33 Affordable Luxury Gifts For Her

Affordable Luxury Gifts For Her

Do you want to gift her something luxurious and special to cherish, but still stick to a budget? It’s not easy to find affordable luxury gifts, but we’ve done all the research for you and created a list of 33 affordable luxury gifts for her that will blow your mind, and hers! All of these gifts are one-of-a-kind that we know she’s going to love. So here are our best luxury gifts on a budget for her!

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. A nice relaxing day at the spa may be just what she needs to rejuvenate her body and soul. She can choose from massages, mani’s, pedi’s, facials and more. What a luxurious but affordable treat!

  3. Jewelry Subscription Box
  4. This is a cool gift for women who love unique designs! This beautifully made jewelry from Emma & Chloé will put a smile on every woman’s face as it will boost her confidence enormously! The best thing about this luxurious gift is that she’ll get new jewelry every month!

  5. Empower Her Subscription Box
  6. Is sustainability her world? Then she’ll definitely enjoy this Empower Her Subscription Box. All products are made by women owned brands and for every order a tree will be planted. Perfect for every environmentalist and feminist!

  7. Fun Together Box
  8. This Tinggly Gift Box for two people with over 400 experiences in over 100 countries to choose is a cool gift for you and your best friend, sister, girlfriend or wife for a great getaway for the weekend! Go pack your bag and create memories for a lifetime.


  9. Wine Tasting
  10. Wine seems to be something that almost every woman loves. So why not make her happy and gift her a wine tasting tour where she can try different types of wine? A thoughtful and affordable gift for every wine lover!

  11. Paradise Premium Box
  12. With this tropical vacation inspired subscription box she can treat herself in the comfort of her own home! It contains up to 8 items from categories like skincare, books and jewelry. Everything a woman desires!

  13. Jewelry Subscription Box
  14. What is more luxurious than getting new beautiful jewelry every month? This jewelry subscription box is made out of organic material and contains a set of necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings!

  15. Luxury Soap Box Set
  16. With this beautiful box handcrafted artisanal cold process soap and bath products will be brought straight to her door. A luxurious but affordable gift to put a smile on her face!

  17. Perfume Subscription
  18. Every woman wants to smell fabulous and this box will deliver perfume to her house monthly! Ideal for every woman who likes an adventure of pampered discovery.

  19. Crystal Of The Month
  20. Crystals are known for their healing powers and high energy. This unique Crystal of the Month Box includes 1 featured crystal or mineral and is a truly enchanted gift for her!

  21. Handcraft Crate Box
  22. For the women who loves to get creative and and create fun projects! Each month she will receive material to create projects like wine caddies, epoxy resin, candles and more! A very artsy gift for the artsy woman!

  23. House Plant Subscription
  24. Plant lovers will get to add to their collection each month with this beautifully plant subscription. Perfect for starting off their indoor jungle or add more plants to their collection!

  25. Paletteful Packs
  26. If she shows you her recent artwork and painting and is something she’s super passionate about, no doubt this will be the perfect gift for her! Each month has a thoughtfully curated theme: watercolors, markers, pens, acrylics, pastels, and more. That way she can try something new every month! How amazing is that?

  27. Swarovski Necklace
  28. Swarovski is always a great idea! This pendant is inspired by the concept of birthstones, so you’ll just have to pick her birth month and she’ll receive this extremely beautiful necklace which will make her feel extra special! A great and affordable gift to cherish any woman!

  29. Forever Blooming Bouquets
  30. Gifting flowers is always a beautiful gift for women, but they don’t last very long! These forever blooming dried flowers are the answer are the ultimate solution to this problem. Gift her nice gesture with this unique blooming bouquet!

  31. Intention Bracelet
  32. Write your wish on a tiny bit of paper, roll it up, and tuck it into the bracelet. She can wear it as a daily reminder to keep at it and stay focused on her goal, daily intention or a just meaningful reminder!

  33. Puzzle Roll
  34. With this incredibly practical puzzle roll mat she can put a pause on puzzling without ever misplacing a piece. It’s a lovely high-quality gift for everyone who loves to puzzle!

  35. Pampering Gift Set
  36. With this cute little set she will be able to experience the tranquility of a spa without ever leaving home! This will encourage her to take a little “me” time with two of the nourishing bath and spa collections!

  37. Bath Bombs
  38. After a long day at work taking a bath is always a luxury. With this cute set of 12 bath bombs with natural ingredients your sister, mother, friend or wife can enjoy a relaxed and colorful experience!

  39. Coach Purse
  40. What is more luxurious than a designer purse? This Coach piece will make every woman’s eyes sparkle, that’s for sure! And the best thing is, that it’s very affordable. Could it be more perfect?

  41. Clinique Skin Care Set
  42. A Skincare Set is a gift every woman will enjoy! This Clinique Set includes 7 high quality cosmetic items she can use to moisturize, clean or reduce puffiness on her skin.

  43. Tote Bag
  44. Gifting sweets is always a great idea! This gourmet sampler box contains 12 delectable biscotti two of each topped in its own distinctive flavor. What a delicious Christmas gift!

  45. Elephant Eyeglass Holder
  46. With this fancy looking animal sculpture as eyeglass holder makes such a unique gift! This carved creature holds specs and shades on its trunk, so it’s always the first place she’ll check!

  47. Weather Predicting Swan
  48. Maybe something very unusual like this weather predicting swan is just the right gift for her! For over 400 years, sailors have used barometers to predict changes in the weather. Basically, when atmospheric pressure is low and the liquid rises towards the swan’s head, a storm is on the way. How cool is that?

  49. Comfy Robe
  50. Designed using the finest ultra-soft velour, this house robe for women makes the most comfortable nightwear. She can enjoy the snug warmth and seductive feel on her skin while cooking, watching TV or reading a book!

  51. Quiet Courage Necklace
  52. This necklace will bring balance to her life as it has a yin yang charm and beautiful quartz for manifestation! This sweet and special keepsake will pull an outfit together and make the wearer feel very centered!

  53. Unique Stoneware Coasters
  54. Surely she will be full of joy when she receives these stoneware coasters that look like geode slices. And the crackled surface with fascinating variations make each coaster in the set one-of-a-kind! Can a gift can get more unique than this one?

  55. Travel Leather Journal
  56. She will be obsessed with this travel journal cover with high level genuine leather and banded by same leather strap! Very smooth and soft, elegant, timeless design and thoughtful! The perfect gift!

  57. Bath and Body Gift Box
  58. Everything in the spa kit are made from top rated and natural ingredients and it also smells lovely! This home spa set infused with Lavender essential oils naturally soothes the body and mind.

  59. Lavender Eye Pillow
  60. The most luxurious thing in the world is probably getting enough sleep! This lavender aromatherapy eye pillow will change her life! It’s also great for headaches, swelling as well as promoting an overall sense of happiness.

  61. Luxurious Pen
  62. Does she have to write a lot in her job? Let her write with style with this stunning luxury ballpoint pen by Scriveiner! The pen comes also in a beautiful presentation box making it the perfect gift!

  63. Wooden Zodiac Jewelry Dish
  64. We love a zodiac gift! These cute little jewelry dishes are artisan-crafted from mango wood and feature the zodiac constellations in shimmering gold.

  65. Gratitude Candle
  66. Show her how grateful you are to have her in your life. This handmade candle will lighten up her mood right away. With every purchase you also support women refugees from Iraq, Haiti or Congo.

Did you enjoy our list of affordable luxury gifts for her?! There’s a great range of gifts for her here, from fun experiences she’ll never forget to cute accessories that she can use or wear each day. Whatever you decide on, as long as it comes from the heart, she’ll love it! Still looking for gifts for your her? Check out our best birthday gifts for female friends!