33 Beautiful Gifts For Mom’s With Toddlers

Beautiful Gifts For Mom's With Toddlers

Getting though these first months is super hard for a mom with a toddler. If you give her a gift that will help her survive the chaos, she’ll be forever indebted to you. Luckily we’ve done all the research for you and created a list of 33 beautiful gifts for mom’s with toddlers that will help her get through sleepless nights and give her the relaxation she deserves! From journals to nap pillows to foot massager, we’ve got it all covered! All of these gifts are one-of-a-kind that we know she’s going to love. So here are our beautiful gifts for mom’s with toddlers!

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. A nice relaxing day at the spa may be just what she needs to rejuvenate her body and soul. She can choose from massages, mani’s, pedi’s, facials and more. What a beautiful gift for mom’s with toddlers!!

  3. Mama Necklace
  4. A cute gift for every mom! It’s often a baby’s first word and now she can wear it around her neck!

  5. Peaceful Tea Bags
  6. A calming, organic and caffeine free herbal tea. It contains organic herbs traditionally used to help promote a sense of calm, relieve occasional anxiousness, ease tension and promote sleep. The perfect gift for a new mom!

  7. Postpartum Gift Set
  8. This lovely set contains all-natural care for the healing of her after-baby body. When your body has done something as badass as giving birth, it deserves exceptional self-care and this gift will help her to heal faster. She won’t thank you enough for this thoughtful gift!


  9. Parenthood Card Game
  10. This game’s purpose is to talk about life with toddlers and share the uncensored, unexpected things that happen between you and your toddler. It’s perfect to take some time off and spent the evening with other moms and dads!

  11. Breastfeeding Sweater
  12. This practical sweater with double layers is designed for easier nursing. The fabric of this nursing hoodie is breathable and elastic, plus it looks like a normal tunic, nice enough to wear it out! Now you just need to pick her favorite color as this sweater is available in over 20 different ones!

  13. Family Tree
  14. This personalized family tree is the perfect for every new family. She will be beyond happy to receive this from you as it will reming her just how connected her and her loved ones are!

  15. Handprint and Footprint Frame
  16. This cute gift will fill her heart with so much joy! She can capture the timeless beauty of her baby’s tiny little hands and feet with this complete keepsake and photo frame kit!

  17. Baby Sleep Soother Sound Machine and Night Light
  18. This portable light and sound machine calms little ones with three different sounds – shushing, heartbeat and white noise, plus the soft night light can glow solid or pulse in sync with the selected sound. How amazing is that? A true all-rounder!

  19. Mama Bear Slipper
  20. These mama bear slippers are charming, cozy, comfortable, and sure to put a smile on her face. They are perfect to slide on when she is looking for some extra comfort for her well-deserving feet!

  21. Fitness Dice
  22. For those mom’s who love to move her body to stay fit! With this fitness dice they can easily workout at home without any equipment!

  23. Aromatherapy Body Patches
  24. It couldn’t be easier to use these aromatherapy body patches anywhere, anytime, especially if you’re too busy with your toddler this is so practical! And those will boost every stressed out mom’s mood!

  25. Sonogram Photo Frame
  26. Could a gift be more thoughtful than this one? This keepsake photo frame allows her to proudly display her little darling’s very first picture!

  27. Kangaroo Jacket
  28. This adorable jacket will keep the mom and her toddler warm during the cold days and simultaneously keep her close to her baby! It’s the perfect gift for new mom’s!

  29. Bouquet of Motherhood Art
  30. Gifting flowers is always a beautiful gift for mom’s, but they don’t last very long! This hand-cut paper flower arrangement that represents a mother’s love is the ultimate solution to this problem. And looks also great on the wall!

  31. Mindfulness Mug
  32. Every new mom will drink more coffee than usual, so why not make it a nie experience and gift her this beautifully designed mindfulness mug to remind her to embrace each present, peaceful moment, down to the last drop!

  33. Wreath DIY Kit
  34. If she loves to get creative and is looking for something to do while the baby is asleep, this is a great solution! With his beautiful gift she can make indoor decoration from blooms and leaves grown on sustainable farms! So cool!

  35. New Mom Candle
  36. This beautiful candle with remind her how important quality time with herself is. She can light when is reading a book or taking a bath or both. And the lavender smell will give her extra relaxation!

  37. Nap Anywhere Pillow
  38. Lack of sleep is pretty normal if you are raising a child. Taking naps when the baby sleeps is not always easy as not every environment is made for that, but with this nap pillow this will no longer be a problem. The exhausted mom can take comfortable naps wherever she likes!

  39. Wooden Foot Massager
  40. Every mom with a toddler spends a lot of time standing and walking. To release tension in her feet at the end of the day she will need this handmade wooden foot massager. It’s simply a must-have for a new mom to make her relax more!

  41. Book
  42. Many new mom’s are scared that they’re doing something wrong when raising their child. This bestseller will give them more clarity about the first year of a baby’S life and what to expect!

  43. Chocolate Box
  44. Gifting sweets is always a great idea! This gourmet sampler box contains 12 delectable biscotti two of each topped in its own distinctive flavor. This is especially for mom’s who are stressed out and have a sweet tooth! Because chocolate makes everything better!

  45. Very Big Hug Throw
  46. Sometimes all she needs is just a very big hug! Even if you can’t be there in person, this throw will send her the message that you are there for her!

  47. Personalized Wall Art
  48. Can a gift be more lovely than this one? It’s makes a perfect piece of art on the wall of the nursery and it will show her how much you appreciate her as a mom!

  49. Comfy Robe
  50. Designed using the finest ultra-soft velour, this house robe for mom’s makes the most comfortable nightwear. She can enjoy the snug warmth and seductive feel on her skin while taking care of her baby!

  51. Massager Pillow
  52. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. If you want to show her that you cherish her and support her, get her this neck and back massager pillow. She will really appreciate it!

  53. Baby Keepsake Library
  54. The years go by so fast and this lovely gift will allow the mom with a toddler to store cherished keepsakes like hospital name bracelets, lost teeth, and favorite binkies safely and all in one place with this library-style organizer!

  55. Mom Journal
  56. The pages of this beautiful journal are full of prompts like early memories, traditions, shared traits, and wishes for the future together. It’s a great gift for mom’s with toddlers as they can remember and reflect on all the beautiful memories with their baby!

  57. Lavender Heat Pillow
  58. She can pop this pretty pillow in the microwave, then rest her head or belly on its soothing warmth and lavender scent. Perfect to relax or ease the pain!

  59. Lavender Eye Pillow
  60. The most problematic thing about being a new mom is probably not getting enough sleep! This lavender aromatherapy eye pillow will change her life! She will fall asleep faster and the lavender smell will give her the relaxation she deserves!

  61. Ring of Love
  62. A beautiful necklace with an iridescent labradorite stone. Card reads: “A mother’s love is infinite, with every birth and union the circle of love grows stronger”. She will definitely smile when she receives this beautiful gift!

  63. New Mom Gift Set
  64. You can’t go wrong with a gift box full of goodies. This one is specifically made for moms and contains calming body butters, washes and salves.

  65. Love Birds Wall Sculpture
  66. Stunning wall sculpture that makes an ideal gift for nature-loving moms and bird enthusiasts. This is a beautiful gift that symbolizes her uniqueness and how beautiful she is. Plus it will also look amazing in the nursery!

Did you enjoy our list of beautiful gifts mom’s with toddlers? There’s a great range of gifts for her here, from calming gifts that will give her the relaxation she deserves to amazing gifts that will remember her of the precious time with her little one. Whatever you decide on, as long as it comes from the heart, she’ll love it! Still looking for gifts for mom’s? Check out our unique and relaxing gifts for new moms!