30 Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Wives

40th Birthday Gifts for Wives (1)

It’s your wife’s 40th birthday and you best believe all the gifts you need are on this list! Experience gifts are always up there with the most popular, along with subscription boxes, so they feature throughout this list of 40th birthday gifts for wives. We’ve made sure to include some classics too, like jewelry and sentimental pieces that she’ll love. The key to gifting on her 40th birthday is to go big and spoil her, even if she says not to. Enjoy our list of 40th birthday gifts for wives, we hope you find a winner!

  1. Spa Day
  2. Your wife will love relaxing and being pampered for her 40th birthday with any of the spa days from Virgin Experience. If she’s not the massage type then she can choose from facials, mani pedi’s or other luxe treatments.

  3. Mini Getaway
  4. Pack your bags, you’re going on a holiday! These adventure packed getaways include things like whale watching camping trips, rain forest hikes and river rafting adventures.

  5. Oversized Crystal Ring
  6. Now this is a statement ring! Gift your bold and beautiful wife a ring that represents her style and uniqueness. She is sure to turn heads with this stunning piece.

  7. Wine Trio
  8. Pair this trio of wines with one of the pieces of jewelry from this list for a truly special 40th birthday gift for wives. Choose red, white or a mix of wines and she’ll get 3 exclusive bottles of delicious French wine to enjoy.

  9. TheraBox Subscription
  10. This best selling subscription box will have your beautiful wife feeling her very best everyday. Filled with tools to get her mental health and wellness on track, it’s carefully curated by industry professionals.

  11. Echo Auto
  12. Busy mom’s or businesswomen need to be able to get things done on the go, and she can with Alexa in her car. This device connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays through your car’s speakers. It’s designed so Alexa can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise.

  13. AirPods
  14. Wireless headphones make life for busy women so much easier. Listening to music, podcasts or asking Siri a question can all be done without the annoyance of headphone wires getting tangled.

  15. Food and Drink Experience
  16. Leave the kids at home, turn your phones off and enjoy this special experience together. Choose from a range of food and drink experiences, like a private chef, a dinner cruise or a day out wine tasting.

  17. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  18. Share a romantic morning together to celebrate her 40th birthday above the clouds. All Tinggly vouchers are redeemable at locations all over the world, and they never expire either which is a major bonus.

  19. Coffee Maker
  20. This little guy uses both ground coffee and k-cup pods so she’ll get the best of both worlds and have her favorite brew at her fingertips. Something she’ll be able to enjoy for years.

  21. Vegan Beauty Subscription
  22. Each month she’ll receive deluxe and full-size skin and body care, from luxurious exfoliating cleaners to nourishing hydrogels. Each box is carefully curated by beauty experts to ensure everything she gets is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, and free of harmful chemicals.

  23. Wine Subscription
  24. Subscription gifts are so popular and are really easy to gift, you don’t have to do any of the hard work, just choose something you know she’ll love, for example this monthly delivery of wines, click “buy now” and that’s it!

  25. Bucket List Experience
  26. Help her tick something off her bucket list for her 40th birthday! Choose from a huge range of experiences and locations all over the world, whether she wants to bungee jump or go snorkelling on a tropical island.

  27. Driving Experience
  28. Rev head wives will love the adrenaline rush that comes with one of these driving experiences. She can test drive a sports car, do a hot lap or even go dune bugging!

  29. Sneakers
  30. Sneakers are a must in any wardrobe, whether she’s off to work or walking around the city with her girlfriends, these cushioned sneakers with a reinforced heel are designed to be worn all day. They’ll feel as fresh as they look, wear after wear – and so will she!

  31. Explore Local Box
  32. This is a great 40th birthday gift for wives who love trying new things. This subscription will have her exploring a new US city every month through premium, locally made, artisan, products, and food!

  33. Yoga Club Subscription
  34. Support your wife’s yoga passion with comfortable athleisure and activewear delivered to her each month. You can get personalized items too, perfect!

  35. Coffee and Classic Subscription
  36. Each month your book loving wife receives a classic book, a beverage and other bookish treats to inspire her to relive (or experience for the first time) some of the greats novels of all time.

  37. Love You To The Moon Necklace
  38. This cute locket has a hidden message inside and space for your wife to fit a little picture of you. There’s something so romantic and sweet about a locket necklace!

  39. Puffer Jacket
  40. Your wife will stay warm and dry when she’s on the sidelines of weekend spots games, braving the weather to get her steps up or on outdoor adventures with you. This lightweight quilted jacket is padded with a durable shell that’s filled with cotton, which efficiently traps body warmth.

  41. Pyjama Set
  42. A comfy pair of pj’s makes all the difference in getting a good nights sleep. She’ll be feeling fabulous as she chills on the sofa or potters around in the morning before work or on the weekends.

  43. Diamond Zodiac Necklace
  44. She’ll dazzle for years to come with these knockout zodiac necklaces, set in solid 14-karat Gold and 14 sparkly white diamonds. Available in gold, silver and rose gold.

  45. Custom Artwork
  46. Have your most cherished memory commemorated in a stunning and unique piece of art. Choose a photo from your wedding, a family photo, or even her favorite photo of her and your pet, and have it hand drawn for a special 40th birthday gift.

  47. Air Fryer
  48. This gift will benefit the whole family, and you’ll never go back to cooking in oil again! Air fryers are life changing, you can cook just about anything in them and they are super easy to keep clean.

  49. Gardening Subscription
  50. There’s nothing like getting out into the garden and watching your little seedlings grow! This subscription is perfect for wives who love plants, both indoor and outdoor. Each delivery contains everything she needs to build relaxing, rewarding, and enriching garden projects for indoors and outdoors.

  51. Oversized Throw
  52. This beautiful throw is perfect for any bedroom, living room or outdoor picnic. The pattern and stone wash makes the blanket super soft and cosy. This one is available in a range of colors too.

  53. Cake Tasting Subscription
  54. Who wouldn’t love getting slices of cake delivered each month! This yummy 40th birthday gift for wives is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month she’ll get brownies, sponge cakes, cookies or slices to enjoy.

  55. Custom Necklace
  56. This unique necklace lets you combine up to seven characters into a name, message, meaningful date or a hidden message. Pair this with a massage voucher or wine (both listed above) for a 40th birthday gift that wives will love.

  57. Leather Bag
  58. Made of the softest lamb leather, this oversized tote is perfect for every day use, it fits all her essentials and allows an easy transition from day to night, work to gym, or weekday to weekend.

  59. Floating Serving Tray
  60. Got a pool at home? Want to bring romance into your morning routine? This buoyant serving tray accommodates meals for two, plus it has cupholders for glasses of champagne or breakfast juice! She’ll feel like she’s having breakfast on a tropical island!

    No doubt you’ve found just what you were looking for on our list of 40th birthday gifts for wives. If not, read the list again! Our mix of different gifts for her birthday should tick some boxes. We’ve got some other great lists for wives too, check out romantic gifts for your wife or best gold gifts!