16 Best Gifts for Someone who Has Lost a Sister

Gifts for someone who has lost a sister

There’s no pain that compares to the loss of a sister, and apart from being there for whoever is grieving, there’s not much you’ll be able to do to make them feel better, but buying gifts for someone who has lost a sister is a kind gesture that they’ll truly appreciate. Gifting needs to be thoughtful and tasteful, and something that holds sentimental value, something that will remind them of their sister every time they use it or wear it. We’ve also included some comfort gifts and some experiences to ease the burden that grief plays on mental and physical wellbeing. Here are the best gifts for someone who has lost a sister.

  1. Relaxation Day
  2. Grief takes a huge toll on the body in so many ways. Once they are feeling up to it, they will truly appreciate being able to relax, even for an hour, with a massage or pamper day gifted by you.

  3. Hope Box Subscription
  4. This subscription includes books, aromatherapy, candles, snuggle buddies, organic soaks and scrubs plus more which will all play a part in her self care journey after the loss of her sister.

  5. Things I’ve Learned About Loss Book
  6. Grief is different for everyone, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. This sincere book guidance to anyone dealing with bereavement. It loosely follows the stages of grief as a guide, using examples from the author’s own experiences.

  7. Guided Grief Journal
  8. This journal is designed with prompts to help express emotions and get it all out. Prompts like “Write a letter to your loved one,” “This always makes me think of you,” and “In what ways do they live on in you?” Their feelings will guide the way with this thoughtful gift.

  9. Mourning Dove Subscription
  10. This subscription gives the recipient an opportunity to have long term support, gifts and tools to build coping skills throughout the mourning period once the initial support of family friends has dwindled.

  11. A Year of Gratitude Cards
  12. Focusing on life’s simple joys and the things you are grateful for will help ground you during a difficult loss, and this gratitude journal is the perfect way to keep their mind on track and focused on the things they can control.

  13. Finger Print Necklace
  14. A truly special way for your friend to keep their sister close to their heart. The necklace features their loved ones finger print plus a special date and is a very sentimental gift for someone who has lost a sister.

  15. Roman Numerals Ring
  16. Choose a date that is significant to them and have it turned into a beautiful ring for them to remember their sister. The high quality of the ring means it will last them a lifetime.

  17. Remembrance Necklace
  18. This sterling silver capsule has been designed to house the cremains of a special person. This is a very special gift for someone who has lost a sister and is unisex too.

  19. Sympathy Care Package
  20. This beautiful care package will show how much you care. It contains a prayer shawl and a helpful book to guide them through their loss. The box it comes in can be used to store their sisters cherished items.

  21. Memorial Star Map
  22. Choose a location of stars, a special date and your personalized message and have them turned into this stunning memorial piece that will remind them of their angel sister every day.

  23. Personalized Writing Necklace
  24. Turn their sisters name or another word using her handwriting into a sentimental necklace they can wear close to their heart each day. Choose from gold, silver or brass.

  25. Chocolate Fudge Gift Box
  26. Sometimes you just need a heap of comfort food to make you feel a bit better. This yummy fudge will bring a smile to their face, and there are a range of flavors available to so even if they aren’t a fan of chocolate there’s still something yummy for them to enjoy.

  27. Custom Portrait
  28. This is a beautiful way to honor their sister, the customized print can be designed to resemble the recipient and their lost love one, and will take pride of place at their home.

  29. After the Storm Necklace
  30. After rain comes a rainbow, and this necklace is a reminder of that. This special necklace will be a gentle reminder to keep on keeping on after the loss of their sister.

  31. Mindfulness Cards
  32. Amidst the pits of grief, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and allow our minds to go into a dark place. This pack of cards contains 50 prompts and exercises based around rest, balance, joy, awareness and kindness. They will help the recipient focus on the little things in life that bring them joy during their difficult times.

    That’s our list of the best gifts for someone who has lost a sister. Remember to be there for them during their time of grief and don’t forget about them after the initial mourning period, keep checking in on them whenever you can. The best thing about these gifts is you can gift them any time after their loss and they will still be just as special. If you’re looking for more sentimental gifts, check out our gifts for someone who lost a parent.