40 Creative Gifts For Mom’s Birthday

Creative Gifts For Mom's Birthday

When you have been struggling to find your mom the perfect birthday gift because she simply deserves the best, then your search is over now! We’ve created a list of creative gifts for your mom’s birthday which will definitely put a smile on her face. Whether it’s a relaxing spa experience, unique jewelry, a lunch needle kit or fun activities, you’ll find something here that she’ll appreciate. Here are our 40 creative gifts for mom’s birthday!

  1. Massage
  2. A massage is the perfect gift for your mom to show her how much you cherish her. It will help her relax her body, rejuvenate her soul and give her the time off she deserves.

  3. Give Stories, Not Stuff
  4. Gifting experiences are not only popular, but also easy to use. The Give Stories, Not Stuff gift box will give her the opportunity to choose from hundreds of unique worldwide experiences, activities, and adventures. It’s delivered via email and can be used all around the globe. An amazing gift to give her some time off from the day to day life!

  5. Empower Her Box
  6. Sustainability is her world? Then she’ll definitely enjoy this Empower Her Subscription Box. All products are made by women owned brands and for every order a tree will be planted. Perfect for every environmentalist and feminist!

  7. Hand-Painted Nature Mug
  8. These hand-painted mugs featuring flower, hummingbird, and butterfly scenes are the perfect creative gift for every nature lover! Each one is a little work of art that’ll inspire her to sit and bliss out for a moment while enjoying her morning coffee!

  9. Face & Body Massaging Wand
  10. This little gift with make your mom so happy as it will treat her skin and soothe tight muscles with a tool that has 5,000 years of use behind it! She can add a touch of facial oil and glide the massager over her forehead, cheeks, chin, and around the eyes to help ease tension, relieve puffiness, and give hardworking muscles a much-needed break! A very special birthday gift!

  11. Custom Mom Socks
  12. Can a gift be more special and creative than these cute socks with her face on them? All you have to do is pick your favorite picture of her and her favorite color!

  13. Mom’s Little Vase
  14. This bud vase was specially made to display the tiny wildflowers and dandelions given with love, which makes is an ideal creative gift for mom’s!


  15. Accordion Lamp
  16. How about this fancy looking lamp for her birthday? It’s great if she is a bookworm, but even if she’s not, this gift looks simply cool. She can even play around with it, twist it, bend it, or connect both sides of the object!


  17. Candles Gift Set
  18. Every mom loves candles that smell nice. She’ll love this set especially since it’s very colorful and contains four different fragrances like fresh spring, lemon, fig and lavender.


  19. Give Stories, Not Stuff
  20. Gifting experiences are not only popular, but also easy to use. The Give Stories, Not Stuff gift box will give her the opportunity to choose from hundreds of unique worldwide experiences, activities, and adventures. It’s delivered via email and can be used all around the globe. An amazing gift to give her some time off from the day to day life!

  21. Ocean Sand Art
  22. Who doesn’t love the ocean? This amazing piece of art drifts gracefully the blue and white sand into ever-changing beach scenes. In effortlessly endless progression, it forms ocean waves and is beautifully to look at. A very unique and creative gift!

  23. Swivel & Store Cribbage Board
  24. This beautiful handmade piece is a rendition of the classic game board and discreetly holds everything you need to play. For the mom who loves to try out something new!

  25. Hanging Basket and Bird Feeder
  26. Gift her this unique and magical hanging basket which is simultaneously a bird feeder.This handmade piece will attract many birds so she has always someone to sing to her and looks also very chic in every garden!

  27. Summer Punch Needle Kit
  28. She can punch and poke her way to a fiber art masterpiece with this creative gift and she might even find a new hobby! A very cute gift for your mom.

  29. Flower Wind Spinner Stake
  30. She can plant these waterproof paper pinwheels anywhere they’ll always catch a breeze for a kaleidoscope of color! A unique and lovely gift for her birthday!

  31. Aero Garden
  32. This magnificent Aero Garden makes gardening all year-around possible. A beautiful gift to for the mom who uses gardening as a therapeutic hobby and wants to have fresh herbs all year around. She can get creative and mix different herbs in this Aero Garden!

  33. “To My Mom” Blanket
  34. Could a gift be more creative and special than this one? This blanket is specially designed for expressing love between mother and daughter. The purpose of this throw blanket is not only to bring warmth but also to bring love!

  35. Unique Corner Bookmark
  36. A nice gesture on a budget for every bookworm. These unique corner bookmarks are perfect for reading and laying the book on the nightstand, and a great alternative to a traditional book mark! Something very colorful and unique for the mom’s who love to read.

  37. Bathtub Caddy
  38. This sustainable bathtub caddy will cause pure relaxation and turn every bath experience into something special. It can hold a candle, a book or a cup of tea! A beautiful way to cherish her and a nice gift to give her some quality time with herself. She can use this time to get into creative writing or just read a nice book!

  39. Cork Yoga Wheel
  40. Yoga keeps you young and flexible, with this beautifully designed cork yoga wheel your mom can massage her spine, strengthen her core and release tension in her muscles. An all-rounder for every mom that loves yoga and likes to move her body. It also looks very artsy!

  41. Creative Teapot
  42. This beautifully designed teapot is perfect for your mom’s birthday if she loves a cup of tea and everything extraordinary!

  43. Birthstone Wishing Balls
  44. With this amazing gift she can capture a single wish, accomplishment, or meditation every week throughout the year inside this work of art. It’s the perfect creative gift for your mom’s birthday!

  45. Cheese Board
  46. Every mom loves to host a nice gathering at her home. What could be better than a cheese board for that? The size is perfect to put vegetables, fruits, dips and cheese there.

  47. Self Love Workbook
  48. Self Love is so important these days, especially for mom’s any age! This beautiful workbook will release self-doubt, help her embrace who she is and teach her to focus on her own emotional health! She can get very creative with this book and surely have a lot of fun with it.

  49. Weather Predicting Black Swan
  50. Science and artistry come together in this elegant, hand-blown glass barometer in the shape of a swan. When atmospheric pressure is high, indicating fair weather ahead, the black liquid inside sinks low in the neck. It’s a very interesting gift that probably no one else will gift her!

  51. Birth Month Tree of Well-Being
  52. Gifting someone unique art is always a great choice! Especially these tree of life inspired featuring bright glass in traditional birthstone colors, the sculptures are especially stunning in a window!

  53. Mum Floral Sign
  54. These beautifully handmade letters with flowers of your choice inside is the perfect creative gift for your mom’s birthday! It will definitely look amazing on any shelf!

  55. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow
  56. This lavender heat pillow is perfect to soothe pain in her body, either her neck, stomach or back with the heat. The calming smell of lavender will help her if she is struggling with sleep. It’s the perfect gift for any mom that deserves relaxation!

  57. Embroidery Kit
  58. For days when she is feeling overwhelmed this therapeutic embroidery kit will help her to take things day by day, step by step—or stitch by stitch. And at the end she will have something beautifully self made. A perfect gift for your mom who needs some peace in her life or is just looking for a new creative hobby.

  59. Birthstone Pendant
  60. Swarovski is always a great idea! This pendant is inspired by the concept of birthstones, so you’ll just have to pick her birth month and she´ll receive this extremely beautiful necklace which will make her feel extra special!

  61. Family Tree
  62. This photo tree with bronze frames highlights her beloved family members. She can add as many frames as she’d like to complete her personal family tree. A beautiful gift for every mom!

  63. Personalized Mom Ring
  64. This beautiful mothers ring is personalized and available with 1 to 5 stones. It’s available in silver, rose and gold and you can also choose her birthstone! What a unique and lovely gift!

  65. Illusion Puzzle
  66. Is she an animal lover and likes challenges? This extraordinary Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle will be gift she’ll enjoy for a while and can use it repeatedly. This 500-piece illusion puzzle is perfect for every puzzler or anyone who likes to try out something new.

  67. One Bowl Bread Maker
  68. Making your own bread is just truly amazing. With this one bowl bread maker she can do everything in the same bowl, she won’t have to clean between steps, just keep working. A perfect gift for every mom who likes fresh and tasty bread!

  69. Lingerie Set
  70. Women who turn 40 often don´t feel sexy enough. This seductive satin lingerie set will make her feel like the queen she is! All you have to do now is choose her favorite color!

  71. Preserved Rose
  72. This piece is made from a real fresh rose and makes a perfect gift for your mom’s birthday! And the necklace that comes with it has “mom” written in it. A perfectly creative gift!

  73. Mom Spoon
  74. A lovely and creative spoon to show your mom how much you cherish her. Every time she uses it, she will think of you and really appreciate the gesture!

  75. Birth Month Flower Paint-by-Number Kit
  76. Frame worthy floral masterpieces that celebrate your mom’s birthday! From January’s carnation to December’s poinsettia, this painting kit indulges her creative side with an activity that also quiets and focuses the mind!

  77. Long Distance Lamp
  78. This is an amazing gift if your mom lives far away and you still want to be connected to her. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is in the world. Super creative way to say hello to your mom.

  79. Origins Anti-Aging Cream
  80. With this fun game she can solve the crime, piece by piece. She most definitely going to love the challenge and it’s great to get creative.

    That wraps up our list of creative gifts for mom’s birthday! We’ve covered a bunch of different areas including spa experiences, gifts that they can enjoy at home, and many self-care products too! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for your mom’s birthday, check out our list of birthday gifts you can send right to their door!