50 Best 21st Birthday Gifts for Sisters

21st Birthday Gifts for Sisters

Your sister is turning 21! Woo! It’s party time. You’d best believe this is the time to step up your gifting, because she will only turn 21 once and her life is about to change! She’s now a legal adult and has a world of opportunity in front of her. Our list of the best 21st birthday gifts for sisters includes all the inspiration you’ll need to gift your sister, no matter what she’s into. From once in a lifetime experiences to useful gadgets and subscriptions, we know you’ll find the right gift for her. Keep scrolling and see!

  1. Pamper Day
  2. Spoil your sister on her 21st birthday with a day of pampering that she’ll never forget! Choose from things like massages, facials, or even a float tank session. Book yourself a place too and enjoy the day together!

  3. Self Care Subscription
  4. There’s a reason this subscription box is one of the best selling out there! Each delivery is packed with self care items that will keep your sister feeling her best on her 21st birthday and beyond.

  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  6. Don’t settle for boring 21st gifts! Gifting her something epic like a hot air balloon ride will keep you at the top of the best sibling list for years to come. Choose from locations all over the country.

  7. Perfume Subscription
  8. If your sister loves trying new things, then this would be a great choice for her. Each delivery contains consciously crafted, clean fragrances that are all new, limited edition scents. Each month is themed to fit the season too.

  9. Mini Getaway
  10. Pack your bags and join your sister on a getaway to celebrate her 21st birthday! Choose from a bunch of amazing locations all around the country. The best thing about Virgin Experiences getaways is they involve fun adventures too!

  11. Goddess Provisions Subscription
  12. Each month your spiritual sister will receive up to seven full size products, that are vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. Each box has a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks and spiritual tools – so perfect!

  13. Food and Drink Tour or Experience
  14. Whether she wants a private chef to cook her and her friends a delicious feast or go on a winery tour, there’ll be a memorable food and drink experience available for her to enjoy on Virgin Experiences.

  15. Apple Watch
  16. Every sister needs an Apple Watch! She will love you for this gift as she’ll be able to track her daily activity, sleep patterns, take calls and receive messages and of course, tell the time!

  17. Helicopter Ride
  18. Your sister is going to have the experience of a lifetime! Choose from locations all over the country, like Vegas, The Grand Canyon or around her hometown at sunset. Such a great gift for your sisters 21st birthday.

  19. Polaroid Camera
  20. Polaroid photos are such fun keepsakes of weekend adventures, days out with friends, parties or her pets! She’ll love snapping everything and anything that brings her joy with her new camera.

  21. Yachting Experience
  22. What could be more fun than spending a day on a yacht with her closest friends!? Choose from fun things like lunches, sunset cruises, even river cruises!

  23. Push Bike
  24. Push bikes are so great for traveling short distances and ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood. The upright riding style will keep her back and shoulders comfortable.

  25. Guided City Tour
  26. Get her out and about in her town or a town close by for her 21st birthday. There are so many awesome experiences to choose from, things like dessert tours, bike tours, hikes, kayaking and more!

  27. Thrift Box Subscription
  28. Now THIS is an epic gift that any thrift lover will go nuts for. Every delivery contains curated outfits just for her!There are ten different style boxes to choose from and she’ll have the choice to receive a two or four-piece outfit every month. Fun!

  29. Bluetooth Speaker
  30. Every human being needs a bluetooth speaker! This one is perfect for use at home, days out at the beach, parties or picnics with her friends. You can’t go wrong!

  31. Peace and Pages Subscription
  32. This subscription sends off a monthly delivery of an intriguing book and handpicked products sourced only from small businesses in the US, goodies that will keep her chilled out and relaxed as she enjoys the books!

  33. New Luggage
  34. Is your sister embarking on her travels soon? Or maybe she travels a lot for work! If so, then get her some new luggage, she will definitely appreciate it, especially great quality luggage like this.

  35. Short Story Subscription
  36. If your sister is a little shorty, then she definitely needs this subscription! There are five handpicked items in each box, and stylists who specialize in petite sizing will deliver it to her door for at home try-ons. She’ll get to keep her favorites and you pay only for those items!

  37. 14k Gold Heart Ring
  38. This beautiful recycled 14-karat yellow-gold heart ring nestles a small, rough diamond right in the center for a stunningly simple ring that your sister is going to love.

  39. Yoga and Meditation Rug
  40. This lush rug is made from organic hemp and cushiony nontoxic foam, making it softer and warmer than most fitness mats. The textured weave provides a better grip as well! Perfect for yoga loving sister.

  41. Earring Subscription
  42. Each inspiring box features an adorable new set of stud earrings along with a matching challenge card. Your sister will join the Earspiration Community, where she can tackle her goals and feel empowered to grow and succeed. So cool!

  43. Sleep Helping Machine
  44. If your sister has trouble sleeping or suffers from anxiety then this might just be the perfect gift for her. The soothing audio can be played using the built-in speaker or with wired headphones. It’s a portable device and has three keys to choose the settings. The first one selects from eight themes, like a body scan, nature sounds, or breathing. The second, from eight different variations on your chosen theme. And the third, the duration: either eight or 20 minutes.

  45. LED Candles
  46. It’s a candle, but it’s fancy! With its brushed metal base, the design is sleek and modern. The LED wick glows with the amber warmth of a real flame, with three levels of brightness.

  47. Opal Earrings
  48. Made from a combination of rough opals and diamonds, with a stunning 14-karat gold claws and studs, these earrings will leave your sister feeling incredible on her 21st birthday. Compliments to ensue!

  49. Loose Leaf Tea Subscription
  50. Each month your tea loving sister gets to experience new loose leaf tea flavors, all designed with wellness in mind. She’ll love getting to try all the new flavors each month!

  51. New Boots
  52. These boots mean business! The high quality of these boots means she’ll be able to wear them day in, day out, and why wouldn’t she! I would hear the heck out of these boots if I had them. They’ll look amazing with all outfits, from casual jeans to party dresses. *Buys a pair in each color.*

  53. FaceTory Subscription
  54. If you sister loves all things Korean skincare, then this is what she needs for her 21st birthday. She’ll get up to seven new sets of sheet masks every month to keep her skin nice and youthful!

  55. Leather Bag
  56. This stunning bag will get her from work or college to the weekend, and everything in between. The oversized leather bag is big enough to fit her laptop, books, or even a change of clothes.

  57. Fluffy Slippers
  58. These 100% sheepskin slippers are super adorable and will keep her feet toasty warm and looking cute. They’re perfect for the cooler months for wearing around the house.

  59. Handwritten Message Cuff
  60. Show your sister how much you love her on her 21st birthday and beyond with this unique and sentimental cuff that she can keep forever. Write your message for your sister and it will be imprinted on his cuff for her to cherish.

  61. Homemade Luxe Subscription
  62. This super unique subscription delivers awesome Pinterest-inspired projects every month! Each box contains all the crafty materials needed to create fun and useful home decor DIY projects.

  63. Stitch Your Own Backpack
  64. If your sister needs a cool backpack and loves to get crafty, grab this cool gift for her! Made of tough, navy blue canvas and lined with contrasting teal cotton, it’s packed with handy pockets and features and she can hand stitch her own design or her initials on the flap.

  65. Chocolate Subscription
  66. Fudge, chocolates, salt-water taffy, caramels – what more could she want from a 21st birthday gift!? Each month she’ll get the most delicious snacks delivered to her door. Make sure you’re there when the deliveries are dropped off so you can enjoy some goodies!

  67. Facial Cleanser
  68. This handy little machine breaks down dirt and oil from within pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute while operating at the perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin. It’s perfect if your sister is into skincare!

  69. Cool Slides
  70. These slides are all the rage right now and it’s because they are incredibly comfortable and cute! Perfect for wearing around the house, running errands or going out with her friends.

  71. Puffer Jacket
  72. Everyone needs a great quality puffer jacket in their wardrobe. This one will keep her warm and looking cute when it’s cold out. It’s perfect for matching to any outfit too!

  73. Comfy Pyjamas
  74. Yesss comfy pj’s! You’ll never go wrong with gifting your sister a set of soft pyjamas that she can wear over and over. Choose from a bunch of colors too. Pair this gift with one of the others on the list, like the slippers or the tea subscription, for a cozy gift she’ll love.

  75. Birthday Cake in a Mug
  76. This sweet kit is an easy and super cute option for your sisters 21st birthday. It includes a ceramic mug, cake mix for two microwave “cup” cakes (just add an egg, oil, and water), multi-colored sprinkles and of course, a candle!

  77. Abstract Wall Art
  78. This cool wall art is made to order, so each piece will be totally unique! This is a great choice if your sister has her own place or wants to add some artwork to her room.

  79. Batik Robe
  80. I’ve worn one of these robes (right here in Bali, where it’s made!) and it is soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable. This is the perfect robe for all year around.

  81. Bath Blessings Box
  82. Each month your sister will receive artisan, natural and essential oil-based bath and body products right to her door. This is such a great gift for your sisters 21st birthday, she’ll be able to enjoy it almost every day!

  83. Terranium Candles
  84. How cute are these candles! Meticulous precision is used by the artists to create these unique candles that your sister might never want to burn!

  85. Mimosa Sugar Cubes
  86. Now that your sister is the big 2-1, she’s able to enjoy a drink or two! These little cubes are dropped into a glass of bubbly, just sit and watch it turn into a mimosa or bellini cocktail!

  87. Turkish Cotton Spa Dress
  88. Made from absorbent, fast-drying Turkish cotton, the soft, wide straps of this robe mean no more awkward towel mishaps or slip ups (or downs). She’ll feel like she’s at a spa every time she gets out of the shower! This is a great gift to pair with the bath subscription.

  89. Fitness Dice
  90. For your fitness loving sister, this is such a simple but useful gift. Simply roll six dice to decide which target areas to tackle, then toss the seventh to determine the reps and workout time.

  91. Custom Pet Pendant
  92. Have your sisters beloved pet commemorated onto a pendant that she’ll cherish forever. Whether she’s got a dog, a cat or a bird, she’s going to love being able to wear this pendant everyday.

  93. Herbal Warming Slippers
  94. These slippers are best sellers, and for good reason! Not only are they’re super soft and comfy, they also have removable insoles that are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds that can be heated up or cooled down.

  95. Bubble Tea Kit
  96. With this kit it will be easy to whip up a hot or cold batch of homemade boba! It includes classic black and rooibos chai teas, tapioca pearls, and two reusable stainless steel straws.

  97. Cute Hat
  98. Made from 100% Australian Wool, this cute hat will look stunning on your sister! Perfect for those with a boho or beachy style.

  99. Gym Bag
  100. Every gym junkie or beginner gym go-er needs a gym bag. This one is machine washable and has a shoe compartment, making it super handy for every day use.

    That wraps up our list of the best 21st birthday gifts for sisters! We hope you’ve found something she’ll love, we’ve covered a bunch of different likes and interests plus a bunch of incredible experiences that she will love. If you’re still looking for more gifts for your sister, check out our gifts for sisters who have everything. See you on the next list!