31 Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $10 in 2021

Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

It’s Secret Santa time! For a gift that shouldn’t need too much thought, Secret Santa gifts are notoriously difficult to find! There’s always the debate between getting a gag gift and getting something useful and cool. There’s also usually a really low budget too, which just adds to the stress! We’ve taken all the pressure off this silly season with this list of the best Secret Santa gifts under $10 in 2021, so regardless of whether these gifts are for workmates or your friendship group, you’re bound to find something great on this list! Enjoy and ho, ho, ho!

  1. F in Exams Book
  2. This hilarious book is a winner for anyone in the education industry. It contains the most hilarious answers to exam questions by students around the world. Laughs guaranteed!

  3. Whiskey Stones
  4. Whiskey stones are such a great gift for anyone who enjoys their liquor! They live in the freezer and are used in place of ice cubes to ensure drinks aren’t watered down. A great option for under $10!

  5. Gua Sha and Face Roller
  6. This is the perfect option for anyone who is into skin care and self care. The traditional Asian skincare massage tools efficiently stimulates and rejuvenates blood circulation also helps the muscles relax.

  7. Music Playing Cards
  8. Music fans will LOVE these cards! They feature incredible illustrations of musical greats on each card and splits music genres into the four suits. We are obsessed!

  9. How to Speak Dog Cards
  10. There’s always one token dog lover at work! Help them discover the secrets behind their best friends facial expressions and body language using this deck of 100 cards. Each card has facts about breeds and illustrated tips help new pup owners and longtime dog parents better understand and communicate with their furry family members.

  11. Hot Sauces
  12. This is such a cool gift for anyone who loves a bit of spice! The little pack has four bottles of the hottest sauces from around the country. Something a little bit different but awesome for under $10!

  13. Everything Bagel Seasoning
  14. There’s a reason this seasoning is so popular, it’s freaking delicious on everything! Eggs? Vegetables? Chicken? Add it to them all! This is a Secret Santa gift under $10 that everyone will want.

  15. Slippers
  16. This is a great unisex gift for under $10 – who doesn’t love slippers! A super useful gift they can enjoy during the cold months.

  17. Card Holder Wallet
  18. You really can’t go wrong with a gift like this, everyone will get use out of a little card holder even if they have a wallet already! Perfect for travel or when they don’t need to take their whole wallet out with them.

  19. Cotton Socks
  20. These cozy socks are going to be very well received this silly season! Their toes will be warm and cozy over the Christmas holidays thanks to you.

  21. Fun Card Game
  22. This funny game is perfect for the Christmas holidays, they’ll love getting silly with their friends over a few drinks and having a laugh with this fun card game.

  23. Bubble Tea Kit
  24. If there’s a bubble tea lover in the office, then they will love this! Satisfy your Secret Santa’s sweet tooth craving with a delicious duo of Brown Sugar Milk Tea and chewy jellies.

  25. Shaker Drink Bottle
  26. Is your Secret Santa that person at work who is always bringing in their protein shakes or morning smoothies? This drink bottle comes with its very own stainless steel ball which helps with mixing ingredients. It’s leak proof too so perfect for going to and from work.

  27. Cool Watering Can
  28. If your Secret Santa loves their indoor plants or has a garden that would make anyone envious, this cute watering would be a cool gift for under $10! It looks super fancy too, so will look nice in their house when not in use.

  29. Hair Towel Wrap
  30. This is such a handy gift for anyone with long hair! It’s designed to dry hair faster while protecting hair from heat damage caused by dryers.

  31. Ceramic Mug
  32. A good mug is the ideal Secret Santa gift under $10, you know it’s going to be used either at work or at home so you can’t really go wrong!

  33. Shower Steamers
  34. Shower steamers are such a great gift, they make you feel like you’re in a spa right at home! They’ll love this thoughtful gift, perfect for a bit of self care.

  35. Oreo Gift Tin
  36. Who doesn’t love Oreo’s!? Snacks and chocolates are a classic with Secret Santa gifting, and what more could they want than a tin full of delicious Oreo’s!

  37. Beard Wash
  38. This lightweight gel cleanser will keep his beard cleansed and refreshed! This is a great little option for Secret Santa gifts under $10 for your bearded friend!

  39. Burts Bees Gift Set
  40. With everything they need for a bit of TLC and silky soft skin, this gift set is such a quick and easy choice for under $10. It contains deep cleansing creams and lotions, foot cream and the famous lip balm.

  41. Uno Cards
  42. You really cannot go past a classic game of Uno! Whether they play with their friends, family or kids, there’s always going to be friendly (or not) competition that will keep them entertained for hours!

  43. Stretchy Wristlet
  44. These cool wristlets are so handy, they keep keys and other essentials within reach and double as hairbands! Super handy and super affordable.

  45. Candle
  46. Ahhh the trusty old candle! It’s a safe bet to get candles for Secret Santa, they are an easy choice and widely used too!

  47. Journal
  48. Journals are great for anyone who loves documenting their daily thoughts or keeping to-do lists. This one is a great option for under $10, with thick, quality lined paper and a smart looking cover.

  49. Taco Holder
  50. How cute is this taco holder! Definitely not a necessity, but an adorable and useful tool for the taco lover in your life. Available in a few colors too.

  51. Bottle Cooler
  52. Drinks are part and parcel of the Christmas break, so this will come in very handy for your Secret Santa! They’ll be able to enjoy their cold drink for up to four and a half hours.

  53. Coasters
  54. These cute coaster are made to absorb liquid, whether they’re drinking their morning tea or coffee or having cocktails with friends, their tables will be well protected.

  55. Funny Adult Coloring Book
  56. After the stress of the past few years, any adult is going to need this coloring book to destress! Each page is filled with inappropriate and hilarious illustrations that will calm them down and give them a few giggles.

  57. Zodiac Soap
  58. There’s always someone in your circle whose Zodiac sign is one of their major personality traits. If that’s your Secret Santa, then get them this cute soap!

  59. Cell Phone Stand
  60. This cell phone stand will be useful for anyone and is a great find for under $10! Their cell will be easily accessible on their desk while they’re working or when their hands are tied.

  61. Body Shop Gift Set
  62. Shea Butter is sooo divine and keeps skin super duper soft, plus it smells amazing! This little gift set is perfect for your Secret Santa, it contains shower cream and the famous Body Butter!

    That’s our list of Secret Santa gifts under $10! Stick to this guide and you can’t really go wrong, we’ve nailed the balance between fun gifts and useful gifts for your friends, family or co-workers. Still looking for Christmas gifts? Check out our list of Christmas gifts for boyfriends who have everything.