includes both a chrome stand for displaying the brush and razor along with a chrome bowl for shave cream or soap. Makes a fantastic gift for your husband!

  19. The Story Of Us
  20. The Story of Us Print includes up to 12 dates and features your and your partner’s name. Tt tells the story of your special moments such as when you met, got engaged, married or celebrated your 26th anniversary!

  21. Love You Trinket Dish
  22. Gift your lover these little ceramic bowls using real flowers pressed into clay. A very lovely and unique gift for a 26th anniversary!

  23. Personalized Anniversary Art
  24. The modern gift for your 26th wedding anniversary is artwork. This personalized artwork using a sheet of metal, a pressed heart, and both of your initials seems like the cutest gift you can make!

  25. Personalized Star Map
  26. How romantic is this print which shows the night sky of the day you two met? This is what makes this gift so special and unique for your wife or husband and a stunning piece of wall art to decorate your home!

  27. Knit Throw
  28. Ready to cuddle? This extremely comfortable knit throw is not only soft and fluffy but makes every bedroom more stylish and just screams for cuddles in bed! The most coziest gift for your 26th anniversary!

  29. Yours,Mine and Ours Ceramic Set
  30. A handmade pitcher and pair of cups for lovers and the best is that it’s long-lasting. What a beautiful metaphor for your love for each other.

  31. Love Grows Together Artwork
  32. The two trees growing together is a symbol for your strong bond as a couple and the heart symbolizes the love. This handmade piece of art will definitely make your partner smile on your 26th anniversary!

  33. Personalized Photo Printed Basswood
  34. Your loved one will be amazed by this unique gift. This wooden frame is personalized with your unforgettable photos and you can even add your names to make this present even more personal. The best present for your anniversary! 

  35. Anniversary Journal
  36. This Anniversary Journal has space for your memories from your 1st to your 60th anniversary. Each page has room for pictures, traditional and modern symbols for that year, from paper to diamond and also enough lines to right down your thoughts and emotions on that day. What a wonderful gift for your anniversary!

  37. Game for Couples
  38. How about a game night, just you and your sweetheart? Being married for 26 years you can probably say that you’ll know everything about your partner, but there’s always more to discover. Get to know each other even better as you dive into meaningful conversations and perform funny challenges with this game for couples. Perfect for date night!

  39. Cheese Board
  40. Every cheese lover will adore this very handy and unique bamboo cheese board! A fancy gift which can be used in any travel to the beach for a picnic or just a romantic dinner at home! A great gift for your 26th anniversary to enjoy food and drinks together!

  41. Champagne Flutes with your Initials
  42. Cheers to being married for 26 years! These champagne flutes with your initials on it are made to toast to your time together and to many years to come. Get the champagne and try them out!

  43. Costume Message in a Bottle
  44. What a lovely and unusual gift for your 26th anniversary! This extraordinary and handblown bottle holds your personal message for your partner. Who doesn’t love old school bottle messages?

  45. The Kiss Print
  46. Everyone knows the famous painting by Gustav Klimt which shows two lovers kissing each other. Since the 26th Anniversary is the Picture Anniversary, could there be a more perfect gift to give to the love of your life?

    Well, there is our list of beautiful gifts for your 26th anniversary as married couple! This anniversary is a very special one, so choose a unique gift for your partner to show him or her how much you love them and cherish the time you spent together! If you’re still on a gift finding roll, check out best personalized gifts for men or romantic gifts for your wife.