54 Amazing 60th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women

Amazing 60th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women

Turning 60 years old is an important milestone in everybody’s life and should definitely be celebrated with a lot of gifts! To make this milestone more memorable, we’ve come up with the most epic list on the internet, filled with the coolest gifts that the world has to offer – from cool subscription boxes, to unique decoration and everything in between. Here are our 54 best picks for the most unforgettable 60th birthday gifts for men and women!

    60th Birthday Gifts For Men

  1. Driving Experience
  2. For the petrol head who loves speed. With a driving experience he can take the ride of his life. A great gift for a 60 year old man who wants to feel young again!

  3. Victory Box
  4. For every man who loves to suit up! This subscription box includes up to 5 awesome fashion accessories like ties, socks, tie clips, lapel pins, grooming products, bracelets, and more! A great and stylish gift his 60th birthday!

  5. Natural Grooming Kit
  6. This organic grooming kit is perfect for sensitive skin and men that like to live sustainable! It contains everything you need to take good care of your beard, from beard oil to beard comb. What a thoughtful gift for a man who turned 60!

  7. Slippers Subscription Box
  8. Now that he’s getting older, he will slowly but surely start spending more and more time at home. Every man in his 60’s needs comfy slippers and with this subscription box he’ll receive new ones every three months! How awesome is that? The perfect gift to keep his feet warm and cozy at home!

  9. Birthday Wishes
  10. Inspire his future travel and love for adventure with this Tinggly experience gift box. He can finish ticking off his bucket list as this gift contains various experiences all over the globe! For every 60 year old man who seeks more adventure in his life!

  11. The Hiker’s Compass Box
  12. Is he a nature freak and loves to spend his free time outside? Then this is the perfect gift for him! This box will be delivered monthly to his house so he can expand his knowledge about nature! Who would’t love this?

  13. Club Tac Subscription
  14. As mainly as it gets, this subscription box is all about tactical, survival and premium outdoor gear. He will surely enjoy trying all the items out and be more active!

  15. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet
  16. Does his old wallet not look that great anymore? His 60th birthday is the perfect occasion to gift him this high quality wallet from Tommy Hilfiger that is not only stylish but also doesn’t stretch out over time.

  17. Why I Love You Puzzle
  18. What a beautiful way to show him why you love him. Every piece of the riddle contains one reason why you love him and at the middle part there will be a name of your loved one. A truly heartwarming gift for his 60th Birthday to remind him how great he is!

  19. Engraved Watch
  20. What time is it? It’s time for a new fancy watch made with an engraved message from you. And this wooden design is simply out of this world! Can a gift for his 60th birthday be any cooler?


  21. Personalized Docking Station
  22. For every organization freak this is the best gift! This universal wooden handmade docking station is compatible with all cell phones and also has plenty of room to keep all of his important things in one place! But the best thing is, that you can personalize it with his name!

  23. Magnetic Bookmark
  24. A magnetic bookmark for every bookworm that tends to fall asleep while reading. The magnetic closure ensures it will stay put, and its soft faux-leather won’t damage the paper. A pretty decent gift for the man who loves books!

  25. Funny Coffee Mug
  26. The coffee mug never lies: Life begins at 60! This funny gift makes the perfect choice for putting a smile on his face on his special day.

  27. Kinetic Gear Kit
  28. When you have no idea what he likes, you can’t go wrong with this kinetic gears kit! This amazing piece takes about six hours to assemble and once it’s finished he can put it on a shelf and watch the clocklike choreography setting a peaceful rhythm in the room. Who wouldn’t love a unique present like this?

  29. Whiskey Set
  30. For every whisky lover, this is the perfect gift for his 60th birthday! This unique wood box contains everything your whisky lover needs, such as two stylish glasses, granite whiskey stones with a velvet storage bag, two slate coasters and whiskey cocktail cards. An all rounder!

  31. Deep Sea Sand Art 21
  32. Relaxation, meditation, mental vacation and an extraordinary design are what makes this gift very unique and a great gift for his birthday! This Deep Sea Sand Art is awesome to watch and makes also a beautiful decoration on the shelf!

  33. Timberland Belt
  34. Every man needs at least one good belt in his closet, one that he can use for any occasion. This timeless black belt from Timberland seems just like the perfect gift for his birthday!

  35. Party Dog Shirt
  36. The bond between a man and his dog is indescribable. If he is a dog owner and treats his dog as a family member, he’ll definitely love this dog shirt. That way even his dog will look fancy on his 60th birthday!

  37. Industrial Drink Dispenser
  38. This unique drink dispenser will definitely make him smile! This handmade piece of art looks very cool and is a real eye-catcher! The unique attachment allows bottles of all types to connect seamlessly to the brass spout so he can enjoy any pour any drink he like.

  39. Personalized Wool Socks
  40. For the cold winter days, these personalized socks will keep his feet warm and cozy. These wool socks are a must have!

  41. Family Tree
  42. Family is the most important thing in the world. This family forest art is a lovely gift for a cherished family member. It will remind him every day how much his family loves him! A truly beautiful gift for his 60th birthday!

  43. Shark Golf Marker
  44. For the passionate golf player, this cool shark golf marker will be a great gift for his birthday! Not only is it unique looking but it will also make him excited for his next golf session!

  45. Aromatherapy Body Patches
  46. Even a man needs a spa day from time to time, especially when he turns 60. With these aromatherapy body patches he can relax and boost his mood in the comfort of his own home.

  47. Forest Mug
  48. How does he drinks his tea or coffee in the morning? From now on in this fancy hand-painted forest mug. Choose his favorite season and the matching mug to make him smile on his birthday and the following next mornings!

  49. Personalized Toiletry Bag
  50. This special bag which you can also personalize with his initials is the perfect gift for his 60th birthday, it’s stylish, has good quality and is extremely practical.

  51. A Journal of a Lifetime
  52. A beautiful idea to gift to your grandpa so he can write his stories, family history and wisdom down in this cool journal. Once he’s finished it he can pass it down to future generations. He will be so stoked to receive this gift and share his life adventures with the family!

  53. Beer Soap Set
  54. He is a passionate beer drinker? Then this very unusual but cool beer soap set is the thing he’s missing in his bathroom! They are handmade, natural and are scented with essential oils, so he can enjoy the rich smell of beer even in the shower!

    60th Birthday Gifts For Women

  55. Russian Herbal Tea Subscription Box
  56. Tea is calming and healing. That’s why this Russian herbal tea subscription box is the perfect gift for a woman 60th birthday! The tea has been collected from the most fragrant and useful forest herbs with the addition of berries, so it’s not just good for her body but also tastes delicious!

  57. Spa Experience
  58. A spa experience is the perfect gift for women in their 60’s. It will help them relax their body and rejuvenate their soul. It’s extremely important for them to take it easy in that age, that’s why this gift is perfect for their birthday! They deserve some time off!

  59. Succulents Subscription Box
  60. To beautify their living room or their garden, this box is perfect for every succulents lover or plant lover in general. She’ll will get 5 handpicked unique succulents delivered monthly, which will make every 60 year old woman extremely happy!

  61. Perfect for Her
  62. Gifting experiences is not only popular, they are easy to use! This gift form Tinggly will give her the opportunity to choose from over 600 of unique worldwide experiences, activities, and adventures. It’s delivered via email and can be used all around the globe. An amazing gift for her 60th birthday so can experience something new and exciting in her life!

  63. Craftee DIY Subscription Box
  64. This Craftee DIY subscription box will unlock her creativity. And at the end she will have something beautifully self made. A perfect gift for a 60 year old woman who needs some peace in her life or is just looking for a new hobby.

  65. Feminist Book Subscription
  66. She loves to read and has been a book worm since you know her? Well, then this feminist book box is the perfect gift for her. She will receive new books every month so she’ll always have something new to read. How awesome is that?

  67. Dessert Subscription Box
  68. Subscription gifts are so great, because she will receive new gifts every month! This is such a win, especially if it’s a box full of sweets, including cakes, macarons, cake pops, cookies and more! What a sweet gift for her 60th birthday!

  69. Bath & Body Ritual Box
  70. Taking care of her skin is a indispensable when she turns 60. This Bath & Body Ritual Box is full of handcrafted skincare products with natural ingredients. Just what she needs!

  71. Gold Lunar Pendant
  72. Gifting jewelry makes every woman happy! But gifting her a 14k lunar pendant like this one will fill her heart with so much joy! This vintage necklace resembling a midnight sky surrounding a full moon is unbelievably magical!

  73. Sandals
  74. These cute and extremely comfortable sandals will complete any outfit, be it a dress or a pair of jeans! Made with a natural cork sole, her feet will be comfortable and cushioned with every step. This is the perfect gift for every woman who just turned 60!

  75. Personalized Family Print
  76. This is just the cutest gift to give her if she is part of your family. She will be so stoked to see all her family members that she loves on the wall, printed in an unusual way. A very beautiful gift for her 60th birthday!

  77. Flower Earrings
  78. What does every woman love? That’s right, jewelry and flowers! With this gift you can give her both! Now she can carry flowers in her ears all day every day!

  79. Preserved Flower Rose
  80. Put a huge smile on her face by giving her this stunning preserved rose that she can keep up to 5 years! This is also a constant reminder of your love, your harmonious family and your intimate friendship.

  81. Neck and Back Massager Pillow
  82. The older one get’s the more tension one get’s in their body. Make a nice surprise by gifting her this neck and back massager pillow that will give her real comfort and relief!

  83. Recipes Book
  84. A very thoughtful gift if she loves cooking and want’s to memorize all of her recipes! Also grea because she can pass it on to the next generation in her family!

  85. Warming Slippers
  86. With this cozy slippers and aromatic spa-style she can soothe her sensitive soles. It can’t get more comfy than that!

  87. Birthstone Wishing Balls
  88. With this birthstone wishing ball she capture a single wish, accomplishment, or meditation every week for the coming year! This piece of art shimmering ball comes with 52 tiny slips of paper for her to record a message of hope or gratitude. A unique gift for her 60th birthday!

  89. Aromatherapy
  90. B

    Who doesn’t love the calming smell of autumn woods or maybe milk and honey? This Aromatherapy Box with natural ingredients will give her the peace she deserves. Every 60 year old woman will feel like newborn after using this beautiful gift!

  91. Personalized Champagne Milestone Vase
  92. Made from an upcycled champagne bottle, this unique vase is will always remind her of her 60th birthday! You can add her name, special year and number to personalize it. A truly unique gift to cherish her!


  93. Lapis Bracelet
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    The Lapis Lazuli Stone is worn to attract wisdom, power and truth. This bracelet will always remember her that she already possess all of the above. And the heart will remind her how much you love her.

  95. Women’s Empowerment Blanket
  96. This women empowerment throw with a powerful symbol of beauty is a great gift for every 60 year old woman! Not only is it meaningful, but also super comfy!

  97. Preserved Flower
  98. This unique gift is every 60 year old women dream! A preserved Japanese flower inside an angel, which symbolizes good wishes. To receive something like this on her birthday makes this gift extra special!

  99. Chocolate Covered Cookies Gift Box
  100. Twelve delicious gourmet chocolate covered cookies in 12 tasty flavors! A great and delicious congratulations gift for her 60th birthday!

  101. Repurposed Robe
  102. Show her how gorgeous she is by buying her this unique robe which is just as beautiful as she is! A perfect mix of comfy clothing and magical Indonesian design. A beautiful gift so she can always feel comfortable at home.

  103. Flower Scarf
  104. For cold spring mornings or just as a accessory on a walk through the park, this botanical printed scarf is an easy gift that you know every 60 year old woman will love. Choose her birthday month and you’ll get the pattern associated with it!

  105. 60th Birthday Tiara and Sash
  106. Sixty or sixteen? Give her this fun gift for her birthday to make her feel young again by wearing this cute tiara and the “60 and fabulous” sash. Also a cool accessories for taking pictures so she’ll always remember her 60th birthday!

  107. Happy 60th Birthday Candle
  108. A cute birthday candle, so she can light it every time she wants to make a wish. What a beautiful gift for her 60th birthday!

    That wraps up our unique list of 60th birthday gifts for men and women! This milestone birthday deserves a gift that is part thoughtful, part relaxing, part special, and we think we’ve done a great job ticking all of those boxes! If you still need ideas, you can check out our list of the best expensive gifts for men or the best gifts for women in their 60’s!