20 Best Care Package Gift Ideas

care package gift ideas

Care packages come in all shapes and sizes and are an incredible gift idea for loved ones who may live overseas, be off at college, or even locked down in quarantine. As a gift, care packages tick all the boxes, they are thoughtful and the recipient gets to enjoy a whole box full of amazing goodies while they feel the love, and the best part is – all the putting together has already been done for you. We’ve put together the best and most unique care package gift ideas that everyone will love, regardless of their circumstances or distance from you!

  1. Jerky Subscription
  2. This amazing jerky subscription is perfect for college goers to enjoy month after month. They’ll enjoy different flavors, textures and spice levels of jerky for snacks and late night nibbles while they study.

  3. Self Care Subscription Box
  4. TheraBox is one of the best sellers on Crate Joy, and it’s the perfect care package gift idea for any woman who needs a little self care. It’s full of wellness goodies to reduce stress and enhance her life, super thoughtful for anyone who might be struggling through quarantine or lockdown.

  5. Goddess Provisions
  6. Spiritual goddess’s and alternative gals will love getting this care package each month, they’ll get a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks & spiritual tools.

  7. Succulent Subscription
  8. This awesome subscription box will add greenery and improve air quality with up to four succulents each month. Great for college students to jazz up their spaces!

  9. Snack Box
  10. What more could you want from a care package than ongoing snacks?! This really is something that everyone will love receiving, with up to 15 unique and delicious snacks each month.

  11. Basic Man Subscription
  12. If you worry about your college student not doing their laundry and running out of clean clothes, this care package of ongoing basics is just what you need to get them. Each month they get a high-quality t-shirt, boxer-briefs and pair of socks.

  13. Coffee Subscription
  14. A cup of coffee is a like a big warm hug that releases endorphins and makes everything better, and that’s what a care package should be! They’ll enjoy a range of different roasts from some of the worlds best!

  15. 5 Senses Subscription
  16. This subscription box caters to all 5 senses and is targeted at book lovers! Each month they receive a new release book, a themed soy candle, themed cocktail or tea, custom book music playlist and themed self care and beauty products. If you’re looking for more gifts for the 5 senses, check out our list here.

  17. The Home Box
  18. Being away from home is really difficult, but this care package will make it a little easier. Each month they’ll receive beautifully made items to fill their house to make it feel more like a home. Perfect for grown up kids who’ve just flown the nest!

  19. Brotein Box
  20. College bro’s who are into the whole fitness and gym thing will love this care package / subscription box. These protein filled snacks are great for before or after workouts, or when he needs a study break pick-me-up!

  21. Beard Care Club
  22. Facial hair needs to be cared for too! These monthly deliveries will keep his beard soft and luxurious, with different scents each month.

  23. Adventure Pack
  24. If you know someone who’s heading off on an adventure, or who loves to go camping and on road trips then this is for them. This cute care package includes handmade postcards, tea and coffee, a journal and other goodies to make their adventures more special.

  25. Asian Snack Box
  26. This is a brilliant care package gift idea for anyone who has traveled Asia and misses the amazing and unique snacks, or for someone from one of the countries featured in the box who might be missing home!

  27. Relaxation Set
  28. The stress of lockdown or quarantine is a lot to deal with. Let your best friend or sister know you are thinking of them. This pack contains body oils, shower steamers, face masks, scented candles and other goodies to ensure relaxation and self care.

  29. Horror and Mystery Subscription
  30. For all the people who wind down by watching a true crime documentary or reading the latest thrillers, this is their version of the ultimate care package! Choose their favorite genre and they’ll get two books each month!

  31. Vegan Sweets
  32. The perfect sweet treat for anyone who loves their candies but struggles to find vegan alternatives. All of the goodies in this care package are vegan, and the contents can be customized depending on their preferences.

  33. Hope Box
  34. Send hope to your loved one with this thoughtful monthly subscription that includes things like books, jewelry, candles, organic soaks and other self care items that will leave them feeling fab.

  35. Mens Relaxation Pack
  36. It’s not only the ladies who need pampering and a bit of self care. This care package for him contains bits and pieces to leave him feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, ideal for fathers day!

  37. Gluten Free Snacks
  38. Another great option for college students who sustain themselves on snacks and ramen! These gluten free and vegan goodies are the ideal option to keep in their snack drawer.

  39. Wine Trio
  40. No care package list would be complete without some wine! Wines to Gift are the go-to for all your wine hamper needs, they have so many incredible options like this trio, perfect for your bestie to show you’re thinking of them!

    That’s our list of care package gift ideas wrapped up! We’ve targeted mostly college students who might be away from their family and people who might be stuck in quarantine and doing it tough, after all, the purpose of a care package is to show the recipient that you’re thinking about them! Looking for more cool gifts for college aged friends or family? Check out our list of 18th birthday gifts for him and her!