26 Best Gifts for the Whole Family

Best Gifts for the Whole Family

Keeping the whole family happy when gifting can be a real challenge. Everyone has different interests, hobbies and personalities, so the key is to find something that everyone can use or enjoy regardless of all that. Another thing to look for is whether your gift encourages the family to spend time together and bring them closer, things like games or activities they can do as a family will create memories and keep everyone happy. These gifts for the whole family will work for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or even a housewarming. Enjoy!

  1. Escape Room Subscription
  2. Now they don’t even have to leave the house to get the full escape room experience. Explore a new city and culture each month while solving puzzles and deciphering codes with a fun challenges! Very family friendly and a great way to keep the whole family entertained.

  3. Amazon Fire Stick
  4. This is the gift every family needs, never again will they fight over what to watch, they can watch it all with the fire stick! They’ll have tens of thousands of options at their disposal, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and HBO Max.

  5. Echo Dot
  6. The Echo Dot is ready to help! Anyone in the family can ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more. This is the perfect gift for the whole family, they’ll all be using it each day.

  7. Smart Frame
  8. Gifting photo frames nowadays is a touch outdated, given most of our photos are digital. But how about this digital photo frame! By syncing with Google Photos and a phone the smart frame will showcase their favorite photos on rotation.

  9. Air Fryer
  10. Air fryers are the most versatile appliances on the market, they can cook just about anything in their new air fryer, from chicken nuggets to cakes, there’s nothing these can’t do! Everyone in the family will love it.

  11. Mystery Society Subscription Box
  12. Now this is cool! Lovers of true crime will have their own chance to deep dive into a case and solve the mystery. Each month is a new experience, such a fun way to spend weekends or holidays.

  13. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  14. Every household needs a bluetooth speaker, so this is an easy choice for gifts for the whole family. Whether they’re having a family cook up with all the relatives or a pool party, this waterproof speaker will deliver the most crisp sound.

  15. Hammock Chair
  16. Transform any tree or porch into a chilled out oasis with this comfy, collapsible hanging seat. It attaches easily and is super durable, making it perfect for families of all sizes to enjoy.

  17. Amethyst Tic Tac Toe
  18. This is Tic Tac Toe, but fancy! The grid is carved from a stunning reclaimed wood base and each letter is crafted from solid amethyst. Gift this to a family with older kids and expensive taste, they’ll love it!

  19. Family Member Mugs
  20. Each family member gets their own custom mug, featuring themselves! Each mug features an illustration of Mom or Dad and one of the children, both with customizable features like skin tone, body shape, hair color, and clothing. You can also add names underneath, and a few special words and a date on the back. Cute!

  21. Family Portrait
  22. Customize the family lineup by choosing skin tones, hair styles, and clothing and then add their family name and the year their clan was established. This is a great gift for the whole family that can be hung in the living room with pride.

  23. Streaming Dice
  24. Working out what to watch on movie nights is always a mission, everyone has different preferences, so make it easy for them! Simply roll the dice with this family-friendly set that makes choosing what to watch together an adventure, and easy!

  25. Vintage Game Subscription
  26. Board games are an essential in any household, and all the board games in this subscription are vintage, and checked for completeness and quality. If family games night wasn’t a tradition before, it will be after this.

  27. Baseball Board Game
  28. To play this fun baseball game, move the first batter to home plate and roll the dice. Locate the dice combination on one of the two outfield billboards and move your players accordingly. Baseball loving families will have tonnes of fun.

  29. Puzzle Culture
  30. Families who puzzle together, stay together. This quarterly subscription gives jigsaw fans unique 1000-piece puzzles created by independent artists. Boredom won’t have a place in their house!

  31. Personalized Family Pillow
  32. Have all the members of their crazy clan printed on this cool pillow, it will become the centre focus of the sofa and be the best shared gift for the whole family to enjoy and snuggle.

  33. Family Activity Wall Art
  34. These prints come in different styles to represent some of your family’s favorite pass times, such as relaxing at the beach or bonding around the fire pit. Mix and match figures, skin tones, and hair colors to represent your unique crew.

  35. Basketball Wastebasket
  36. Unique goodies are the best gifts for boyfriends who have everything, and this ring is the perfect addition to his accessory collection. Its handmade style gives it a rugged look that is super stylish.

  37. Scatter Lawn Game
  38. This fun game will make any family bbq more competitive and keep the family rivalries alive and well! It’s easy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

  39. Baseball Stadium Blueprints
  40. This is the perfect gift for baseball families. Each detailed illustration honors a stadium’s unique history and architecture, and is accompanied by its design specs and major events. They are printed on museum-grade, archival paper so they will last a lifetime.

  41. Pizza Roulette Board
  42. Assigning chores is just as boring as doing chores, but not with this serving board! you Play a round of pizza roulette to decide who does which chore, each hungry contestant takes a slice and must complete whichever task is revealed underneath.

  43. Hanging Note Roll
  44. Leaving post-it notes or scribbles on paper scraps isn’t the way to go when trying to leave a message for someone in the house. This hanging roll of butchers paper hangs anywhere in the house, say, by the front door or in the kitchen, and is a great way to convey a message that won’t get lost or tossed out.

  45. Family Coasters
  46. Mom and dad won’t ever have to wonder who left their drink on the coffee table without a coaster again! These personalized coasters are available as a set of two to six, and feature the names and illustration of the family.

  47. S’mores Campfire Serving Board
  48. Who doesn’t love a s’more! This tabletop s’mores serving board has an X-shaped element for crackers and chocolate, and a smaller trivet for the campfire element.

  49. Drawing Game
  50. It’s always fun adding a new game to games night! This imaginative game for kids and adults will have the whole family in fits of laughter and is a great gift for the whole family to enjoy.

  51. Dinosaur Planters
  52. These dinosaur planters make a fun accent to any windowsill, bedroom or coffee table. Kids (and grownups) will love planting little succulents in each and watching them grow out of their dino friends.

    That wraps up our list of the best gifts for the whole family, did you find something to inspire you?! We hope the family on the receiving end of your gift loves whatever it is you chose for them. If you’re still in a gift giving mood check out or list of expensive gifts for men or birthday gifts you can send right to their door.