18 Best Personalized Firefighter Gifts

Personalized Firefighter Gifts

Our firemen are heroes among us, and they deserve special gifts to show our appreciation. The best personalized firefighter gifts are those that are sentimental and useful, but there are also some funny gifts that are appreciated too. Whether the firefighter is your friend, a sibling, your parent or a colleague, these personalized firefighter gifts will light them up and set their hearts on fire!

  1. Custom Print
  2. This beautiful print will take pride of place in their home, customize it with their features, their name and a special date for a truly special personalized firefighter gift.

  3. Gold Pendant
  4. Made from 14K solid gold, this beautiful pendant will fill them with pride each time they wear it. Add your special message to the back of the pendant so they have you close to them at all times.

  5. Fire Hose Can Holder
  6. How cool are these! Gathered from fire stations around the country, all these can holders bear original markings, color, and character earned from years of hard work. So cool!

  7. Magnetic Leather Guard
  8. Having a clear face shield is imperative for all firefighters. This protective magnetic leather guard is designed by a firefighter to protect the face piece and is easy to attach and remove, saving those precious seconds for more important tasks.

  9. Backpack
  10. Made from 600D waterproof material, this custom backpack has space for a laptop, clothes, shoes, snacks, you name it! It’s the perfect personalized firefighter gift for anyone and will be used for years to come.

  11. Accessory Docking Station
  12. Phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, watches, they all need to go somewhere while they’re at the station or in action. There’s even a little part for them to charge their phone, These custom made docking stations feature their name and the Thin Red Line Flag.

  13. Mini Me Doll
  14. This unique gift will bring joy to the firefighter in your life, whether they keep it at home to remind them of their commitment to their job, or at the station to remind them of home, they’ll giggle each time they look at it.

  15. Custom Axe
  16. Engraved with a Maltese Cross, their names, title, ladder numbers and more, these wooden axe’s are the perfect gift for someone at the station or a selfless volunteer who deserves some recognition.

  17. Glove Strap
  18. Made with super high quality materials and designed to last, their gloves will never go missing once they’re strapped in. Customize with a name of your choice.

  19. Station Blanket
  20. This blanket is the perfect size for a twin bed or for their Safety Nap on a recliner. You can choose from different colors to match their local Department gear too, making it extra personal.

  21. Tie Bar
  22. Customize this cool clip with their badge number, initials, their name or just leave it blank to make its own statement. Either way this clip will definitely make him proud to be a firefighter even when he’s in a different kind of suit.

  23. Metal Sign Decor
  24. Perfect for proudly displaying at home, these signs are laser cut by top of the line technology to give each sign precise detail. Have their name spelled out and they’ll hang it in prime position as a nod to their profession.

  25. Fireman Shaped Drink Dispenser
  26. This incredibly unique drink dispenser is put together using pipes and a cool rustic design to resemble a firemen. Attach a bottle of their favorite liquor for a super cool personalized firefighter gift they can use at home after a long shift.

  27. Wallet
  28. These lightweight wallets are made of faux leather and are laser engraved with details of your choice. This would make a great personalized firefighter gift for your buddy who’s just joined the force!

  29. Thin Red Line Portfolio
  30. Perfect for keeping in the firetruck or at the station, this thin red line Maltese Cross is beautifully crafted and the inside is double stitched making them super durable.

  31. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  32. This unique wall mounted bottle opener features his name set amongst the Fire Departments Maltese Cross. A great nod to his profession that he can hang up at home or in his man cave.

  33. Custom Tumbler
  34. Every fireman needs a tumbler to take to work. These can be customized with any message or print on the front or back, and they are insulated to keep drinks either cool in summer or hot in winter.

  35. Coasters
  36. These cute dishes can be kept around the house as a nice little memory of their parents. Each dish has a photo printed in the bowl, perfect for keeping all the special little trinkets they may have left behind.

    That’s our list of the best personalized firefighter gifts. Our local heroes deserve all the praise and support we can give them, and these personalized gifts will surely make them see how much they are appreciated. If you’re still in the gift giving mood, why not check out our expensive gifts for her.