18 Educational Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

18 Educational Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

Looking to spoil the young man in your life? Whether it be his birthday, Christmas, or just for a special treat, these educational goodies are bound to impress your little boy and keep him entertained for days, weeks or even years to come! From arts and crafts, to the latest tech gadgets, we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together our top 18 educational gift ideas for 6 year old boys that they will absolutely love!

  1. His First Bike
  2. If he hasn’t already, teach your young boy how to ride his very own bike, with this 16” Mongoose Mutant. With training wheels and an adjustable seat, this is the perfect bike for beginners. Once he’s mastered the art of riding, simply remove the training wheel and pop the seat up – instant transformation into a big boys bike!

  3. Lego City Set
  4. You can’t go wrong with a new LEGO set! Let his imagination run wild as he builds his own Training Jet and Training Jet Transporter. With over 400 pieces, your little man is sure to be entertained for days, and navigating his way through the construction is sure to put his mind and his concentration to the test, making it a fantastic educational gift!

  5. Walkie Talkies
  6. Providing an impressive 2 mile range, your 6 year old boy will love being able to talk to his neighbourhood buddies as they run wild in the great outdoors. With a built in flashlight and a lightweight build, these Joyfun Walkie Talkies are perfect for your next family camping trip, or for simply speaking to each other from opposite ends of the house!

  7. Giantex Trampoline
  8. Who doesn’t love bouncing away for hours on a trampoline! The Giantex Trampoline is easy to assemble, durable, and features a safety enclosure net and padded foam sleeves, meaning you can sit back and relax knowing your little one’s safety is ensured. If sitting back and relaxing isn’t your thing, take advantage of the 300lb weight limit and join your little one for a bounce.

  9. Portable Soccer Goal
  10. Train up the next David Beckham in your own backyard with the Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal. Having been built to withstand the elements and featuring tie-down ground stakes, your future soccer star can perfect his technique without having to worry about his goals flying away! The carry case and easy set up and pack down means your goals can come with you to the park, or on holidays. Perfect gift for a 6 year old boy who loves sports and being active.

  11. Nintendo Switch
  12. A perfect gift to spoil the little boy in your life. Kids all over the world absolutely love this classic device. The Nintendo Switch can be used at home, or as a portable hand held device, making it perfect for long car trips or those rainy days when you’re stuck inside. Your little boy can play an endless amount of games on his own, or pass one of the controls to a friend and battle it out in a multiplayer game.

  13. Tabletop Foosball Table
  14. Let your family battle it out on this miniature version of an old favourite. Being lightweight and pre assembled means this family classic can be set up on the kitchen table, taken away on a camping trip or set up at grandma’s house – as long as you have a flat surface, you are good to go!

  15. Swing and Play Set
  16. What 6 year old boy doesn’t want a playground at his disposal?! Bring the joy of the playground home with the Backyard Discovery Wooden Swing Set. Your little boy can swing and slide until the cows come home, while he gets in his daily dose of movement and being outdoors. Featuring a rock climbing wall, a covered play-deck, a swing set and much more, you might struggle to get your kid back inside at all!

  17. Telescope
  18. Get lost in a galaxy far, far away with this Portable Telescope! Perfect for beginners or astronomers in the making, you and your 6 year old boy can spend hours discovering all that is out there. With up to 200x magnification and a cell phone adaptor, your little star gazer can capture photos and videos of all his weird and wonderful discoveries. A great gift for a 6 year old boy who loves science!

  19. Beginners Guitar
  20. Have a little rock star on your hands? This half sized acoustic guitar is the perfect way for your little one to get to know his way around the instrument. With nylon strings and easy to tune pegs, it won’t take long for any little aspiring musician to pick up this new skill.

  21. Scooter
  22. Get your little man zipping around the neighbourhood on this new scooter. Having a 3-wheel Lean-and-Steer design means your little man is safe on his new wheels, and the adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow as he does!

  23. Remote Control Monster Truck
  24. The ultimate “boys toy”! Built with a durable body and strong collision resilience, your little guy can be as rough as he likes with his new toy. From racing his other toys down the hallway at home, to some more rugged outdoor terrain, any 6 year old boy is going to love having his own monster truck.

  25. Jurassic Park Train Track Set
  26. For dinosaur and car lovers alike! Your 6 year old boy can unleash his creativity with the uniquely designed flexible tracks that can be shaped into endless different designs and courses. The possibilities are only limited to your little ones imagination! This set is made with non-toxic materials and BPA free, making it a winner for parents, too.

  27. Art and Craft Kits
  28. Your little Picasso will love using his creativity to come up with his own unique works of art! This 3D Sand Painting art kit is the perfect educational gift for a 6 year old boy who loves to watch their imaginations come to life. With this gift, your little man can express himself through art while his innovation and creativity can shine through.

  29. Build Your Own Water Globes/a>
  30. If your 6 year old boy loves building things and being creative, this is the perfect gift for him! Allow him to build his own snow globes and have fun doing it, while learning at the same time. These plastic snow globes are kid tested and safe, making it easier for you to relax and know that your little one is okay.

  31. Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee
  32. Help your aspiring sports star perfect his batting skills with this portable and adjustable batting tee. As your little man grows, you can adjust the height to suit his swing. A great way for your boy to stay active and increase his hand-eye coordination.

  33. 3D Dinosaur Night Light
  34. Make any 6 year old boy’s dream come true with this 3D Dinosaur Night Light. Made with eco-friendly materials, and featuring touch control as well as remote control, your little man’s new dinosaur addition is safe and easy to use. With a range of different colors and light modes, your little dino-lover can choose his favourite setting before he drifts off to sleep.

  35. Blast Pad Rocket Launcher
  36. Take your little boy outside and let him go to town on his new (toy) rocket launcher. Featuring 3 foam-tipped rockets, watch as he blasts his rockets into the air one-by-one. Join in for some friendly competition to see who can blast off the highest!

  37. Board Games – Monopoly Junior
  38. Board games are always a winner, and this family classic is a perfect combination of fun and education. Adapted to be child friendly and easy to understand, your little boy can practice his counting and math skills as he rolls the dice and moves his token around the board. There’s nothing better than getting the family together for some games!

  39. Board Games – 5 Second Rule Junior
  40. The second of the two recommended board games, 5 Second Rule Junior will have your little 6 year old boy laughing with the entire family. Great for family games night, this board game teaches your boy fairness, competitive spirit, and calculation – all while being an absolute blast!

When you are looking for gift ideas for young kids, you want to make sure the gifts are fun while also being educational and helping the child develop. In this gift collection, we have found various gifts that check both boxes! We hope you have found these items to be the best educational gift ideas for 6 year old boys. But as always, if you can think of an even better gift idea, leave a comment on any of our social media posts! (Links are at the bottom of the page)