20 Best Valentines Day Gifts for New Relationships in 2022

Valentines Day Gifts for New Relationships in 2022

Congratulations on your new relationship! Valentine’s Day is coming up and you’re probably feeling a bit awkward about what to gift your partner, being a new relationship, you don’t want to overdo it, but you should still put in a little bit of thought and effort! Whether you’re the couple who move really fast or the couple who like to take it slow, we’ve got all bases covered. Here’s our list of the best Valentines Day gifts for new relationships in 2022!

  1. Date Night Experience
  2. The Date Night Collection from Virgin Experiences curates all the top-rated experiences for two. Whether they’re seeking an intimate meal on the water or an adrenaline-filled adventure to remember, you’ll find it here!

  3. Date Night Subscription
  4. It’s not always easy to think of fun things to do for date night, once you’ve hit the cinema, a few bars and the dinner dates, ideas can run dry! With this date night subscription from Crate Joy you’ll never be short of a fun night together.

  5. Creative Activity
  6. Get creative with your time together! Take guitar lessons, learn to dance, take an art class or even learn to dj! This is a super cool gift experience for you both to enjoy this Valentines Day.

  7. Spa Day or Massage
  8. Enjoy a jacuzzi together, spend the afternoon in a float tank, get a couples massage or get matching mani pedi’s! This is a super romantic gift for your new relationship!

  9. Flower Subscription
  10. What’s more romantic than a bunch of flowers on Valentines Day? How about a bunch of flowers delivered bi-weekly for a year!? It’s such a simple gesture but so thoughtful and special.

  11. Food Tour
  12. Spending time together is probably the gift they want most this Valentines Day! The food tours available from Virgin Experiences are super fun and unique, there’s everything from tasting days to winery tours!

  13. Cocktail Subscription
  14. Doing fun things together will help build your relationship and keep it fun and exciting, and this subscription of cocktail making kits will do just that! Each delivery comes with all the goodies needed to create delicious drinks at home.

  15. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  16. If you’re not afraid to show your romantic side (and don’t have a fear of heights) then this is going to be a massive winner for Valentines Day. Choose from a range of stunning locations around the country.

  17. Sexy Adult Subscription
  18. For all the couples who love trying new things in the bedroom and keeping it spicy and playful, this subscription of adult toys and other fun things will definitely keep the romance alive!

  19. Lavender Gift Set
  20. This cute gift set will help your new love set a relaxing routine that helps soothe them into a peaceful slumber with the power of aromatherapy. A simple and easy Valentines Day gift for new relationships.

  21. Couples Bucket List Cards
  22. Create a list of things to try together with the fun prompts featured on these cards. The cards are categorized into life, love and laughter. Aww!

  23. Love is Art Kit
  24. This is a super romantic gift that neither of you will forget! The kit contains everything necessary for you to get down and dirty and create a fun piece of wall art.

  25. Funny Mug
  26. There’s nothing wrong with meeting the love of your life on a dating app! If that’s where you met, and you’re still in the early stages, then this mug is the perfect Valentines Day gift for them to giggle at.

  27. Cute Personalized Book
  28. For the hopeless romantic, this book prompts the writer to jot down their answers to cute and fun questions about their love. If you don’t know the answers, it will be a great way to get to know more about each other.

  29. 100 Dates Poster
  30. Anything that takes the guess work out of coming up with date ideas is a winner. This interactive poster has 100 scratch off options that reveal fun, unique and out there date ideas for you to try together.

  31. Couple Name Morse Code Bracelet
  32. We love a personalized couple gift! These cute bracelets feature both your names in morse code, a subtle but sentimental gift for your new love on Valentines Day.

  33. Chocolates
  34. This fun wine bottle shaped box has a dozen deluxe (and delicious) chocolate truffles inside. Chocolates for Valentines Day is always going to be a winner!

  35. Sexy Truth or Dare
  36. This is the adult, couples’ version of our favorite childhood game, Truth or Dare. The cheeky kit includes 50 pick-up sticks with 100 racy seductions that will keep you both on your toes.

  37. Personalized Travel Tags
  38. Whether you’ve already traveled a bunch together, or only taken a weekend trip out of town, commemorate your favorite photos together on this cute travel tag photo frame.

  39. Funny Card
  40. If you’re still super new and none of the gifts have ticked your boxes do far, then this card is where it’s at. Guaranteed giggles will ensue when your new flame sees how awkward you’re being!

    That’s our list of the best Valentines Day gifts for new relationships! Stick to this guide and you can’t really go wrong, we’ve nailed the balance between big romantic gestures and more low key gifts if you’re still really fresh and not sure where the relationship is going. Still in the gift giving mood? Have a look at our list of the best 21st birthday gifts for your sister.