The Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for Boys Under 10

The Ultimate List of Christmas gifts for boys under 10

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute! Get in early so you can lock down these awesome finds. We’ve included gifts that are both educational and fun, and for little dudes who like all kinds of things! If you’re shopping for a little girl too, once you’re done with this list, head over to our Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for Girls Under 10 for some more awesome gift ideas. In the meantime, here’s our ultimate list of Christmas gifts for boys under 10!

  1. Dinosaur Sheet Set
  2. Turn bedtime into a prehistoric adventure! Any little dinosaur lover is going to be super keen to jump into bed of a night if it’s under these bad boys!

  3. Cool Shoes
  4. If your little man is on the move, or even if he isn’t, these adorable shoes will make him look super sharp! Perfect for Christmas Day!

  5. Name Puzzle
  6. A great gift to teach him how to spell his name, and to brush up on his puzzle skills. These are available in different designs too, so you can choose a style that will suit his little personality.

  7. Story Book Subscription Box
  8. Reading to your little one during down time or before bed is a such a special moment for both of you in their early years. This subscription box delivers whimsical books that are hard to come by treasures. A perfect way to build up his library.

  9. Wooden Busy Board
  10. Sensory boards are a great educational gift for kiddies. They can problem solve, draw, fiddle and let their imaginations run wild while learning a ton! This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts for young developing boys

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  11. I Spy Everything Book
  12. A great introduction to their ABC’s. Each puzzle focuses on different letters of the alphabet, perfect for little learners!

  13. Easy Steer Car
  14. Zoom around the house and neighbourhood in this toddler friendly car. With a seatbelt for added safety, and a cup holder for parents, there’s no limit on distance you’ll cover with this bad boy!

  15. Little Patient
  16. A super cute gift for the son of a doctor or surgeon. Little man can learn all about the six essential organs and where they all go in a fun and plushie way!

  17. Mickey Mouse Bath Toy
  18. As if children need an excuse to stay in the bath any longer! Nice and easy to stick to the wall, and apart from being fun for kids, it helps promote fine motor skills and teach cause and effect!

  19. Wooden Climber
  20. Designed to enhance your children’s motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and so much more, they will love exploring their new climber!

  21. Vegetable Wooden Puzzle
  22. This might inspire them to eat their veggies! It will also help with concentration, motor skills and problem solving. Plus, super cute!

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  23. Tool Kit
  24. This cute kit contains an electronic fix-it tray, drill, hammer, wrench, nails and screws – perfect for your little Mr DIY or future builder!

  25. Magnetic Robot
  26. A fun way to let his imagination run wild with this cute set of magnetic blocks. Made from sustainably harvested wood, each block is printed with nuts and bolts to form a little robot.

  27. Educational Preschool Subscription Box
  28. This is the perfect educational gift for kids who love to learn. This subscription box from Crate Joy is full of fun and educational activities that will have your child excited to learn.

  29. Dinosaur Plate and Utensils
  30. This gorgeous little set will capture the imagination of any fairy lover. She can create everything from fairy beds to fairy dust.

  31. Green Kids Craft Box
  32. The perfect little scooter to start her off. The front of the scooter is a cute dog face, and the rear wheel lights up – what more could a kid want!

  33. Wooden Clock Puzzle
  34. Your little dude can learn to tell the time, while brushing up on his puzzle skills. All the numbers go in order, so they’ll learn number order too!

  35. Fireman Lego Set
  36. Lego is a failsafe gift, and this one will excite role-play action with the opening roof and water shooting cannon. So fun!

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  37. Play Tent Canopy Bed
  38. This cool play tent and canopy fits over the top of a single or twin mattress on the floor. Perfect for your toddler who is transitioning from being into a crib to a bed.

  39. Sound Activated Light Blocks
  40. This is an amazing gift for a curious young boy who likes to build things and watch them light up to sound! He can put the lego pieces together himself making it a fun and educational gift too.

  41. Little Learners Busy Box
  42. This box is curated by a former childhood educator with busy mom’s in mind! There are two boxes to choose from, each containing activity kits that can be mixed and matched to create even more learning fun!

  43. Mega Phone Voice Changer
  44. This is one of those, great for the kids, not so great for the adults kind of gifts. He will have access to non stop fun and giggles with this voice changer!

  45. Star Wars Figures
  46. Your little Star Wars fan can spend hours letting his imagination race into galactic action. The pack of three features iconic Star Wars characters R2-D2, BB-8, and D-O from the Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker movie.

  47. Hot Wheels Mario Kart Track
  48. A cool spin on classic Hot Wheels track! This Mario Kart themed course will keep your little guy busy for hours, with stunts and classic Mario Kart characters, he can race his little friends just like on the game!

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  49. Lego Themed Letters
  50. For any lover of Lego, these letters will be an awesome statement piece in his bedroom or playroom. What makes them even cooler, is he can build onto the letters with his Lego pieces!

  51. Matching Backpack and Sneakers
  52. How cute is this little set! Ready for a day at the playgroup with the gang, or a day at school, your little man will look super adorable with his matching backpack and shoes.

  53. DIY Superhero Kit
  54. This kit contains everything he’ll need to DIY his own little superheroes, or paint ones that already exist. Super fun for a crafternoon at home.

  55. Illustrated Table Cloth
  56. Your little man will learn all about pond ecology as he doodles away on this cool tablecloth, either while he eats or afterwards!

  57. Lite Brite
  58. This super cool screen comes with LED bulbs that light up in different ways for a fun light show. The kit includes 6 design templates, designed specifically to fit this screen.

  59. Kids Smart Watch
  60. A hands-on subscription box for your little guy to enjoy! It includes comic books and stories of real heroes promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and skills like dealing with emotions, confidence and empathy.

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  61. Pikachu Hoodie
  62. Pokemon lovers will be kept warm whilst looking like Pikachu! Made from soft fabric with fleece, this zip-up hoodie keeps him comfy and warm, and adorable!

  63. Go Kart
  64. Your little rev head can pedal around the hood looking super cool in his new go kart. The ergonomic seat is adjustable and equipped with a high backrest for a comfortable and safe sitting position.

  65. Scary Bingo
  66. A spooky and imaginative take on a good old family classic, BINGO! The set includes 48 chips with a pop-up monster head, a game board, eight double-sided bingo cards, and googly eyed bingo counters.

  67. Table Top Curling Game
  68. Take on the whole family in a tabletop game of curling! Battle it out on Christmas Day and beyond. These games are designed to be easy to set up and pack down, and are travel friendly too!

  69. Sproutly Kid Box
  70. This gardening based subscription box for kids is a great way to get them involved in and caring about nature! Each box has a recipe, a craft activity and a new plant every month for your child to grow and enjoy!

  71. Solar System Puzzle
  72. He’ll be kept busy and in concentration mode for hours while he learns all about the planets. Ideal for an after school activity or when he needs to break his boredom.

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  73. Flip Side Game
  74. Challenge him to show off his skills as he flips to find the colour and slide to match the lights. There are four modes to choose from, so the fun never ends!

  75. Giant Inflatable Blowing
  76. What’s cooler than a light up robot, tower or truck that he’s built himself! Just add blocks to the rechargeable power base to build your own amazing geometric sculptures.

  77. Portable Electronic Drum Kit
  78. What parent doesn’t want to gift their child a drum kit?! Mister 7 will be the next iconic rock star of his time with this perfect beginner set that is easy to use and move around.

  79. Toothbrushing Turtle Timer
  80. This gift will make toothbrushing fun for the little one! Tap the turtle when you start brushing your teeth and the turtle lights up the first of its 4 LED lights to signal which quadrant to brush. Every 30 seconds it switches to another quadrant to ensure optimal brushing!

  81. Paint a Fish Kit
  82. A cool DIY for your little guy. Creating his own fishy friend will be a neat little activity for him to explore his artistic side. The design means it even wriggles like a real fish!

  83. USA Tablecloth Coloring Map
  84. 7 year old boys love coloring at the table, but you don’t want them coloring your precious tabletop! Instead get them this coloring tablecloth so they can color to their little hearts content, and learn about the 50 states while they do it!

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  85. Up and Away Adventure Box
  86. The world awaits with this super fun subscription box. Your little traveler can enjoy educational experiences through games and activities that incorporate the culture, cuisine, and people from countries all around the world.

  87. 5 Second Rule Game
  88. Read a card and give an answer – but you only have 5 seconds! You can add this to your family games night, or Mr 8 can have his friends around for an afternoon full of hilarity.

  89. Nike Hoodie
  90. Ideal for weekend sports, this fleece pullover is super soft and keeps him warm to and from practice. You can trust that the Nike brand is of top quality, so grab a size up to last him a bit longer.

  91. Jr Golf Subscription Box
  92. The next Tiger Woods is just around the corner with these monthly junior golfing subscription boxes. Each month he’ll receive golf balls, tees, training aids, apparel, accessories, gear, and more! So cool!

  93. Disgusting and Gross Science Experiments
  94. Boys like gross stuff, there’s no denying it! This cool kit comes with instructions that will provide hours of fun education at home or in the classroom.

  95. Baseball Player Sheet Set
  96. This adorable sheet will make him feel like part of the team as he dozes off to sleep, dreaming about hitting it out of the park at Dodger Stadium.

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  97. Bubblegum Making Kit
  98. A fun mix of science and sugar! This kit contains everything he’ll need to create the yummiest and chewiest treats from the kitchen table.

  99. Nintendo Switch
  100. Now that he’s 9, he’s probably right into video games. A Nintendo Switch is perfect for kids because they can play it handheld or hook it up to the TV and battle it out with his siblings.

  101. Kids Echo Dot
  102. Designed with kids in mind, your little guy can ask Alexa to play music, hear stories, call approved friends and family, and explore a world of kid-friendly skills. Super cool for the tech savvy kiddos!

  103. Electric Scooter
  104. This electric scooter rolls out an amazing 80 minutes of continuous ride time, meaning he can scoot and zip around town or the skate park to his hearts content.

  105. Build Your Own Pinball Machine
  106. Bring the arcade home, and get your little dude to create his own pinball machine! The kid creates a fully functional, rubber band-powered, cardboard pinball machine, which will keep him busy for hours.

  107. Kids Smart Watch
  108. The kids version of your Apple Watch has a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing kids to make and receive calls, it’s waterproof so it won’t get in the way of their adventures, and it has GPS to keep them safe.

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  109. Caster Board
  110. The caster board feels like like surfing, but on land! The perfect size and shape to do all kinds of tricks, flips and kicks!

  111. Personalized Reel Viewer
  112. Look, he’s not old enough to know about the original versions of these, but his own personalized version with all his favourite pics and memories will be just as amazing!

  113. Soccer Goals
  114. Your future David Beckham can brush up on his skills at home with this easy to set up soccer goal net. Kick to kick just got interesting!

  115. New Bike
  116. It’s time for a big kid bike! She’ll feel adventurous as she takes on hills and winding paths, and she will be supported and safe on a sturdy frame that’s built to last.

  117. Kids Ukulele
  118. Your little gamer will get lost in his imagination as he establishes his army and builds and expands his units with the Halo Covenant Revenant Attack.

    Well, there is our epic list of the best Christmas gifts for boys aged 10 and under! We love suggesting fun gifts that educate and inspire little minds, so we aim to search for gifts that are a little outside the box. The more creative and out there, the better! We hope you’ve found something awesome that he will love on our list!